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  1. But I thought she was bisexual. *rolls eyes*
  2. It's incredible. He doesn't care and his supporters don't care. We are in a scary time when truth can stare a segment of the population right in the face and they give two shits. Frightening .
  3. Trump is the Lady Gaga of politics. Pathological liar. Grandiose histrionics all day everyday but when it comes time to actually perform he BOMBS! And his followers are a cult just like Monsters.
  4. BEST most amazing EPIC tour of her career. Album gave me 3 of my favorite Madonna songs of all time. Gang Bang Beautiful Killer Falling Free
  5. Trump actually said that he never said he would repeal and replace Obamacare. This man is a pathologically lying lunatic!!!!!!! In any case.....
  6. This President is such a failure. They said Trump is over the healthcare thing and wants to move onto something else. The man who said he was going to win so much as President. The master negotiator who could get things done. LMFAO! "Nobody knows Healthcare more than me. Nobody. Believe me!" - Donald J. Trump
  7. The delusion is real. No one gave a shit about this flop song and Gaga pimped it out every chance she got.
  8. I'm glad it wasn't. There was something special about being glued to MTV watching videos and then having one of your favorites come on be it Madonna or someone else and you would lose your shit and crank the volume up.
  9. Putin can suck my man cunt after I take a taco shit.
  10. There you go. Lol Total brain fart and too lazy to Google. Lol
  11. It's just a simple matter of respect when meeting heads of state no matter how much you disagree with them on things.