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  1. HOLY TRINITY | Music

    Impressive Instant Don't Tell Me Gone Blast Warner for ending the era short.
  2. Was "Don't Stop" really that bad?

    It's not bad at all, but it never should have been in contention of being a single at all (which it was after Take A Bow). Bedtime Story's single release was worth it for the video alone (though Survival would have been a better single choice I presume).
  3. HOLY TRINITY | Ray Of Light

    Drowned World Sky Fits Heaven Frozen The hardest album to pick just three favorites so far!
  4. Two Madonna album tracks in Sanskrit & the other partly in Hebrew. Which do you prefer? These are the only Madonna album tracks you could class under "World Music". I love them all but Isaac, I love the Confessions Tour performance of it & the song is so relaxing to listen to.
  5. HOLY TRINITY | Bedtime Stories

    Secret Human Nature Sanctuary
  6. #Justice4GirlGoneWild

    This. I still get life whenever I play it or hear it in any form of media today!
  7. What a great video. She remembers B-Day song (though not all the lyrics).
  8. I know, right? He looks 16!
  9. Madonna Instagram Thread

  10. I agree on EVERY song. Many of Madonna's best songs are the ones the general public sleeps on.
  11. That Bedtime Stories review is disgusting. How the hell is he able to call this album inessential or shade "Inside Of Me" and "Bedtime Story" like that?
  12. Madonna 8.2 http://pitchfork.com/reviews/albums/madonna-madonna/ Like a Prayer 9.0 http://pitchfork.com/reviews/albums/madonna-like-a-prayer/ Bedtime Stories 6.5 http://pitchfork.com/reviews/albums/madonna-bedtime-stories/ Ray of Light 8.1 http://pitchfork.com/reviews/albums/madonna-ray-of-light/
  13. Madonna 59th Birthday countdown

    For those in the US: MTV Classic will play a 2 hour block of Madonna's videos from 12 PM - 2 PM Eastern tomorrow in honor of the B-Day! Early happy birthday wish to the Queen Of Life!
  14. HOLY TRINITY | Erotica

    Deeper & Deeper Bad Girl Words
  15. HOLY TRINITY | I'm Breathless

    Vogue Something To Remember Sooner Or Later