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  1. I am still in awe that millions thought electing this obvious psycho was a good idea. What is WRONG with people!!!!!??? The level of stupidity out there is astounding.
  2. I'm not getting into this Jill Stein thing but I always felt she was a creep.
  3. Trump supporters are a literal cult at this point.
  4. Well when the hell is radio finally going to stop giving her the shaft then? On the other hand I don't think she really cares.
  5. There are just too many uninformed morons in this country that Republicans will probably still win the upcoming mid terms. With Obama America at least ended on a high note. It's all downhill from here . Honestly I don't even care if this country slips off the stage as a world power. We deserve it honestly for being such smug prideful assholes in our ignorant stupidity. This country didn't deserve someone like Obama.
  6. Is Trump dead yet?
  7. Madonna is still standing and their Mother Monster is a has been who only remind a big name for 4 years.
  8. Video for John Wayne which was looking to be a single I think but after Million Reasons gained some steam after Superbowl they totally dropped it in favor of repushing that.
  9. That's where the tarps are going to go to cover the empty seats.
  10. I hope reports coming out that the Senate Bill is dead are true.
  11. When you see embarrassing shit like this it really hits home how we indeed worship the best.
  12. Almost 2 decades in this business starting in 1998 and she only has 11 top 10 hits in America......Madonna in the same amount of time has 9 and the bitch was already 15 years in and hitting middle age.
  13. Shocked looking back that Sober peaked at #15 here. Feels like a much bigger hit. Still gets tons of recurrent airplay.