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  1. And I hate to say it but human nature says that most teachers who are armed are not going to go storming out of a classroom to look for and shoot down the killer. Most will shut their door, tell the kids to get down, as they hide behind their desk aiming their gun at the closed classroom door waiting in fear hoping the killer happens to pass by so he or she can get a shot off. Meanwhile everyone else is still being slaughtered.
  2. Was it talked about yet that there was an armed guard at the time of the shooting at the school and he froze scared shitless and did NOTHING! I can't at people thinking arming teachers is a good idea. Most of these mass killers know by and large that they are going on pretty much a suicide mission (aside from this rare instance where the guy lived) but do they really think knowing there might be an armed Math teacher is really going to make them give a shit?
  3. If Freddie Highmore and Nick Carter had a baby, it would look like Troye Sivan.
  4. He looks like the kind of guy that wouldnt even bother trying to be as clean as possible, and would let a guy pound his twinky hole knowing full well he has a massive food baby in the chamber ready to be birthed. My my my indeed.
  5. "Those atomic bombs we dropped on Japan didn't kill those countless people. It was the person who hit the button that did it. Derp!". Such stupid logic.
  6. Ugh. That time Madonna said, "Guns don't kill people, people kill people" in defense of the violence in her MDNA tour was one of the most cringe moments I ever had with her. Lol. I blame it on a left over brain fart from the Guy Ritchie years who no doubt probably spewed that crap.
  7. The stage presence of a wet noodle.
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