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  1. unconscious

    Trump / US politics thread 🚽

    Kathy Griffin did it right! He, who is constantly pointing the middle finger to the whole world deserves to be treated like this. Sorry, no regrets. I really wonder if he will stay in Berlin for the G20 summit. We will give him hell.
  2. unconscious

    Your top 5 Rebel Heart tracks

    Inside out Rebel Heart (Demo) Wash all over me Devil pray Ghosttown
  3. unconscious

    Madonna On Grindr, Contest!

    please tell me it's fake!
  4. sitting behind katy. and lol at gaga & tony placed next to kanye & kim.
  5. oh, she's doin a smooth criminal in it. nice!
  6. this means what? Rebel Heart won't be a single? gotta be kiddin' me..
  7. it completely ruined the song for me. so please not that much of reworking for the other songs..
  8. wishlist: 2nd / april: rebel heart 3rd / june: unapologetic bitch 4th / september: devil pray 5th / november: wash all over me 6th / january: ghosttown will never happen, though...
  9. so we get a teaser for Star Wars VII and a snippet of a new Madonna song in one day?! what a geek-tastic thing to happen. and both look/sound great!
  10. the orchestra in the background is the same one as in her instagram video a few days ago. and anyone got more photoshop skills than me and can reveal the words on the second page? i only can identify a few ones..
  11. You are confusing Around the world with One more Time i guess. Daft Punk were very popular back in 1997/1998
  12. unconscious

    MDNA Press Reviews

    all reviews in Germany have been very bad. i am really surprised about this, because Germany showed some major LUV for her in the past decade (contrary to the 80ies or 90ies). anyone from there knows what happened?
  13. 1. ROL 2. LAP 3. COADF 4. MUSIC 5. MDNA (maybe..) 6. AL 7. TB 8. E 9. M 10. LAV 11. BS 12. HC
  14. unconscious

    Masterpiece - Yes Please

    so is there going to be a full orchestrated version? doesn#t look like but i remember a short snippet, that sounded differently.