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  1. Because it just starts to feel like a schtick and self parody after awhile.
  2. Was bored of the performance a minute in and clicked out.
  3. Madonna Instagram Thread

    Didn't some no talent hack just re re redo that Elvis song? Can swear I heard another cover on the radio recently. Madonna's voice is perfect for it.
  4. Lady Gaga thread

    This is why she will have no lasting legacy. People look back with Madonna and they remember times of celebration and joy. With Gaga it's all pity party central.and dark depressing shit always attaching herself to people's deaths and a new illness every week. Bitch is a walking Debbie downer. Who is going to look back on this bullshit with fond memories? GTFO of here.
  5. Come on Mueller. Get this cunt already.
  6. Lol. She really was. I still say she was in a dark as hell place but she hid it very well from the public as she never wants to be seen as a victim.
  7. Lady Gaga thread

    I was a big fan at this time and looking forward to this performance and even I was let down by it thinking it was a sloppy mess. Her VMA performance of Paparazzi that is.
  8. Her last record was excellent. Played the hell out of it.