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  1. So just to make sure we are on the same page... what is your rant about? Honest question. Thanks.
  2. It's been emotionally draining to be honest. Not being able to talk to your mother or your family there, knowing your family there didn't have electrical power between Thursday afternoon and early morning today on top of all the stuff the country, knowing my brother had to spend his birthday in the dark (his birthday was yesterday)... all that on top of the whole mess that's currently going on.
  3. People are dying in the hospitals, many times without even being admitted. And due to the lack of electricity morgues and funerary houses are not working, which makes it an even sadder situation.
  4. There's been a power outage in most of Venezuela since 5pm yesterday. Some cities (including many areas in Caracas) have been with no power for over 24h already. This is also affecting communications, hospitals, food storage and more.
  5. Talk about sending mixed messages through the years.
  6. Non traditional promo for a certain flop princess' Vegas residency. It never stops with her huh?
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