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  1. I'm conforted in my tastes after being rudely told to F¨^ck off , after reading I had poor tastes etc by members here. I end up having exactly the same top 3 songs I didn't like so much and the same top 3 songs that should have been on the album . So these 15 years old people can go f¨ck themseves ! :-)
  2. People are so rude . Nothing new I know, on the net . We all have different tastes . It's true that we should wait the final versions to have a complete picture . And let's hope everyone will be happy with the extras on some versions . :-) If Wash all over Me , borrowed time tragic girl and addicted are on some versions I'll be happy 'cause it means it might end up live on stage. I'm a bit restless about the singles that will be chosen after the wrong choices from MDNA. Songs like sex , Veni,vici, best night wouldn't sell the album IMHO.
  3. Great she took all the demos I didn't like Veni, vici..., Sex , Body shop and Best night ! Yuk! She wants to stay modern and rnbish , cutting edge and all and she'll be critized for this . Again ! Beautiful scar , Nothing... , Don't let you go ,tragic girl , 2 steps behind me are the tracks her public want but wait !!! Where the hell is addicted'??????? Messiah and wash over me better be on the album indeed!!!
  4. Bonne anniversaire!

    1. colias


      Thanks , acko! pm the link if you get those . That'll be an awesome late Birthday gift! :-)

    2. colias


      Thanks , acko! pm the link if you get those . That'll be an awesome late Birthday gift! :-)

  5. It's not about Obama . It's not about being pro-peace or not. It's about being responsible and not do nothing. Think the rise of Nazis etc . It's a pity though that they didn't or couldn't wait for the security council's approval. And damn , Syria did not disapprove !
  6. I'm pro-peace but you're all wrong. Actions need to be taken against these killers . Don't be such egoistical uneducated weak cowards .
  7. This got to be M . I feel it ! It's great !!!!! I'll be disappointed if it's not.
  8. Stromae of course. French speaking artist of the year. Raw talent . Utube him. Known too for passsing emotions through techno music not so far from ROL/music me thinks.
  9. "Crappy song" is about EVERYONE 's opinion. To make it even more unanimous let's say crappy SINGLE. Onother one. Will perform like Turn up the radio... The only three singles that might 've given MDNA life were Mantlepiece , old time spent or I'm addicted to your dick
  10. Gelukkige verjaardag!!! Bon Budget 2013! :D xxx

  11. I don't get it that people can be excited about the release of this song as a single. It is weak, corny and will flop b-a-d-l-y. End of the story. The video however good it will probably not be will not save the song or the album. Wrong , wrong ,wrong single choices from day one . And of course Love Spent is MUCH BETTER as a song , melody, lyrics wise etc. Not debatable.
  12. Viens avec moi en Italie, sale Pd. On peut danser autour de la table comme dans ce clip:

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