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  1. Definitely. The whole thing felt very phoned in and suffered from all the other stuff she had on her plate at the time. I never cared for the album as a whole but it has a few great tracks that I always go back to.
  2. Kids react to Madonna

    I'm mad they played MATERIAL GIRL out of all songs. One of her most dated right behind Like A Virgin. La Isla Bonita or Papa Don't Preach would have been fab for an 80s choice
  3. The only thing uplifting about Turn Down The Radio is when it ends
  4. I forgot all about Martin Solveig. I'd like to keep it that way.
  5. Kids react to Madonna

    Cindy Crawford? Or Lauper
  6. Cardi B thread

    Congrats on your #1 SMASH Cardi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well deserved! Still catchy as fuck
  7. watch the sunscreen be "only" $70 a bottle Oh, Madonna
  8. Just give us some new music queen, please. For the love of God.
  9. these prices Madonna hun I've got rent to pay.