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  1. Heartbreaking. Let's hope other areas don't follow.
  2. Just got a news update stating the Queen accepted Dumber's request. Ps: from which reddit thread is this from?
  3. Misleading conclusion. It's not the same saying nearly half of America doesn't change underwear daily than saying nearly half of America has worn the same underwear two days in a row once.
  4. What about hamburgers? They are not actually made in Hamburg! Let's sue!!
  5. So just to make sure we are on the same page... what is your rant about? Honest question. Thanks.
  6. It's been emotionally draining to be honest. Not being able to talk to your mother or your family there, knowing your family there didn't have electrical power between Thursday afternoon and early morning today on top of all the stuff the country, knowing my brother had to spend his birthday in the dark (his birthday was yesterday)... all that on top of the whole mess that's currently going on.
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