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  1. Imagine being 22 and needing $75,000 worth of plastic surgery
  2. There's only 1 first lady in this history of this country that has nude photos floating everywhere. Hint - it's not Jill
  3. I've always found it hilarious that alcohol was "okay" (despite thousands being killed yearly thanks to drunk drivers) but weed has always been satanic or some shit at least that's how conservatives view it.
  4. and I can't stand those "sHoUld wE bAn KNivEs aNd CaRs tOO" morons. a gun can kill a dozen people in 30 seconds. there's no comparison.
  5. We need gun control and we need it now. FUCK the NRA hillbillies! 10 fucking people wiped off the face of the Earth in mere seconds, and the right still wants to act like this isn't a big deal. Where was the good guy with a gun to help stop this? I'm so fucking fed up!
  6. Yeah sorry Putin. With Trump gone the ass kissing has come to an end. Go fuck yourself and worry about your own shitty homophobic country.
  7. Of course she has I'm not disputing that. One thing I have always loved about her. I just don't see the issue here. Yes the Catholic church is disgusting but they're not saying anything that they haven't said before. The sooner people leave religion altogether the better. Or even better, leave the Catholic church.
  8. and I hate to triple post but I'm still so confused by this. if you are in a gay or dyke relationship and you both were religious.....why would you want to be part of a religion that doesn't see your love worthy of being blessed? why would you allow yourself and your relationship to be disrespected like that. I just don't GET it. I certainly understand the brainwashing that religion does and the indoctrination. is it the fear of leaving the religion and betraying god? is it fear of hell? I mean according to the book the gays are going to hell anyway. I just don't understand. surely there are religions that accept gays and lesbians and have no issue certifying their union? but then again I've never had to change religions so I don't know the process or how it works. I don't even consider myself religious even though I was born and raised in the Bible Belt in Texas. yawn. the absolute worst. I'm just thankful I was smart enough to never feed into the bullshit and think for myself. the brainwashing was attempted but I saw through it every time. they didn't get me. even though they tried.
  9. Now I understand if they condemned gays or released a "they should all be killed" type of statement then yes, I'm pretty positive Madonna would say something. That's not really the case here though. They basically said "we can't bless fag couples because the bible says so" like......hello. this is how they have ALWAYS thought. be a smart fag, roll your eyes and keep it moving. this isn't worth the protest or noise.
  10. What would she say though? people are mad because they are calling faggots sinful. something they've been doing since the dawn of time. the fact that this is some huge news story is perplexing to me. I guess if she WERE to say something she could tell people to just avoid the Catholic church? I don't know.
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