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  1. Roger Friedman Strikes Again

    Okay him and I can agree on Twin Peaks. Lol. Made it to episode 12 of the series and was like I can't do this. I literally can not take watching this anymore. Its torture at this point. So I traded it in at a store. First time I ever did that with a show I bought.
  2. Madonna Instagram Thread

    Wait. Did Madonna have David's father come visit? If anything she kept her word. She said he would still be able to see his dad during the adoption process.
  3. Madonna Instagram Thread

    I think it's pretty obvious Madonna and Lola are extremely close.
  4. Gaga started this with the bullshit email story and then got so ASS hurt that everyone was calling her out about ripping Madonna she had the fucking nerve to get up on stage while wearing a REDUCTIVE version of Madonna's Blond Ambition ponytail and some chest plate looking like a cone bra thanking Whitney Houston. In that moment I was like is this bitch crazy?
  5. Madonna Instagram Thread

    This gives me so much life. Lol. I love it! Have said it before but it warms me seeing how much he adores his mom.
  6. I just love that it's close to 5 years later and the word REDUCTIVE remains more iconic and relevant than anything Gaga has done since. One word! One word in a fleeting moment said by Madonna still makes waves 5 years later! Lmao.
  7. Mariah Carey/KFC thread

    The last part I've seen as being labeled as shade toward Madonna but I never got why? Am I missing something? On the flip side what a sloppy pig mess. Thank the universe for Madonna always having her head on straight when most people in this business are messes!
  8. Lmao!!!!! Is there a way to share Instagram posts to Facebook ?
  9. Killer songs Madonna sat on

    I don't know why when she wanted to release it as a single didn't she?
  10. Roger Friedman Strikes Again

    Did anyone expect a live album to sell well in this day and age? Especially when no store is even carrying the damn thing?
  11. Her face is so botoxed and stuffed with filler it doesn't move. Even Madonna's cheeks on a good day would say damn, ease up girl.
  12. I do have to say though. Putting things back on their movie/cd racks is a pain in the ass so I can relate to feeling like an idiot as shit goes flying cause the fucking racks won't push back to let the returning product be placed! Lol