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  1. You know I laugh at the whole Alejandra Guzmán thing as much as the next sane person but if we go by something like YouTube "Tan Solo Tu" probably has more views than all of Janet's videos combined.
  2. I'm pretty sure it's just a picture of Madonna during Revolver MDNA Tour.
  3. Why would they be? Expect a CD with songs from the actual show.
  4. She banned him after he worked with Kylie for her 1990 album
  5. Most people buying it are probably unaware though. They just see a new Madonna track. Awful artwork but that's never stopped her in the recent past.
  6. I just want it to sell enough to actually chart in some markets this week LOL. Peaking higher than some of her recent singles would be a bonus.
  7. The digital era is a bit of a mess for this kind of stuff. To give you an example, many currently out of print albums by 80s / 90s Venezuelan pop acts have been uploaded to all digital platforms by a "label" called Mundo Digital USA. Many times it's just YouTube rips sourced from vinyl, others use altered tracklistings and artwork, incorrect titles, I guess this is all because the "label" probably doesn't even have the album and has to take what's available online and try to pass it off as a legitimate release. Sometimes they would use the cover of an album but fill up the tracklist with songs from other albums, even from different eras where the artist was signed to a different label. Mess. And I've spoken to some of the artists and they say they can't do anything because the label that released them back in the day owns the recordings so the artist cannot make them available officially yet the same label doesn't care enough to upload them themselves or do anything regarding the unofficial releases clogging up the digital services. Rings a bell?
  8. I just can't with this Aldo guy. Someone should ban him from using a computer ever again.
  9. She definitely voted Trump.
  10. It's easier if you just borrow bits from older hits.