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  1. The reductive Trump of Pop

    I'd like to see the untouched version. we know those things hang to her belly button
  2. Who goes to an Elton tour? Seems boring as fuck to sit there and watch his fat ass play piano for 3 hours
  3. Beyawwwwwwnncé Thread

    Beyonce keeps the girls riled up it seems. I almost needed a gas mask to walk through this thread because of all the FUMES
  4. Fergie thread

    Draymond looks so sexy big, dumb self
  5. Fergie thread

    The way everyone in the audience was cackling
  6. Madonna on youtube

    Absolutely disgusting that this only has 10M views while basic whores like Camila Cabello have hundreds of millions. I know, it's a generational thing. But whatever. And weren't a bunch of Madonna videos pulled from Youtube some years ago? Losing all the views.
  7. The reductive Trump of Pop

    The accuracy of the GagaDaily review though her fans are literally braindead
  8. Nick Jonas: chasing that pink pound

    Um Nick Jonas is CUTE. I'd suck his dick anytime.
  9. The reductive Trump of Pop

    Did the Flopanne tour really only gross that much? Vegas can't come quick enough for this HASBEEN ass bitch
  10. What happens when idiots breed. Most of the time they don't bother raising them properly and what you get are loud, unruly children. Beat his ass!
  11. Iggy Azelea

    it's sad how her albums are shit compared to her GREAT mixtapes. hopefully she can find that balance again.