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  1. Trump / US politics thread 🚽

    can someone assassinate him already thanks. Pence too. Double whammy.
  2. poor boy...he never stood a chance being brought up in that trash family.
  3. a hotdog made her lose control......and apparently so does net neutrality! https://twitter.com/tufayel/status/941651607309168640
  4. Black women to the rescue again!
  5. Bad Girl or Angel????

    Angel = the ultimate timeless Madonna bop!
  6. imagine living 7 decades and your dying wish is to see LADY GAGA she must have dementia too. poor thing.
  7. These dummies heard Like A Prayer and guessed Celine Dion and Paula Abdull I was barely a year old when LAP released and it's instantly recognizable as MADONNA. I feel like they purposely select idiots to do these videos, for entertainment value. I guess it would be no fun if everyone always knew the answer
  8. I'm SCREAMING it won't be long until he has a clip on nose. Mess.
  9. That's what I was thinking.....the human body can only take so much. I always thought there was a limit to the amount of surgery one could get. Maybe that's just in the states though.
  10. Madonna new album in 2018

    not MDNA in front of Music and Confessions
  11. Massacre in Texas church leaves 27 dead

    Conservatives wanna blame everything BUT guns bunch of nutty people!
  12. Massacre in Texas church leaves 27 dead

    Anyone who voted for the orange idiot also suffer from mental health issues.
  13. yea, way to go. Making it hard for the rest of us LGBT individuals who wish to adopt someday. they need to give that faggot the chair.