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  1. "I have worshipped and adored Tupac since I was -10 years old. I used to freestyle like crazy at the top of my stairs. I'm a New York City Italian girl but my inner west coast gangsta runs deep."
  2. Taylor looks like she smells like those farts you have when you have a nervous upset belly, and bulimia breath.
  3. Lol. Most men get hotter with age........Guy isn't one of them. He was so cute forever ago.
  4. Her movie is going to BOMB!!!! No Hollywood star quality. At all. Even a face full of fillers can't help.
  5. Lol. It just has a cool vibe. It's one of those songs though where the verses are stronger then the chorus.
  6. Such grace.
  7. Without a doubt. The record business is in such shit shape higher ups are too afraid to invest lots in new acts so they keep dripping every drop out of the likes of Gaga in hopes her past fame will return. It's not happening!
  8. I have to admit sometimes it takes me awhile to tune into songs but recently I have taken the time to listen to that James Dean song of hers when it comes on and it's a good pop song. There. Got that off my chest.
  9. Who the hell thought come can glasses would be a cool idea? So cool and edgy. Move over cone bra!
  10. She has been flopping since her mid 20s poor thing.
  11. We are such a cruel fucked up species.