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  1. The lenghts some people would go due to having a nose they don't like.
  2. I think sadly he will either die due to some botched procedure or commit suicide as no amount of surgery will ever be enough.
  3. Considering the results, I'm sure her botox guy is responsible for at least some of his cosmetic treatments.
  4. The hottest rumour in the industry is that a new mix is being released by Warner as a late summer hit, tied with a Madame X deluxe reissue in colored 8-track tape.
  5. I can't stand that MAGA kid.
  6. It's a shame he didn't stop here: Sure, plastic mess but still seemed human.
  7. Well at least he/she looks less bad as a woman. There's that. Very Mariah. I do fear for his/her mental health. I would not be surprised of he/she ended up killing himself. All that money spent and you still look like a mess. And increasingly alien-like. That can't be good. I mean In my humble opinion this was better:
  8. The blue vinyl sold out in just a few hours. Just saying.
  9. Indeed but now I'm talking about this: In addition, Billboard will no longer allow sales of physical albums or singles that are bundled with digital downloads to be reported as digital sales, thereby eliminating the practice of “spontaneous” non-manufactured items being used to influence first-week chart rankings. Only when the physical item -- ostensibly what the consumer is buying -- is shipped, will it be counted in Billboard’s official tallies. The practice of selling vinyl, CDs and other physical releases that won’t be manufactured and shipped to consumers for weeks or months -
  10. I know. It was the perfect album concept and image wise to try something like this. The beauty of it is that there is not a specific amount of units: instead of the usual "limited to X copies" it's only limited in time frame and they will be shipped in 16 weeks so I'm sure they're not even manufactured yet. So once the ordering period is done, they will just print as many copies as they sold, but already having collected the money beforehand so it's risk free. There is no "I will wait to see if the price drops". No "I will wait for my next paycheck". No "I will wait for the reviews".
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