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  1. Je5u5


    LOL. Even Eurythmics can pull off both getting their 80s videos rescanned in HD AND replace the previous one on YouTube.
  2. Je5u5

    Loca Please World Tour 2019 discussion

    Madonna + Maluma Rubia Ambition 2019 World Tour
  3. They can do small sets going back and forth between both acts and open and close with a collaboration (two songs especially written, recorded and released as a warm up for the tour) so no ego gets bruised. Their collaboration with Green Day, The Saints are Coming was pretty decent, for instance. Make the sets hit heavy taking stuff from all of their long careers so it's not merely an 80s revival thing it. Let's be honest. GP would go as crazy for With or Without You, One or Elevation as they would for Like a Virgin, Like a Prayer or Music. And would likely definitely become the highest grossing tour of all time. It wouldnt lend itself to a fun pun title like the Madonna + Prince tour would though.
  4. Je5u5

    ABBA thread

    Frida rocked this blond wig by the way, she really pulled it off.
  5. Je5u5

    ABBA thread

    Thanks. I love I'm a Marionette in both incarnations btw even if I'm not the biggest fan of Thank You for the Music. What about the proto Hole in Your Soul "Get On the Carrousel"?
  6. Je5u5

    Melbourne terrorist attack

    Really awful to see this in the news.
  7. So sorry to hear this from our fellow Brazilian membeed. Lets hope his ideas are not translated into reality.
  8. Je5u5

    Trump / US politics thread 🚽

    Chavez did the same in Venezuela. Look how it turned out.
  9. It's him that should be euthanized and not the poor dog that just acted on instinct, chewing on something "edible".
  10. Je5u5


    Nancy is such an underrated vocalist. Yes, Ann can do all sort of things with her voice but Nancy is great in her own right.
  11. Je5u5

    ABBA thread

    My list... today and trying to keep some balance between the different eras: Ring Ring Another Town Another Train Disillusion Waterloo Dance (While the Music Still Goes On) Honey Honey Gonna Sing You My Lovesong Mamma Mia S.O.S. I Do I Do I Do I Do I Do I've Been Waiting for You So Long Fernando When I Kissed the Teacher Dancing Queen Knowing Me Knowing You Money Money Money Eagle Take a Chance on Me One Man One Woman The Name of the Game Hole in Your Soul Summer Night City As Good as New Voulez Vous Angeleyes Does Your Mother Know If It Wasn't for the Nights Lovelight Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! Super Trouper The Winner Takes It All On and On and On Me and I Our Last Summer The Piper The Visitors Head Over Heels When All Is Said and Done One of Us Like an Angel Passing Through My Room The Day Before You Came I Am the City Just Like That
  12. Je5u5

    ABBA thread

    By the way, back when we were discussing the different characters from their songs we forgot the unashamed gold diggers: Tracy and Daisy.
  13. Je5u5

    ABBA thread

    So underrated. One of Agnetha's finest moments.
  14. Je5u5

    ABBA thread

    Don't be shy, post the whole thing