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  1. It's all about the live version. That's when the song truly comes alive.
  2. They are not, really. Keep in mind these albums were originally sequenced as halves so that's how they were listened to when it was originally released. People would have to put one or the other on the player and physically flip it the other way around to play the rest and many times you would just play your favorite half. Voted first half by the way even if second one is almost as good.
  3. Voted for Skin even if my favorite is Sky Fits Heaven. Skin would've been a better single.
  4. It's an official EP that was only released in one country, with unique artwork, featuring three songs currently out of print on vinyl and you get a piece of Latin 80's realness keeping the translated song titles as they were printed back in the day. Cool addition to the collection. Shame it's not dark blue or something.
  5. If you play with the contrast and mirror the image you can see it says "Lisa Stansfield Don't Do It". Maybe it evolved into the rare demo we all know and love?
  6. Looks like it is. I'll get it just for the artwork and to support her RSD releases. If we all passed they probably wouldn't bother next time.
  7. That's because back then we had Madonna, Michael, Prince, George, now we have Taylor, Ed, Sam, Bruno...
  8. You did say nobody was doing it though Ps: I know you weren't
  9. U sure? So Madonna would not stand out if there was more competition. I don't even know where to begin with this one. Rihanna started the same year as YouTube and is still going strong. It's been 9 years since Katy's I Kissed a Boy and she just had another top 5. But Madonna would've been over in 4 years tops. LOL. Reads a lot like questioning and downplaying.
  10. That's because, like Madonna, LaDonna didn't feel the need to rub the facts in people's faces unlike others who even do all sorts of gimmicky photo ops to try to make a point. For anyone interested, the credits were right there in the albums.
  11. 1. The world is not Mexico. You guys are right next to the US geographically speaking so of course influence of North American media is probably higher there (and in Canada) than in the rest of the countries. In most countries the average Joe had no idea of what was being played on MTV. 2. Janet Jackson was another MTV darling in the US yet it didn't translate into worldwide domination. Just to give an example. 3. Saying Michael Jackson was a "national star" before MTV is kind of ridiculous. He was a worldwide star, both solo and as part of the Jackson 5. From early hits like "Ben" to right-before-Thriller hits like "Don't Stop Till You Get Enough" and "Rock With You". MTV got on board because he was too popular to ignore. 4. I'm very sorry you apparently can't see how you're coming across on this thread regardless of your thoughts and opinions on the subject. Hint: it's not good.
  12. The flaw there is that it implies now there are others like her, when if that's the case it's because she has been doing her thing for decades. She's the one others have borrowed from and without her these watered down versions wouldn't be here either.