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  1. Hugs, kisses and looots of positive vibes back to you, Peter! xoxo
  2. Sure, last nights performance wasn't her best but it is what it is. It's the past now and I'm living in the present, in the now. I'm choosing to be grateful that M is still around and creating her art. I don't read papers, watch tv, look for the news and so I don't read all the negative stuff they are writing/saying. Why hurt yourself with all that low energy? " Positive vibes" only!!! Like M is singing in Future. Wake up. You choose how you feel and react. Advise, positive vibes (positive vibes) Open your mind (open your mind) Open your eyes
  3. Here's a different clip with Debi doing some moves from the True Blue video.. https://instagram.com/p/71x1H1puap/
  4. Judging the workshop clip, it looks like there might be some sort of (illuminated?) slanting stage/floor:
  5. A little birdie told me that she will go to to South America in May next year.
  6. She's amazing! I'm seeing live her again next week.. can't wait! Here's a better clip with M's Vogue sample starting around 3:00
  7. Happy New Year to you too!! xo

  8. I saw Kiesza live in Amsterdam tonight (she was awesome!) and she did a little bit of Vogue! Here's a link to a clip of it from my Instagram: http://instagram.com/p/vHY9yLHhAT/
  9. Doesn't she take a bath with ice after her shows? I think I've read that somewhere a few years ago. If it's true then this challenge should be easy for her..
  10. Singer/ Writer /Producer/ Manager, Martin Kierzsenbaum of Cherry Tree Records, while promoting his new single, A LITTLE BIT OF LOVE, tells OUT Q's Larry Flick about collaborating with Natalia Kills on new music with Madonna. https://soundcloud.com/siriusxmentertainment/madonna-natalia-kills-and-martin-kieszenbaum-write-new-music-together
  11. She is simply THE best! Just watching this video makes me want to hit my gym right away. It's the Junkie XL Remix of 4 Minutes:
  12. No, I can't say that the thought of him working on M's new album excites me but I'm still open to be surprised by brilliant music. Let's hope that they focus on the guitar/acoustic stuff and not on cheap euro sounds/beats.
  13. http://www.usmagazine.com/celebrity-news/news/madonna-charlize-sean-201433
  14. http://perezhilton.com/2014-02-25-madonna-oscars-party-2014-gucci-presents-brad-pitt-angelina-jolie-bradley-cooper-anne-hathaway-a-list-celebs
  15. Nothing Fails is nice but I prefer Intervention. M doing Red Hot Chili Peppers and the best song on the album.
  16. ^^ He's ready for it.. https://nl-nl.facebook.com/JoeHenryLovesYouMadly
  17. For people who are wondering what Patrick Leonard has being doing recently... he wrote and produced a song for/with Dutch singer Ilse DeLange. The song is called Blue Bittersweet and it was released last year. Many people thought this was a Madonna/Daft Punk song when it was released here in the Netherlands...
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