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  1. Je5u5

    MDNA tour

    I agree it's one of her best ones even if the album isn't.
  2. Well that's one way of putting it. However, as this article lightly mentions, she's been underperforming for more than 10 years, when some of her peers -Madonna, Mariah- were still getting chart hits. So in this particular case it's more about people not caring.
  3. Je5u5

    ABBA thread

    Kinda related, it's weird how the Spanish version of Dancing Queen keeps the second verse that was edited out from the English version.
  4. Je5u5

    ABBA thread

    Rikky Rock N Roller was also a basement baby.
  5. Je5u5

    ABBA thread

    In order to be fair we should also remember chauffer Sam, schoolgirl Annie, officeboy Jerry and useless Sue who just lies by the pool.
  6. Je5u5

    ABBA thread

    At least Elaine came out. Rosalita wasn't as lucky. Ps: poor Nina. So pretty yet nobody mentioned her so far. She's probably used to it though.
  7. Je5u5

    ABBA thread

    Back them the pre digital age I guess they had to manually take the time the tracks. So if it was (incorrectly) done already they didn't bother doing it again. Maybe an alternate longer take of The Piper does exist and was meant to be in the single or the album but was discarded. Who knows.
  8. Je5u5

    ABBA thread

    Ring Ring Disillusion Waterloo Dance (While the Music Still Goes On) SOS Mamma Mia Knowing Me, Knowing You Dancing Queen Eagle The Name of the Game As Good as New If It Wasn't for the Nights The Winner Takes It All Super Trouper When All Is Said and Done One of Us Fernando Summer Night City + Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! Take a Chance on Me Damn.
  9. Je5u5

    ABBA thread

    This is getting a bit messy. Let's give it some order and make it a bit more brutal (and at times unfair): 2 songs per album. Only songs that are part of the main album. No bonus track on the deluxe remaster nonsense. 2 non album tracks. Either one off/compilation singles or b-sides. 2 wild cards from any of their releases. The two you couldn't go to bed today knowing you left them off your list. Total: 20 tracks. Go.
  10. Je5u5

    Amy Winehouse (the artist)

    Love her.
  11. Je5u5

    ABBA thread

    I was trying to dig some information and noticed how even the Super Trouper 7" singles state the running time of The Piper is 4:40. Which is incorrect and I guess it extended from there.
  12. Je5u5

    ABBA thread

    That's probably a mistake. Wouldn't be the first time. You know what was fucked up? For some reason the Venezuelan cassette pressing ot Super Trouper swapped The Way Old Friends Do and Super Trouper, so Lay All Your Love On Me ended with a fade out of the applauses. EDIT: I completely forgot, Me and I fades early on this one as well. I remember being all WTF when I first bought this on CD as at least three of the songs had a different listening experience. The Venezuelan vinyl pressing of Voulez Vous had an early fade on The King Has Lost His Crown.
  13. Je5u5

    Marilyn Manson thread

    That's because it is one of the best ones.
  14. I know that 😎 What I meant is that if back in '98 someone would've told me I'd be listening to a new All Saints album 20 years afterwards yet the next Spice album would be their last I would've thought the person was crazy.