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  1. Lana Del Rey

    Yep. Madrid in April. Barcelona too but at this point who knows if it will be part of the country by then
  2. Lana Del Rey

    Got tickets for her new tour today ❤
  3. LIB in Britney's Love 2 Love U

    Well she has included song like Dear Diary, My Baby and that Chillin With Chu song with her sister in her albums so...
  4. I think she outlasting Britney was a bit of a happy accident for her but was helped by the fact that she was firmly behind her own act in ways Britney wasn't so she didn't depend as much on outside contributions. She also moved towards rock which is a more constant genre and has been way less affected by fads than "pop". She's also known but not mega popular as a "star" so people have not been fatigued by her presence. And she's pretty inoffensive all things considered so doesn't warrant haters trolling her online presence. Re: Christina I think she's generally unlikable so despite her talents she wasn't meant to stay on top for long. Kinda like Avril or Gags.
  5. LIB in Britney's Love 2 Love U

    Would have made that era a way too Madonna heavy with MATM.
  6. Kids react to Madonna

    Not surprised. Not only he was always more kids friendly (no pun intended) but when he died it became a new career peak of sorts with his music being everywhere, mainstream reissues of his albums, all-is-forgoven media coverage praising him for the great artist he was and that's something kids have "loved and soaked in. Madonna has had none of that and has experienced quite the opposite in regards of her new music.
  7. Kids react to Madonna

    Based on the editing I'd say they didn't but who knows. TAB was played at all times back then in a more prudish society.
  8. Madonna Vinyl Prices

    I actually have this. And the album in blue vinyl too.
  9. Kids react to Madonna

    I know what you mean. For instance, my husband was born in 1990 and for him and his friends Confessions / Hard Candy Madonna is the best, with stuff like Music and Don't Tell Me being "childhood classics", yet they don't generally care much about her 80s-90s music.
  10. Kids react to Madonna

    "I know it's really old because it's in black and white" LOL.
  11. In 1990 maximum duration for compact discs was 74 minutes. It wasn't until the mid90s they stated manufacturing CDs that could hold longer durations.
  12. Madonna Vinyl Prices

    I had no idea they did Fever. I would buy it right away if I saw it.
  13. Nothing wrong in itself. I like her a lot and rank her higher than many of her peers but it does show a lack of evolution as an artist when any random song could be from any of her albums that were released in a period of over 15 years. It also makes her criticism towards her label during her Try This days a bit hypocritical because she complained she had to rebel against her label wanting her to release another Missundaztood but she didn't want to repeat herself.