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  1. So Trump is the most masculine president ever according to his press secretary LOL
  2. I was thinking the same thing. They should start planning the next step now as the republicans are. Not sure if Kamala or Major Pete Buttplug would be easy to sell tbh. Funny how Trump would be as old as "senile" "sleepy Joe" is now by 2024. Will be fun to see them spin that somehow.
  3. I can confirm they are. Most Venezuelans are under the impression that if Trump is allowed a second term he will help get Maduro out and they have made serious efforts to paint Biden as a pro-Maduro pro-Castro communist. Say you support Biden in front of most Venezuelans and get ready to be burnt at the stake.
  4. Don't know the evolution. I just opened it, took a deep breath and grabbed a bottle of tequila.
  5. Things are looking rather grim with Trump taking the lead in Indiana, Kentucky and New Hampshire so far.
  6. I fear Trump will win. Go vote. Don't let this happen.
  7. Don't just stand there, please get to it: vote.
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