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  1. 1 God control 2 Killers 3 Crazy 4 I don't search 5 Looking for mercy I would include Funana but I don't think I can ...
  2. I posted this reaction somewhere on Facebook . I'll re-post it here . "Well, I have read the article , I have read Madonna's disappointment and the paper's reaction . ( I say this because I feel like some react without even reading them or totally understanding English) . First I'm sorry but the article is well written , quite inspired and come from ... a fan. So stop the hate. Madonnna probably has the right to feel betrayed by the writer, though . We were not there during the meeting and arrangements. But clearly , the writer has a few points . Personally, I also feel embarrassed by Madonna
  3. Yes , you're right but I'm still perplexed.
  4. I haven't read all the pages here, so sorry if I sound redundant . As a fan for 34 years I wanted to share my errr experience of the Eurovision. Was watching it as usual with friends who are kinda into Eurovision, gays of course and usually hard on Madonna. It was horrible . Like a Prayer was such a let down that I couldn't even enjoy and percieve the smart political moves , images, speech between songs and flags . It was a let down 'cause: 1 was a cheap version of something already done ( Met gala ) 2 the eye patch and loose monk costume : unappropriate 3 the
  5. Here in Belgium , the French speaking press is saying she insulted the islamists with the word 'motherfuckers ' . Stupid uninformed journalists ! She said to us something like ; " We won't let them cancel a show, right , motherfuckers ? " She was of course ironically talking to us with the same words she'd been using for decades ....
  6. I was there yesterday and I was in Cologne . There actually was a great atmosphere in Antwerp. Unlike in Cologne except Madonna didn't dare pointing that out during the first dates of her European tour ! I've seen Madonna 15 times since 1990 and believe me Antwerp reacted well. This Cologne concerts proved to have the worst atmosphere ever , though . Also in,Cologne she was MUCH TOO LATE , Something Germans can't forgive .
  7. Surprising to see how high were cherish ( reallly ???? ) and erotica ... Pleasantly surprised for Get together ,paradise , sky F H , skin , love spent and Time stood still , among others Dare I say these : deeper and deeper ( better than la isla bonita ????? , dont tell me , Lucky stars , Angel , Beat goes on , candy shop and latte are too high
  8. I'm conforted in my tastes after being rudely told to F¨^ck off , after reading I had poor tastes etc by members here. I end up having exactly the same top 3 songs I didn't like so much and the same top 3 songs that should have been on the album . So these 15 years old people can go f¨ck themseves ! :-)
  9. People are so rude . Nothing new I know, on the net . We all have different tastes . It's true that we should wait the final versions to have a complete picture . And let's hope everyone will be happy with the extras on some versions . :-) If Wash all over Me , borrowed time tragic girl and addicted are on some versions I'll be happy 'cause it means it might end up live on stage. I'm a bit restless about the singles that will be chosen after the wrong choices from MDNA. Songs like sex , Veni,vici, best night wouldn't sell the album IMHO.
  10. Great she took all the demos I didn't like Veni, vici..., Sex , Body shop and Best night ! Yuk! She wants to stay modern and rnbish , cutting edge and all and she'll be critized for this . Again ! Beautiful scar , Nothing... , Don't let you go ,tragic girl , 2 steps behind me are the tracks her public want but wait !!! Where the hell is addicted'??????? Messiah and wash over me better be on the album indeed!!!
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