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  1. LOL @ they trying to make her look like it's 2009.
  2. Went to a (straight) club today and the dj played the song twice during the night #randomfacts
  3. What about #poorMichelle? I'm sure Beyonce hired her because she always made her look good.
  4. I was reading how Kelly recorded When Love Takes Over and her label rejected it and left it in the vaults. So Guetta released it himself. Funny how a worldwide hit was originally turned down by her label huh? Things that make you go hmm.
  5. You mean Janet is not one of her nicknames? 👻
  6. Kelendria certainly started her solo career with a bang and a #1 single, back when Beyonce's first missed the hot 100 altogether. Papa Knowles probably broke a finger or two and made sure that never happened again. "When Love Takes Over" destroys most of Beyonce's discography too.
  7. Janet Jackson. Haven't heard that name in ages. Is she still doing Playboy centerfolds and infomercials?
  8. Matthew didn't let that happen again though. While all girls "wrote" on The Writing's on the Wall, by the time Survivor came out only Beyonce and HIM got credits. Poor Kelly got screwed up. She went from cowritting 10 out of 16 songs to only contributing to the Outro between those two albums 😂
  9. Found a transcript :D
  10. That TRL interview was hilarious. She was like "So yes, I wrote Independent Women and the record label were amazed and asked me to write another one. So I wrote Survivor and they couldn't believe how good it was. Then I wrote Bootylicious -and as we know from that Fusari interview with Billbored it's not really accurate- and I wrote Emotions -which is a fucking cover- and they kept asking me for more and more songs because they loved them all!". Needless to say none of the songs have her as the sole songwriter. I remember the outrage when she also talked about writing "Irreplacable", a song that was fully formed and demoed when she got her hands on it and barely changed some melodies. As far as I know lyrics remained intact.
  11. Get Up is the best of the bunch and it's VERY her. Don't get the hate it's getting from some.
  12. How many hours will it take for the video to get more views than John Wayne?
  13. Remember when Rob Fusari called her out on using his ideas as her own?
  14. Remember when she claimed she wrote the Bee Gees' "Emotions" on TRL? It's a shame Papa Knowles erased all traces off it from the Internet.
  15. The delusion in this thread is strong.