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  1. The 1989 charts debates were just like that! I collect album reviews and sales data comparisons since the LAP era: that album was often labelled as a disappointment, there are many reviews stating "Ok, she tried to shock us with the first single and video, so the album went to no.1. Then she spent millions of dollars for the second video, but the song flopped (= it didn't catch the no.1 spot). Now we've got a third single and video, in which she tries to be sweet smiling among dolphins. But there's a fact: LAP is struggling to sell a half of what TB did, and Madonna lost her identity.
  2. So true. Madonna always had someone selling more than her, "seasonal phenomenons" or masterpieces. Selling 600K now remains a sad thing, but... 1984 Bruce Springsteen “Born in the U.S.A.” 15×p 1984 Prince “Purple Rain” 13×p 1984 Madonna “Like A Virgin” 10xp 1986 Bon Jovi “Slippery When Wet 12×p 1986 Madonna “True Blue” 7xp 1989 Janet Jackson “Rhythm Nation 1814” 6×p 1989 Madonna “Like A Prayer” 4xp 1990 Garth Brooks “No Fences” 17×p 1990 Madonna “The Immaculate Collection” 10xp 1990 Madonna “I'm Breathless” 2xp 1992 Whitney Houston & V.A. “The Bodyguard” 20×p 1992 K
  3. Not so good, considering that COADF sold 217K in its FIRST week...
  4. Yes, in France FNAC sold HC two days before its European release. In Italy it was released the 25th April too, but those copies were added to the chart of 04th May, while in France they were counted for the 27th April chart (37K copies, enough for #1). So that 44K are 90% from France.
  5. Let's consider the three biggest markets in the EU: In France GGGB sold 150K, more or less (april 08). In Germany she's 1xP (200K). In Uk she sold 558K copies in 2007 and 195K in 2008 (end of april estimations at Haven). So 750K circa. But, at the time of the EU certification, she was "only" 2xP (600K, february 2008). So, the 3xP cert is probably a mistake. As a comparison, COADF Vs GGGB in the three EU biggest markets: UK --> 1.3M Vs. 750K D --> 600K Vs 200K F --> 800K Vs 150K Total 2.7M Vs 1.1M But IFPI: 4M Vs 3M
  6. QUOTE(missy bi_tch @ Nov 30 2006, 10:15 AM) * still would be an achievement wouldn't it? now, we need someone to assassinate her. OK, another Glitter delirium plus nervous breakdown, then!
  7. Good. Other 5K copies, maybe. I hope WBR will discount the album next week, I want COADF at least at 1.3M at the end of 2007 (a million more than AL). Then, another album!
  8. It should have topped the 1.2M plateau, then... COADF possibly sold 4.000 copies at #109?
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