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  1. Got it 😍 Only had to queue for an hour or so, lots or people getting it as well. Also bought Aqua and Bowie.
  2. Well they probably demanded a certain ratio of live singing to make the cut.
  3. #waiting #anticipating @FedFed found a picture of the RSD vinyl with the vinyl showing on tve side and it looked dark blue but we agreed it was probably a filter because the whole picture looked blue-ish.
  4. So? She did a photo editorial with Comme Des Garçons outfits for a magazine. Didn't use them as yet another Halloween costume for the paps.
  5. Very Mariah Live 8 of her.
  6. So is it true she's already separating from her faggy husband? If true it would look like she was really waiting for a baby to secure the money and move on. Hence throwing the album, tour and remaining fanbase under the bus.
  7. She's always had nothing but praise and respect for her since her Spice Girls days. She and Geri were proper fans and I love them for it.
  8. Sickening and crazy. How can this sort of thing still happen?
  9. What's wrong with it?
  10. Tarkan's original was a fairly big international hit -I even own his album- so I guess it was detrimental for the performance of the single in those markets. The most "high profile" role I remember her being on was playing a singer in Liam Neeson's "Taken".
  11. Here's Kiss Kiss btw
  12. After three hit singles from her debut, she released this as the news single from the project: It ended up being the only one and her last to date. I guess it was a bit out there for some. Record labels were much more brutal back though. It went top 10 in the UK, top 20 in Australia and top 40 in other markets yet they never bothered again. Nowadays we see some kept on life support for a few albums in a row with three older hits to justify the efforts.
  13. Out of the pop dollies of that era she (probably by accident) released one of the strongest of the bunch: her sophomore album, State of Mind. Poor Kilo must've been livid when her usual collaborators gave Holly that album while she got stuck with Body Language. One of my favorites: