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  1. Lady Gaga thread

    This is why she will have no lasting legacy. People look back with Madonna and they remember times of celebration and joy. With Gaga it's all pity party central.and dark depressing shit always attaching herself to people's deaths and a new illness every week. Bitch is a walking Debbie downer. Who is going to look back on this bullshit with fond memories? GTFO of here.
  2. Come on Mueller. Get this cunt already.
  3. Lol. She really was. I still say she was in a dark as hell place but she hid it very well from the public as she never wants to be seen as a victim.
  4. Lady Gaga thread

    I was a big fan at this time and looking forward to this performance and even I was let down by it thinking it was a sloppy mess. Her VMA performance of Paparazzi that is.
  5. Her last record was excellent. Played the hell out of it.
  6. Is this even getting a physical release? Can't find it anywhere. On Amazon only digital also.
  7. Janet Jackson thread

    Christ what a cheap as hell looking tour. You would expect a production like this from a brand new act with no money to back them up yet... Sorry I need to cleanse myself with a real show opener...
  8. Also hard to believe this is the same guy. Talk about aging horribly.
  9. I'm just stunned there is this part of Madonna's career life I knew nothing about.
  10. Are we even sure Madonna legit fucked him?
  11. I know she has her own thread, but I really wanted to get views on this outside of her thread that I don't think gets many views in general. First off let me say I love Pink. I have all her albums and by and large enjoyed each one. But here is the thing. She has been around for going on 14 years now. Released what? 6 or 7 albums plus a Greatest Hits. All of them being a big success except one of them. (Try This. Not many people did) She has had hit after hit. Her tours seem to do really well, yet with all of this success she is so not part of the discussion when talking about female pop stars of toady. Is it because her fan base is pretty much just casual fans and she doesn't have hardcore "stans" out there declaring her "THE QUEEN!" and saying how much she "SLAYS!!!"? She hasn't done anything that I would consider iconic in her career. Maybe that's the reason why? She just doesn't get the media and the general public talking? I am not saying this about Madonna because I worship her, but she has been around for over 30 years, but when talking about the artists out there half her age she still comes up in the discussion online and on other forums all the freakin time. But Pink? Hardly a blip. We seem to be entering a moment where female pop stars are having trouble selling albums. Katy Perry is doing well, but her album is not living up to her last or the hype. Mariah is DOA. Lady Gaga's downfall has been epic. Janet hasn't done anything worth a shit in 14 years. Avril's career is over. Rihanna seems to have had a string of flop songs. (Only has a hit now because she is featured on a track. What else is new) Same goes for Christina who's last two albums were mega bombs. Britney's new album is DOA, and her last album hardly did any business either. (Even MDNA outsold it globally) The list goes on and on.... Yet for the last decade Pink has released hit album after hit album which is a hard thing to accomplish, and its like no one cares. She is there, yet she is totally overlooked. Anyone else feel this way or see it differently?
  12. Good Lord she is going to be flying through the air again!?
  13. Lady Gaga thread

    Does she though? Most of it is paid smoke and mirrors to make her still seem relevant.
  14. Taylor Swift thread

    Weird how her album opened with pretty much the exact same sales as 1989. Highly doubt this album will have the same longevity though.
  15. Taylor Swift thread

    ERM, wasn't Shania Twain pretty much the first one that walked the line between country and pop? Taylor isn't doing country pop right now. She is doing straight up pop.
  16. Lady Gaga thread

    Now if Madonna did that it would have been a non stop 24/7 global scandal. Gaga does it? Zzzzzzzzzz zzzzzzzzzz
  17. I'm in the dark? When does this come out? Still pissed True Disaster wasn't a massive hit!!!! It deserved it.
  18. Lady Gaga thread

    Oh okay. That's good to know. Just shocking how the bulk of her #1s didn't happen until much later in her career. As for David Hasselhoff don't get me started on that. Lol And if I am not mistaken Celine cock blocked ROL the album and Frozen from #1 with Titanic.... Or was it someone else that blocked Frozen?
  19. Lady Gaga thread

    To comment on something in the last thread I am shocked. Madonna isn't big in Germany and only has 4 #1s? The bulk of them being later in her career? Have to say this shocks me.
  20. Lol I just watched this last night. Classic. And it's still there and I love it when it comes out.
  21. It's hard to believe anything he says though when he claims Madonna has implants which is total bullshit.
  22. I thought us gays were supposed to bring about the normalization of pedophilia according to Evangelicals? Turns out they are really the ones who don't give a shit if you are trying to get with children.