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  1. True :lol:


    Give it to me baby

    Like boom, boom, boom

    What I wa-wa-want

    Is what you wa-wa-want

    Na, na-aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

    Come here rude boy, boy Can you get it up?

    Come here rude boy, boy You should Is you big enough?

    Take it, take it

    Baby, baby

    Take it, take it

    Love me, love me


    Boom boom boom, gotta get-get

    Boom boom boom, gotta get-get

    Boom boom boom, gotta get-get

    Boom boom boom, gotta get-get

    Boom boom boom, now

    Boom boom boom, now

    Boom boom pow

    Boom boom pow

  2. The fact that Abba Gold is higher than her says it all really :lmao:

    Yes, it says "A megaseller movie celebrating a classic group plus a huge media coverage makes you rediscover an artist = high CD sales".

    MJ success after death says "A cross media coverage for months make you rediscover and artist = high CD sales".

    The Twilight album says "A blockbuster movie with a well-defined target makes you buy everything related to the movie".

    The Hannah Montana/High School Musical success say the same things.

    The fact is that you've got to be a popular phenomenon if you want to sell something only in the musical field, and it happens only one/two times per artist nowadays (Blunt in 2005, Winehouse in 2007, Kings Of Leon the last/this year, Take That). The time of huge megasellers with every release is long gone.

    I mean, U2 released their lowest selling album this year. Coldplay, higly celebrated, with VLV had a 50% decrease in the UK. James Blunt seems to be over. Mika sold 1,5 millions in the UK alone and now he's struggling to sell 100K. Franz Ferdinand sold 1,5 millions, then 500K, now 80K. Keane 2,5 millions and now barely 300K. Where are the Scissor Sisters?

    And we're worrying about Madonna's SIXTH compilation? Because it sold "only" 200K in 1 1/2 months? Four millions people in the UK has got the 50% of this compilation since 1990. Another million (circa) bought GHV2. Almost 2 millions people bought Hung Up (in COADF, as a single, in TCT). Almost 800K people last year bought 4 Minutes (single and HC)...

  3. I was there front row (I was looking at this scene from behind) and yeah people clapped during her speech but you also need to know that a common (recent) habit in Italy is to clap hands at funerals, so that is also a way to acknowledge someone who has recently died. (Not that I like this way of expressing sorrow :/)

    In fact it is one of the most stupid habits TV has taught us! :thumbsdown:

  4. I didn't think Madonna would regret making Hard Candy at all although i only think she did it because she hasn't had a new generations of younger fans in a while. When was the last time you've seen a kid listening to Madonna.

    To be honest here in Italy many kids discovered her with COADF, I personally saw young people in megastores asking for the CT promo poster etc. But yes, Hard Candy didn't help at all even here...

  5. The album is DEAD - any new single will be POINTLESS but I don't doubt they'll release one in December, with no promotion and have it FLOP - just like the did with Love Profusion.

    And the bad results with the HMV discount shows that there will not be a january resurrection...

  6. In terms of chartrun, Give It 2 Me is now #1 for all Madonna's 2nd single from an album, overtaking Papa Don't Preach...

    PDP was not a "proper" second single.

    Live To Tell was released on March 26

    PDP on June 11

    the album True Blue on june 30

    So PDP was perceived as a new song, while Material Girl, Causing a Commotion, Express Yourself, Deeper And Deeper, Take A Bow, Don't Cry For Me Argentina, Ray Of Light, Don't Tell Me, Sorry and Give It 2 Me was already "old songs".

    The same for "American Life": technically it should be considered as a second single because of DAD...

    Not to mention, here in Europe, "Music". It should be considered as second single, after the smash "American Pie"!

  7. What's funny is that you can use those quotes for all of the Madonna eras since then

    ...And you can use them for all artists who have a career that has lasted more than 20 years.

    For David Bowie since the "death" of Ziggy Stardust (1973!), it doesn't matter if he released his best albums since then.

    For Prince since Purple Rain (Parade and Sign 'o' The Times, among its best works, were labelled as flops)

    For Michael Jackson... I remember many people stating "Bad" was a disappointment after "Thriller"!

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