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  1. The whole "it's not that tickets are more expensive this time around, we're just using the secondary market prices directly and if fans don't like the prices they can either get a ticket for a cheaper area of the map or not go to the concert" is a big fuck you to the fans.
  2. Trust her to try and cash a check for advertising a hat but not even show it properly.
  3. Quoted for truth. It was one of those singles that cursed the artist with the title though...
  4. Spice Girls thread

  5. I'd say it's more of an early sighting of Louise Oriole. But I may be wrong.
  6. I own the earlier ones. My ex was a huge fan #lookwhatyoumademedo
  7. Maybe it will be sequel and it's Ariel now. Original movie was what? 1989? Ariel would be in her 40s now and she would look perfect.
  8. Kinda sad how she's tied in #1 as the most recognized artist yet only half knew who she was.
  9. People don't remember her song titles to make a pun properly.
  10. Natalia Oreiro

    I love her new track with Miranda! (The name of the band includes the !).
  11. Pretty much the same. Grew up with her and her music and loved most of her stuff until "Gloria!". Then I kinda lost track. I liked "Unwrapped" but from that point onwards I kinda stopped paying attention. Wish she would do a greatest hits tour or something. Would be lots of fun.
  12. I think he means this: "She had written Try This with one of her musical heroes, Tim Armstrong from the punk band Rancid. "I was kind of rebelling against the label on that one," she says. "I was going: 'You want a record? Fine, I'll write 10 songs in a week for your fuckin' record and you can press it up and put it out.' That was an awful time. I was walking out of half my interviews crying. I just felt they were putting a quarter in the slot to watch the monkey dance.""