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  1. Yas, stan for the one of the best Music tracks, Britney
  2. The White House staffers greeting Trump: Says it all, doesn't it? The girl in the glasses was literally me yesterday.
  3. Developing: At least 8 trans youth have committed suicide in the wake of Trump's win, according to a private support group. Quote: TW: Suicide.... 4 trans youths took their lives last night. If you're #trans & in America, you can call this support line: 1-877-565-8860
  4. This is an embarrassment. I seriously can't believe I live in a country where we elected the most unqualified person ever as a president.
  5. From Captain America himself.
  6. I never thought a country could ever go so far BACKWARDS as it has today. So Obama's wonderful change of 8 years were for nothing. Trump + Pence are evil personified.
  7. This really can't happen. You could list 100 things to hate about this man. Completely detestable. I guess that represents most of the population now too.
  8. *in the voice of Ariana Grande "I hate Americans. I hate America". * Seriously, this has to be a nightmare.
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  10. Precious Illusions Vs Turn Off The Light (Nelly Furtado)
  11. Precious Illusions Vs All You Wanted (Michelle Branch)
  12. Precious Illusions Vs Wrong Impression (Natalie Imbruglia)
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