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  1. ^ Same here. I love the album. Gang Bang, I'm Addicted, Love Spent, Beautiful Killer, and Falling Free are all flawless. Any should have been a single over Turn Up The Radio (which I love, but dislike the video).
  2. Still her best album. Not just for the singles but Promise To Try, Til Death To Us Part, and Pray For Spanish Eyes are immaculate.
  3. Amazing show. In her top 5 tours for sure.
  4. This is an incredible song and deserved more appreciation globally in general. It translates so much better live than in the video though.
  5. Words - that or Deeper And Deeper had the biggest lead single potential to smash.
  6. ^ YAS! I love when she chants "Do the bus stop" on BAT!
  7. Don't Tell Me Girl Gone Wild Vogue Express Yourself American Life (original) List some of your favorite iconic moments of Madonna choreography in videos (or live performances if you want)!
  8. Great film. So many great scenes that remind me of Justify My Love and the Erotica era along with Girl Gone Wild and Art For Freedom. I wonder if some of those instrumentals are new recordings.
  9. This movie won't be as bad as Innocence Lost and Lifetime's Britney biopic. Brett Ratner directed the Beautiful Stranger video so I'm sure he wouldn't make it as trashy as those two movies (though I've heard he's a massive dick).
  10. Love both of these Unapologetic Bitches!
  11. Love it! She really has the golden age of Hollywood looks down pat.
  12. He's done amazing film and photography work with her. SALUTE!
  13. U2’s 360 Degrees Tour was the highest-grossing concert tour of all time, taking in more than £591 million between 2009 and 2011. The shows made each member of the Irish rock band, including frontman Bono, £1.3 million per night. But Madonna is the highest-earning perfomer in history thanks to her 2008 Sticky & Sweet Tour, which earned her an average of £3.8 million per night. ---- And she deserved every penny. That tour SLAYED and she looked like she was having fun every second of it!
  14. For any US fans who still haven't seen it... “Strike A Pose” Documentary Vogues Onto Logo For Television Debut "Don't just stand there, let's get to it!" by Christopher Rudolph 25m ago Calling all Madonna fans! The documentary Strike A Pose is premiering this April on Logo. The critically acclaimed film follows Madonna’s backup dancers from her legendary “Blond Ambition” tour and documents how their lives changed after they were part of one of the most popular—and controversial—tours of all time. “These seven dancers from the “Blond Ambition” tour inspired a whole generation. From the halls of the ballrooms to center stage, their bold self-expression was a true pop-culture inspiration,” said Taj Paxton, VP of Logo Documentary Films. “We’re proud to showcase the men behind the woman and to stir the next generation of leaders and tastemakers in the LGBTQ community.” Oliver Crumes III, Carlton Wilborn, Luis Camacho, Salim “Slam” Gauwloos, Kevin Stea, Jose Gutierez and Gabriel Trupin (who died in 1995) are the dancers who finally get their moment in the spotlight using a combination of old and new footage along with never-before-seen images. The doc, from filmmakers Ester Gould and Reijer Zwaan, made the film festival rounds last year with a high profile U.S. premiere at New York’s Tribeca Film Festival. The dancers promoted the movie in various interviews and they even crossed paths with Madonna last year when she surprised fans at a 25th anniversary screening of Truth or Dare at MoMA. Strike A Pose is just the latest from Logo Documentary Films which acquired and recently aired other titles like the same-sex war romance Out of Iraq, and the female chefs doc, Hungry. Watch the trailer above and for more check out two clips from the doc below. Strike A Pose premieres Thursday, April 6 at 9/8c on Logo.
  15. Awww, she always makes the most of an unfortunate situation! How adorable.