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  1. Kim Wilde Is Back...!

    and who can forget about that gem
  2. Rihanna - "ANTI."

  3. Song vs Song [Part 2]

    Secret vs Till Death Do Us Part
  4. 1. Erotica vs. Drowned World/Substitute for Love 2. Fever vs. Swim 3. Bye Bye Baby vs. Ray of Light 4. Deeper and Deeper vs. Candy Perfume Girl 5. Where Life Begins vs. Skin 6. Bad Girl vs. Nothing Really Matters 7. Waiting vs. Sky Fits Heaven 8. Thief of Hearts vs. Shanti/Ashtangi 9. Words vs. Frozen 10. Rain vs. The Power of Good-Bye 11. Why's It So Hard vs. To Have and Not to Hold 12. In This Life vs. Little Star 13. Did You Do It? vs. Mer Girl 14. Secret Garden vs. Has to Be
  5. Song vs Song [Part 2]

    Frozen vs In This Life
  6. Song vs Song [Part 2]

    Express Yourself vs Vogue
  7. Madonna at soccer game in Portugal

    i do know it is rubbish - trust me, but still they obviously sell stuff by putting her on the front page (well losing a match is not a good selling point otherwise I guess). Just like the other big 4 letter german speaking newspaper starting with B
  8. it doesn't only happen to Madonna. I have real hardcore fellow Madonna fans at work and in my friends circle, so everybody knows even what version she played at concerts, which stage probs were used on previous tours and we all happened to go to her last tours (different cities though). But when i went to a Rolling Stones concert last months, some also commented on "are they still alive", "didn't they stop touring 20 years ago" and stuff like that (when they had a tour almost every year in the past 20 years and released an album last year as well, though only covers).
  9. Madonna at soccer game in Portugal

    she is front page news on Switzerland's most read newspaper too (well a pretty shitty gossipy one) "Why is the pop icon a Portugal fan" Madonna is happy about Nati's own goal
  10. Trump / US politics thread 🚽

    and just listen to his speech - seems his supporters even don't KNOW what the Russia thing is about, and neither did his side ACTUALLY win by millions of votes - they won by quite a bit in the electoral college. But I doubt a huge fraction of his supporters either knows or actually cares, but we know he produces lies about everything, so why should I be surprised.
  11. Madonna in Lisbon, Portugal

    and the beaches are nice too - and the cliffs by Estoril :-)
  12. Lady Gaga thread

    and about nobody heard this song. Is she even for real - the movie was so much more successful - and a song which goes to No 1 in the UK and charted high in europe is obviously unkown (not that it actually was that amazing). OK in the US it stalled at 71. Still higher than a no 95 song - which clearly EVERYBODY loved and heard off it seems in her own world - and in europe NOBODY CARED (but I forgot it is the US where it's all at, and let's forget about the insignificant rest of the world)
  13. at least German news report - that this is FAKE. The council is made up of 39 women, these men on the photo are the guests of honour for the first meeting (not that the situation of women in Saudi-Arabia should urgently be improved). They claim this photo and news attached to it originate from Syria.