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  1. Honestly though surgery is so scary when you really break it down. How many times has Jessica been put under? There's no telling. DOZENS of times I'm sure. And then you have this 18 year old who goes under for the first time in her life for a common procedure and ends up on life support and dying. it's all so terrifying! Please be careful.
  2. It will be a miracle if Rodrigo makes it to 40. He can't stay away from the knife and his body is already paying the price.
  3. And what "health reason" would have you inject oil in your ass? This bitch is stupid as fuck.
  4. He dismantled an undefeated (this year) Djokovic. I'm not counting the "loss" from the US Open either because that was a mess. Nadal is just......a monster on clay. Nobody is safe!
  5. Yeah, it's nice that HE had access to the best medicine and doctors available......all for free. WE don't have that luxury and many of us cannot even afford to see a doctor. He truly is an out of touch, disgusting piece of shit.
  6. Imagine being a non-American and getting to watch the country collapse in real time I'm so jealous!
  7. Rodrigo is filled with something and it's definitely not candy
  8. I'm just waiting for Biden to grow a pair. Will it ever happen? Time will tell. But he better hurry it's almost election day.
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