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  1. You do realize that NOTHING in the Sex Book was meant to be taken seriously? You probably won't see this seeing as how you've been FLUSHED already. Bye moron!
  2. The girl is a little off. She's self harmed before. And yes, she definitely has it made and will never have to work ever but even with all that....it's still not enough for some people. Maybe she doesn't care about the money and lifestyle. I'd gladly trade places with her if she would like.
  3. What would Oprah gain from trying to "destroy" MJ? His reputation has been destroyed for YEARS now of course he has his loyal idiot followers, but most people accept that he was fucking disgusting.
  4. Barbie

    2019 Grammy Awards

    I don't find Janelle overrated but I DO find her boring. To each their own though. She is talented just not for me.
  5. Barbie

    2019 Grammy Awards

    Gag was definitely the worst part of the show. I was sick of seeing her on stage every 20 seconds crying and talking about mental illness. Fuck off thanks.
  6. Barbie

    2019 Grammy Awards

    Congrats to QUEEN Cardi for continuing to make history!
  7. Barbie

    Michael Jackson: Paedophile

    I'm not reading all 700 posts in here hun. I'm TELLING you he's a pedophile and in hell where he belongs. PERIOD. ELECTRIC CHAIR.
  8. Barbie

    Michael Jackson: Paedophile

    Sorry but I'm over the bullshit. Didn't one of those kids accurately describe MJ's genital area? How the fuck would they know that kind of information unless they had seen it previously. What more evidence did they need. He fondled those children and was a serial pedophile. END.
  9. Barbie

    Black Friday 2018 chaos

    Imagine fighting in public over a stupid tv EMBARRASSING. Please sterilize every single person in these videos.
  10. Is that why some are saying he was trying to rob the store? The media is disgusting.
  11. I wish Trump and his ugly ass sons would fuck off already. Yuck.
  12. Barbie

    Trump / US politics thread 🚽

    Who even asked Palin to say anything? Girl bye.