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  1. Best song on the album, period!
  2. Thank god most of us bought the presale tickets.
  3. Yes, some service costs are added when purchasing the tickets.
  4. Bought my tickets this morning after suffering with my debit card. All my friends had issues with ticketmaster and its payment interface.
  5. It starts at 11am for Live Pass Members.
  6. Que ocurre con Icon? Ahora estoy indeciso si comprar la super deluxe hahaha
  7. I'm getting excited! And looks like most of my friends are coming with me! <3
  8. I don't think floor have seats. Usually floor tickets are mid priced so, I'm specting like 80-100 euros per ticket.
  9. I will buy the Live Pass. I don't want to take any risk.
  10. Sticky and Sweet, Houston. She sang Secret
  11. Time Stood Still and The American Pie covers are some of her best recordings ever. It's a shame that the vocal gloriousness in TSS didn't translate to the Music album.
  12. Siii ya ví! Sólo esta habilitada la compra del Live Pass cuando la fecha de preventa está próxima a habilitarse. Yo también creo que habrán más fechas, hay mucho espacio entre todos los shows que recién anunciaron.
  13. The LFL remix was amazing! Also, loving that she's performing the second single before it's official release. She didn't performed Sorry, Give it 2 me or GGW until the respective tour started =)
  14. El link es el del tour oficial: http://www.madonna.com/tour
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