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  1. well she flashes out the cross of evil I guess
  2. Oh I did totally believe the article was real myself, and like others commented on we did hear these reborn christian again priest praising him as the new "man sent from god" previously - only realized that the photo was clearly not (it is my favourite spot of Paris which I have been at so many times that I just know it, when I see it)
  3. it is though from a satire site, although I could have seen it being real myself.
  4. I have not doubt, that they manufactured a stain glass window, I just doubt they managed to have one, which looks remotely like the one in the picture posted. I am pretty sure that is rather a doctored photo of an actually fantastic looking chapel - instead of the real thing they did.
  5. I doubt that is in fact the chapel - it looks pretty much photo-shopped to me.
  6. unless the actually cloned Sainte Chapelle - i would call it a fake photoshopped window (it is in fact the whole front of Saint Chapelle in Paris, with the Rosetta window removed. So whatever they did - I doubt it does indeed look like that
  7. I had always visited Notre Dame when i went to Paris - and planned to do so this week again, when visiting Paris. Absolutely devastating. I just hope something new will come out of it, when they will rebuilt. I just hope the original facade will make it through.
  8. It's refreshing if people would really get to their senses. I just hope it also works out that way in the US.
  9. It seems to happen quite frequently lately. Wasn't Julia Gillard forced out too (after she forced out her predecessor before - who was the one to take office again after her).
  10. and just listen to his speech - seems his supporters even don't KNOW what the Russia thing is about, and neither did his side ACTUALLY win by millions of votes - they won by quite a bit in the electoral college. But I doubt a huge fraction of his supporters either knows or actually cares, but we know he produces lies about everything, so why should I be surprised.
  11. at least German news report - that this is FAKE. The council is made up of 39 women, these men on the photo are the guests of honour for the first meeting (not that the situation of women in Saudi-Arabia should urgently be improved). They claim this photo and news attached to it originate from Syria.
  12. well he decided it was HIS party though only in 2015, so it is not really that suprising that they didn't support him with flying colors once he "graced" them with his presence. And I know many people who actually liked Clinton more - those do exist. Needless to say that some of his butthurt supporters rather decided not to vote out of the "evilness" of the party. In some states the difference was only of the order of 10 000s, though these few votes might have been crucial as well.
  13. If we talk about Sweden they have the toughest harassment laws - someone who absolutely adores Putin and Trump sitting in the Ecuadorian embassy in London might be able to tell you something about it
  14. I am sure many people in Eastern Europe and Le Pen and our very own right wing parties are ready to applaud him even more.
  15. military bases can exist in foreign countries without occupying them. It actually might have worked out to keep it in that place without having soldiers "on holidays" appearing there. Viktor Yushchenko didn't expell Russian troops either, although they initially supported the actual voter fraud of Yanukovych in 2004
  16. https://www.ft.com/content/e33022f6-1b33-3539-9f38-d47cfafd2b43
  17. and now his advisors are coming for Germany - how pleasant to see.
  18. she doesn't explain anything - she says it makes it more expensive but that is just an "alternative fact", as many other things she just simplifies. If you compare how expensive things are now compared to when the euro was introduced, that is for sure true, but that is simply inflation, and let's not forget wages usually rise as well. The french franc was not really famous for its stability either. And one of the reasons she wants out of the EU is, that she doesn't accept certain rules set up by others and wants to have a "France first" policy. She also sits in the european parliament (or act
  19. As far as I know every president used numerous executive orders to get his points across. At least based on pure numbers Obama issued even less executive orders than his predecessors. It isn't completely unprecedented and unheard off in US politics.
  20. I actually don't know about that - but I definitely know already, who I for sure won't vote for
  21. if both of you are worried about the "unpatriotic" chancellor we have at the moment - who would you personally suggest to elect instead.
  22. maybe it is a german centric perspective I have, but I personally think it is nice to wave flags if a national team won, or on national holidays or such (which I do myself), but just for a party celebration I honestly think it is not the right time to do that. I guess it i just a result of all the years, when we learn from young age what our nation did as bad stuff. Thus sometimes pure bride for your nation just based on the lucky circumstance to be born here isn't the right thing to do. And at that particular moment of the gif, when she was standing there, these men around her sang a son
  23. she just thought it is ridiculous to just wave a flag for celebrations of her party winning - which I think is totally true and yeah there are morons using ANYTHING they can to throw shit against her - to get there right wing agenda through - something most Germans luckily know filed big time already some years go - but oh well ...
  24. I know many people who supported Hillary since they thought her plans are more realistic to get through congress, in case she would have been elected (it was pretty much clear the house wouldn't flip). I assume Bernie wouldn't have been better off with a House lead by republicans with his plans. Now, we won't know what would have happened in terms of protests, if Clinton would have won over Trump - but with his rethoric of maybe not accepting the result of the elections in case he would lose (which Clinton has done a few hours after it was clear she lost, and her campaign admitted right away s
  25. well anyways flash should *ALWAYS* be banned - and there are often people who ignore it - and then claim - they did too - which isn't true. I was once called out as one moron took a photo with flash and accused me of doing the same, so he would yell at me and he could sneak out. I have an SLR for god's sake - and it is pretty obvious i didn't when there is a glass in front of the painting (MORONS)
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