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  1. I love this! Poor Melanoma. She just lacked the CLASS that the other first ladies exemplified!
  2. They were all so proud the day of taking a stand! stop the steal! now they're all crying for a pardon
  3. We're really about to FLUSH this piece of shit after 4 awful years. So thankful to ALL of you here who voted.
  4. looks like something you'd see on display during halloween
  5. Aw how nice. Now see if God can push him out of that cell
  6. Love seeing all these arrests. Keep rounding them up!
  7. I always have a nice chuckle when I see those "tHis Is nOt wHo wE aRe" tweets this is EXACTLY what America is Just a few hundred years ago we had slavery. Black people were lynched daily. White supremacy was the standard! (and in many ways...still is) America has always been fucked up and I'm tired of people trying to pretend otherwise!
  8. Hi! American here. Born and raised. This country is absolutely full of morons. I can't even begin to describe the stupidity that flows throughout this place. There's plenty of racism and ignorance to go around! The United States has such a dark and twisted history it's ALWAYS been like this. No matter what the white washed history books try and tell you.
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