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  1. It's all about deflecting focusing on the small things to try and prevent people from looking at the grooming paedo elephant in the room.
  2. That plays like a hysterical little Monster cursing every 10 seconds to try to make a point going #buttheGrammyswereinNewYork and stuff like that. Who has time for that. As I pointed out earlier, the American Music Awards took place in LA that week by the way. But sure let's focus on the little details to deflect from the big picture #heehee
  3. Je5u5

    So, Melissa Etheridge

    So will Madonna step up her game because of Melissa?
  4. Everytime a new #paedoapopogist comes along with another article both siding the situation it makes me feel a bit sick to my stomach. You can love your hee hee's, crotch grabbing, grunts and moonwalking all you want but that's not an excuse to hide under the rug all the wrong stuff he did. It's like going all "but Hitler had a difficult upbringing as an immigrant, jail was horrible and yet he was oh so charismatic. I'm not sure these Jews aren't just trying to leech off the Reich. They waited for him to be dead to bring this all up."
  5. It's ayuwoki actually But yeah he's been reduced to a scary paedo meme.
  6. I think part of the reasons why I never connected with "Invincible" is that by then I had digested what he really was and while I could still appreciate the music that already had some sort of history with me I couldn't deal with his (then) new output.
  7. This is what I'm talking about. Of course they were not "model parents" (although they certainly were not under normal circumstances). That doesn't make him any less guilty though.
  8. I can't with the line of deflection his fans are trying to push. The parents are guilty. The boys are guilty. Sickening.
  9. It's been emotionally draining to be honest. Not being able to talk to your mother or your family there, knowing your family there didn't have electrical power between Thursday afternoon and early morning today on top of all the stuff the country, knowing my brother had to spend his birthday in the dark (his birthday was yesterday)... all that on top of the whole mess that's currently going on.
  10. People are dying in the hospitals, many times without even being admitted. And due to the lack of electricity morgues and funerary houses are not working, which makes it an even sadder situation.
  11. A quick search shows he was in Los Angeles in January 30th for the AMERICAN Music Awards. But sure, let's expect an 11 year old to remember some 30 years down the line the specific details of what his abuser was doing when he was away and not getting him to perform oral sex on him. Pedo apologism.
  12. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10155743735416017&id=620096016 Paedo apologism at its worst. It didn't go to court for the statute of limitations. It's disgusting to see MJ fans adding "no evidence" to this to discredit a victim just out of hero worship. It's when I read that sort of stuff that I wish it would backfire and get streaming platforms and retailers to remove all the MJ stuff. Sure, James is probably thrilled about being know and relevant for being the kid MJ molested, right?? That sure opens the doors for you when you work in the IT field.
  13. "All I Want for Christmas is You". Only one song but skyrockets to the top every year. You can be sure if you take that song out she'd be like #427.