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  1. Oh wait so he's racist too? Another reason for me to rightfully detest this failed science experiment. And yes, I believe all racists should die. So yeah @ULIZOS I guess I do want him dead.
  2. I don't care what happens to him to be honest. This wackjob ran out of body parts to slice and dice so now out of boredom he's trying on a new gender like I said, an insult to real trans people. This FOOL will continue to be mocked by me and I don't give a fuck who doesn't like it. I'm sure once he gets bored of the tits he'll switch back to "Rodrigo" and continue to disfigure himself
  3. I don't care what he identifies as. I don't respect him and that's THAT. He's a clown.
  4. This Michael Jackson nose someone put HIM out of his misery already!
  5. I'm not calling him a her because he's a nutcase with too much time and money. An insult to real trans women who have to scrimp and save to be able to survive. Stop giving this clown the attention HE craves. Caitlyn Jenner is the same. Someone with too much money and bored to death. Bruce can sit up and say "I've always known" all day but I'm not buying it sorry. Neither of these men will ever get my respect.
  6. I remember her talking about her "lesbian" friend who told her that she also agreed with her views as if that was supposed to make it okay like okay. your DYKE friend is a terf too. cool!
  7. Well clearly she doesn't give a fuck about any influence she has so fuck her. People have tried to politely educate her and she wants to continue acting like a psycho terf. Again, fuck her.
  8. Why does anyone care about what this white bitch has to say? I've never read any of her shitty books and don't plan on it anytime soon. Let her be miserable.
  9. I still cannot believe the stripper Melanoma is the first fucking lady America is such a goddamn mess.
  10. Another win for the conservatives. Wish they would all fall inside a volcano tbh.
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