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  1. Shine

    Michael Jackson Thread

    His early Motown albums contain some of my favorite tracks : Ben, I wanna be where you are, Got to be there, One day in your life, Happy. Even Rockin' Robin has a charming quality.
  2. Shine

    Michael Jackson Thread

    Before OTW, there's been : - Got to be there - Ben - Music & Me - Forever, Michael
  3. Shine

    Michael Jackson Thread

    Off The Wall isn't exactly MJJ's debut album...
  4. Just checked my twitter timeline, there wère like 10 tweets about it, screencap included. Annoying as fuck.
  5. Shine

    Terrorist attack of the day Nice, France

    Yes, it's been on the usual news outlets here, including the guy's uncensored photo
  6. Shine

    Terrorist attack of the day Nice, France

    Just like they did yesterday for the military parade