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  1. Je5u5

    Trump / US politics thread 🚽

    In this case the first "analysis" of the situation, even if lacked some context, remains the right one to me. Longer footage shows how the smirking idiot stood there not letting the native American go through, smirking at him, while his bullying buddies cheered on him and mocked the man. He released an allegedly PR assisted statement claiming he was trying to defuse the situation. 1. The fact he got a PR assisted statement kinda proves his people know he's in the wrong side here. 2. If you want to defuse the situation you either try to talk it over or step back. You don't give your best "I'm not going to move and you can't do anything about it" smirk at a man old enough to be your grandparent. 3. The fact that this group of school boys travelled for hours to protest against the rights of women wearing MAGA hats also says a lot. And if you check online, that school has a history in giving free passes on racism and rape. So while death threats are definitely wrong, I'm ok with this guy collecting some karma for his actions.
  2. Shocked Goop is not behind this.
  3. Je5u5

    The Killers!

    Well those there are their best. But the others have their moments and Brandon's "The Desired Effect" was very promising. Who knows.
  4. Je5u5

    The Weeknd

    He was a promising artist but for a while he's been giving me the wrong vibes. There's something about him that strikes me as phoney and he also started reminding me of Latin artist Romeo which is not a good thing.
  5. Je5u5

    The Killers!

    It's very throwback but they are pushing a message with it which I appreciate. In a world where Coldplay and Maroon 5 reign supreme and are probably busy trying to come up with a mindless collaboration with Drake, Ed Sheeran and/or Taylor Swift this is a welcome release.
  6. Je5u5

    The Killers!

    They show me over and over why I love them. Shame people are too busy watching stuff by Drake or whoever.
  7. Je5u5

    Shawn Mendes

    Even here he looks boring.
  8. Rather transparent, wouldn't you say?
  9. It's ok if you're Melania. You can come clean. Make no mistake though, we will still laugh and roll our eyes to most of the things you do if you're the real Melania.
  10. Seriously how did we get from Blurred Lines almost becoming the most successful song ever in the Hot 100 to this in just a couple of years??
  11. More like the land of rhythm challenged people. What's with the choreography? Especially when they grab each other and move back and forth.
  12. Don't get me wrong. I have Spotify premium + I've had both Tidal and Deezer premium at some point but I still buy physical releases. Most non-dedicated fans I know have completely replaced one thing with the other.
  13. Je5u5

    Trump / US politics thread 🚽

    He might just hire him and get it over with