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  1. Non traditional promo for a certain flop princess' Vegas residency. It never stops with her huh?
  2. Je5u5

    Maroon 5: most boring superbowl in history

    The funniest part is that both are judges in The Voice.
  3. Je5u5

    Your Top 10 Debut Albums....

    Alanis' first two albums have some jams on them. And they're part of her development. It's like claiming "Kylie Minogue" is Kilo's debut because the first batch was too bubblegum.
  4. Je5u5

    Your Top 10 Debut Albums....

    Off the Wall and Jagged Little Pill are not their debut albums. -The albums police.
  5. Je5u5

    Trump / US politics thread 🚽

    Don't trust anyone in a MAGA hat.
  6. I don't know about you but when I was 12 I never had sleepovers sharing the bed with other teens unless they were part of my family.
  7. An old but still very relevant article: Wade Robson & Why Many Molestation Victims Don't Tell After defending and praising Michael Jackson for over 20 years, in May 2013 Wade Robson dropped a bombshell and accused him of child molestation. This shocked most people - if not that there was yet another accuser, then that he had the courage to speak out. However, there are two questions that puzzle most people: Why did he keep praising, even until recently, someone who he now claims molested him? Why is he asking for money? ( Collapse ) The first question in particular is inexplicable for most people. However, to those of us who understand the dynamic between acquaintance molesters and their victims, it is perfectly natural for Mr Robson to behave like this. It's no surprise. To most people, child sexual abuse is defined as being performed on an unwilling child by a stranger which is achieved by threats of violence or even actual violence - usually a stranger, a sick pervert, who physically overpowers the child and violently forces them into sexual activity. Some also realize that inter family child abuse exists. There is another little known alternative though, and that is child molestation where the victim is somewhat willing and the molester is in many ways "good". Society seems to have a problem dealing with any sexual-victimization case in which the idea that child victims could simply behave like human beings and respond to the attention and affection of offenders by voluntarily and repeatedly returning to an offender's home is a troubling one, but it happens. Acquaintance molesters spend an inordinate amount of time and effort grooming and seducing their victims. They seem to have a knack knowing which children are vulnerable (or as Jackson's long time manager put it, Jackson knew which families were "wooable"). They spend an inordinate amount of time building trust - their target being to spend time alone with the child so that they can begin the seduction process.Children are human beings with needs, wants, and desires. Child molestation victims cannot be held to idealistic and superhuman standards of behavior. Their frequent cooperation in their victimization must be viewed as an understandable human characteristic that should have no criminal-justice significance. Most people believe that children resist sexual advances by adults and are then overpowered by coercion, threats, weapons, or physical force. Although cases with these elements certainly exist, that is not what usually happens in acquaintance molestation cases. Jackson, I would posit, fit into a narrow subcategory of acquaintance molester, and that is as a boylover. Boylovers are very caring about their boys - they take a lot of time to seduce them, and come to care deeply for their victims. This is not to say that they view their "friends" as victims, rather they view the molestation as an "expression of love". Misguided love to be sure, and totally unacceptable as children, by definition, cannot give consent; however this is how they feel and once you understand that you understand how their victims feel. Boylover victims feel beholden to their abusers, the same abuser which has done so much "good" for them. In Wade Robson's case, Jackson provided mentorship with his dancing as well as several career opportunities. His connection to Jackson would have helped his career enormously and he must have undoubtedly felt gratitude to Jackson. It is against this background that we have to understand why Wade has praised Jackson for all these years. Jackson would have made Wade believe that the molestation was perfectly natural and an expression of love, and warned Wade that telling would have dire consequences for both of them - not because it was "wrong", but because "people wouldn't understand". This is typical of the methods boylovers use to keep victims compliant, and is probably what Wade referred to when he spoke of "brainwashing". Wade Robson truly loved and admired Jackson - he probably still does - however he would have known something was wrong when his son was born three years ago. Once Wade realized something was inherently wrong with their relationship, it would have taken him a long time to process his feelings. He would have felt totally torn between speaking the truth and betraying his idol and mentor. As any acquaintance molester victim will tell you, it would have been mental torture. Even when Wade Robson did come out with his claims, he couldn't completely damn Jackson. He still felt compassion for Jackson even though Jackson is dead. Wade would still be conscious of all Jackson did to help him in spite of the bad stuff. This can't be emphasized enough. Why is he asking for money? This question has no definite answer and we can only speculate. As yet, no dollar amount has been suggested, but we do know that Wade is making two separate civil claims - one against the estate of Michael Jackson, the other against companies which were instrumental in bringing him to the US to be with Jackson. Whether he wins these claims or not, he will get his story out. This may be his strategy - have his claims proven in a court of law to remove any doubt whatsoever over his claims. This would be a coup as it has never been proven in court what many people feel to be true - that Jackson wasn't just a boylover/pedophile, but a molester as well. The other possibility is that Wade Robson simply wants compensation for the abuse suffered at the hand of Jackson, and to financially punish those who turned a blind eye to Jackson's pecadilloes simply because he was making them money. It would seem highly unlikely that Wade would by lying for cash - nobody would put themselves through the bitter vilification and threats from Jackson fans for any amount of money. On that point, it is sad to see vicious attacks from Jackson fans - why on earth are they sticking up for a pop star who didn't mind being called a pedophile (after all, if he minded he would have stopped sleeping with boys after the first accusations), who was never much interested in defending himself over the years? Let's not forget, Jackson never co-operated with law enforcement officials, even during initial enquiries over his relationships with boys. Why are some commentators calling Wade Robson a liar? Michael Jackson Apologism is an industry. There are people out there making money, or stroking their egos attempting to vindicate Michael Jackson. They are writing books, articles and blog posts which pander to the fans and repeat all the intellectually unsound conclusions (child erotica = art books anyone?) made about Jackson. They are really worried now - someone who was actually there may finally prove what many have known for a long time - that Jackson not only had an unhealthy interest in boys, wasn't just sexually attracted to them, he acted on his impulses too. These commentators have a lot at stake - the main thing being loss of face. They are merely pseudo intellectuals who have made up excuses for Jackson's behaviour with boys for years, have a huge following and now they feel threatened. Without listening to one word that Wade Robson has spoken they branded him a liar, an opportunist and a traitor. Wade Robson has the potential to put egg on their faces so rather than listen to his full story, they prefer to support a dead multimillion dollar pop star instead of a living possible abuse victim. This is crazy! They say that Wade Robson "isn't acting like a proper victim" (here's a hint - read this and get a clue: Child Molesters: A Behavioral Analysis). What has society come to when we turn away people that are hurt in favor of a man who shared his bed with young boys? Hopefully they will come to their senses and stop making excuses for a fatally flawed man. Source
  8. Je5u5

    ABBA thread

    Madonna however tends to do this from a position of power and never plays the victim as most "divas" tend to do. Starting with "I Know It" all the way to "Living for Love".
  9. Did you click on the tweet and read the analogy? It leaves a few key facts out but it's a decent recap.
  10. Je5u5

    Your Top 10 Debut Albums....

    Tragic Kingdom was their third album. Nevermind was their second album. Also their second album.
  11. Yes and that's what's being criticized by the opposition in Venezuela, especially as Maduro cannot call for elections directly anyway.
  12. Who knows. Pedro Sanchez has just declared and acknowledged Guaido as the president, by the way. Merkel and Macron are expected to do the same today.
  13. At least there is legal backing to what he is doing: in the absence of a legally elected president, it is his job to step up as a temporary president and call for elections. And that's what he is doing. Some people act as if his end game is just to become president himself. The only problematic thing is that the constitution (unsurprisingly) doesn't specifically include "rigging the elections and taking the office even when nobody accepts them as legitimate" as an absence.
  14. So? Those who are supporting Maduro also have their very transparent agendas or you think Russia, Cuba and China support him because they think he's cool? Anyway, at this point, as a Venezuelan you don't care if the reason they are supporting Guaido is because they have interests, that's just how politics work. You appreciate the support because what he is doing IS legal. If your mother had to stand in line for hours to try to (hopefully) buy a piece of bread you would appreciate the support too and would hope today is indeed the start of a new chapter. It's sad that, as usual, this chapter is starting with the death of at least a dozen young Venezuelans today in the hands of Maduro's forces. THAT is madness.
  15. Maduro is NOT the legally elected president. The last elections were a sham, and were denounced as such even before they took place. Maduro banned anyone who stood a chance from running against him in the elections, the electoral board was run by his people only. The elections were NOT done in a democratic manner. Local organizations rejected them. The United Nations rejected them. The Organization of American States rejected them. The European Union rejected them. The Lima Group rejected them. You know who backed them? North Korea. Cuba. Russia. China. Iran. Syria. Some nice company to have around huh? The Chavez crafted constitution establishes in a series of articles (probably written hoping to be used against the oposition) that in situations like this the president of the national assembly must take charge and that is what he's doing. He's not claiming to be elected president. He's just acting by the law and that's why all those who rejected the elections are now showing their support.