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  1. It's okay, P!nk spilled so much tea on her Watch What Happens Live episode, it was hard to catch up!
  2. She talks about why she loves Madonna and when she met her on Regis & Kelly and saw her at a party since then... She calls her smart, incredible business woman, declares herself a fan, lovesTruth Or Dare, Sex Book, worships her... I embedded it to where she & Andy talk about Madonna. LOVE P!nk.
  3. Such an insightful read though I cringed at another publication trying to shoehorn Beyonce into everything as well. This album & era are immortal.
  4. For a number of Madonna zealots, these two songs are the personal favourites (and if not, they're definitely up there in overall favs) from the Ray Of Light & Music albums. Which of these introspective and personal gems do you prefer more? or This is tough, but Drowned World wins by a hair.
  5. This is a gem and one of the most memorable gems in the soundtrack to this amazing film. I still stand that M was robbed of an Oscar nom that year.
  6. Happy 35th Anniversary "Everybody"

    Great song to start a legendary & amazing career.
  7. Top 10 Madonna Music Videos

    01 Bedtime Story 02 Die Another Day 03 Like A Prayer 04 Rain 05 Express Yourself 06 Frozen 07 Don't Tell Me 08 Justify My Love 09 The Power Of Goodbye 10 Bad Girl Too hard
  8. It was so cute! Will played Borderline as he was hosting his boytoy (played by Ben Platt) at his apartment. The song was played about 4 times, in the middle of the episode, and at the very end where Will & Jack performed a cute dance. Here's a scene with WIll & Jack talking about Madonna: Will: "He doesn't know Madonna" Jack: "Hit him on the head with a VHS copy of Evita" More of the highlight clips should be on YouTube soon. I would love to see a return of Madonna's character Liz on the latest season.
  9. The chorus of Deeper & Deeper would be perfect for those playing the game for over an hour.
  10. That looks cute as hell! Can't wait to play it!
  11. GOODBYE TO INNOCENCE appreciation thread

    Along with "You Are The One". The productions on even the unreleased songs are immaculate!
  12. And the demo version: Great song! This should have made the "Erotica" album and "Did You Do It?" should have been the B-side. Imagine how perfect this would have sounded following "Deeper & Deeper" or in conjunction with "Words" & "Fever"? A true Madonna gem.
  13. Sorry is so timeless
  14. I still love this album. I wish Interscope would have made it a double album like she initially wanted.