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  1. The best was when people swore to hearing Unapologetic Bitch in other songs
  2. The original demo was a ballad. What you refer to as the demo is a second version where Avicii and co. tried to turn it into an uptempo number. For her it didn't work.
  3. Top three songs: Inside Out, Joan of Arc, Ghosttown Song that grew on you: Body Shop Song that faded for you: Veni Vidi Vici Best Lyrics: Messiah Best Vocal: Messiah Best Melody: Unapologetic Bitch Best Chorus: Inside Out Most Fun To Play Loud: Living For Love Most Overrated Song: Graffiti Heart Most Underrated Song: Inside Out MVP Track: Bitch I'm Madonna Most Classic Madonna Sounding: Inside Out Most Groundbreaking: Bitch I'm Madonna
  4. I was actually listening to the demos last weekend and I've made my peace with how the album ended up being released and the songs that were picked. However, if I could've played around with the official release I would've kept demo versions of Joan of Arc, Inside Out, Living for Love, Rebel Heart and Hold Tight in replacement of the ones we ended up getting. There. Hmm, probably Messiah too.
  5. Dead @ the crazy talk. Of course it's her
  6. Cougardonna follows / stalks a late teens Indian boy on the streets while he's on his way to work trying to escape from her. Ends when he gets here and calls the security guards:
  7. Indeed. There is a demo featuring Mercy and Olga doing the rounds
  8. Can't stop playing. Help. Or better not
  9. Almost 6 millions already! Time to add an extra play guys:
  10. It's amazing how on the very last shot with her on the floor she looks straight out of '85.
  11. Unapologetic Bitch to keep the party going during summer.
  12. The video is fantastic. And she looks hot like hell. Who cares what fans of the pop whore du jour or socially challenged fans of former pop sensations think? Just enjoy the ride.
  13. Unapologetic Bitch featuring Rihanna for #1. Although we know how that worked for Shakira.
  14. This woman is amazing. Love the video. Love the look too. The one and only Queen of Pop.