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  1. Tarantino for Gang Bang video.
  2. If this is going to be a legit theatrical release I find it hard to believe they won't pay out to use Madonnas music.
  3. Should have been a single and Madonna wanted it to be one but wasn't she told it wasn't mainstream enough? Like who the fuck cares at this point. She should have been like radio isn't going to play my stuff no matter how mainstream it is so we are fucking releasing Falling Free! Gang Bang, Falling Free, Beautiful Killer should have been singles.
  4. And who can forget when Charo said Lady Gaga is Madonna with diarrhea. Lmao!
  5. Lmfao!!!!!!!!
  6. And that's another thing. She had the nerve to thank Whitney while wearing a reductive version of the cone bra and the blond ambition ponytail. Lmao. What a fraud.
  7. The best was when I was driving in the car with my mom and Born This Way came on and she goes, "Is she singing a Madonna song?" Lol
  8. When does her payola deal at radio end?
  9. It's frightening isn't it? Makes what Madonna was talking about and felt during her MDNA tour seem so prophetic. Also makes me respect the shit out of her soooooooo much more. Most stars like that would be prancing around the globe living in their own little bubble . Madonna is so tuned in to world events and what is going on. I remember that interview she did while promoting Rebel Heart in France I believe it was and most of the interview consisted of Madonna talking about politics and world events. What other female pop star could give an interview like that without sounding like a braindead fool?
  10. Christina doesn't even seem to try anymore. When the hell was her last album? It's kind of weird how Beyonce is looked at as so huge yet like was said I can't remember the last time she had an actual smash hit.
  11. They already did this biopic in the shitty ass made for TV movie where they portrayed Madonna as nothing but a cold hearted slut.
  12. Are you kidding me? Why does her record company keeping propping this turd up!!!!!? The song sucks elephant ass!
  13. I don't know one damn song in the top 10. Music is at it's lowest point since crap rap was ruling the airwaves years ago. I mentioned how at work some days they will turn on top 40 on Spotify and I am like Christ music sucks right now! It all sounds the same. Like dull lifeless air with no catchy choruses or melodies. Music was good again for a second from around 2009ish to 2012ish? I could turn on top 40 and blast alot of good jams.
  14. Still can't believe this disgrace is our President.
  15. This is scary shit.