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  1. Madonna’s Instagram

    The album is coming out the end of this year. Maybe September. That's my prediction.
  2. This place turned into such a lovely positive community when he was running the show. The Rebel Heart era was full of positivity on here. Now it's filled with petty negative nonsense over every little thing. I actually dread to see how bad it's going to get the more this album rolls out. Hard Candy era with nonstop bitching part 2.
  3. Madonna’s Instagram

    Ugh. Look at those feet leaking Juvederm. Her shoes must be soaked in it as she sweats it out. What an old hag.
  4. I'm sorry. But compared to this clip her mug looks a billion times better now.
  5. No she didn't. She looked awful.
  6. All this bitching about Madonna selling skincare and chilling with Kim K..... Let's bring back LibrarianDonna instead. That was a real treat........
  7. A time when the face was a hot puffy awkward looking mess? 2011 Oprah farewell.
  8. MJ fans found it in them to stick by him constantly looking like this.... Yet Madonna fans freak the fuck out over Madonna looking stunning at 60 because her cheeks are a bit puffy.....Even though we have seen her sporting WAY puffier pillow face on and off for a decade now..... If anyone has been critical of the pillow face look for almost a decade it's been me. I'll tell you when she looks puffy as fuck. This is not even close to being one of those times.
  9. Madonna’s Instagram

    Again. Madonna looks amazing.
  10. When is this interview hitting YouTube?
  11. She looks fucking stunning. It's obvious all you bitching about her looks at Barney's can't seem to comprehend the idea of bad lighting during some of the photos where she didn't look like a constant Goddess. Because you know. None of us look unflattering as hell in certain shots. No never.