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  1. New Celebrities that love Madonna thread

    Love Detox. Took a picture with her once in Montreal. And Nothing Fails remains glorious.
  2. Madonna Instagram Thread

    She did call us Rebel Hearts during the last era, but true we don't really have an official fanbase name.
  3. New Celebrities that love Madonna thread

    Bonus points to him listing Bad Girl, Secret Garden, & Falling Free. That's a true STAN there.
  4. Call Me By Your Name and his performance in it is BRILLIANT. He's a big frontrunner for the Oscar & well deserving to win.
  5. Love this album. Time Stood Still should have replaced American Pie on the international version though (or at least included as another bonus track).
  6. After what happened with Rebel Heart, it's understandable why she would want to be more low-key when it comes to recording. She said "2018 I'm coming back" sounding as if she was coming with new music too.
  7. Tour: she said she needs time to put it all together but clear as day, 2018 (next year) it's happening! Movie: nothing MDNA skin: she loves it and uses it every day. Said she wouldn't promote a product she doesn't fully believe in. She also said that while she loved going to the Detroit school of Arts in Michigan, she was missing an exposure of culture and being able to learn other languages. A big reason as to why she eventually went to New York in '78. That's why she found it important to move to Portugal and expose her children to the arts. She loves the fact that her kids can look at paintings and know how who painted it: "My kids can say that's a Pollock, that's a Basquiat, etc..." She also officially calls herself a "soccer mom" by moving to Portugal (which has a huge soccer/football culture there).
  8. Love seeing Kelly loon out over her. The best celeb stan of Madonna's!
  9. She said "in 2018, I'm coming for you Anderson!" in response to being asked about when she's going to tour again. Now she's playing sketching with the stars with Kelly & Anderson. Cute game!
  10. She confirms a tour and new music in 2018! Yas!
  11. I love everything about this now! Living for it! Two twerkathons I love it!
  12. You can't really hear Anderson & Madonna clearly in the video, mostly cause of the audience. I love her dancing to BIM, it feels like the RH era is still partly alive!
  13. She looks great! I always thought they shot their episodes live though?
  14. Collaborations that never happened

    She wanted to work with Moby & The Prodigy at one point, but they turned her down.