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  1. not my cup of tea but i am happy for her. hope it will do fine.
  2. Kathy Griffin did it right! He, who is constantly pointing the middle finger to the whole world deserves to be treated like this. Sorry, no regrets. I really wonder if he will stay in Berlin for the G20 summit. We will give him hell.
  3. Inside out Rebel Heart (Demo) Wash all over me Devil pray Ghosttown
  4. 1. Like a prayer 2. Frozen 3. Hung up 4. Music 5. Into the groove 6. Easy Ride 7. Love Spent 8. Wash all over me 9. Devil pray 10. Nothing Fails 11. Rebel Heart 12. La isla bonita 13. Live to tell 14. You'll see 15. Vogue 16. Justify my love 17. I'm addicted 18. Power of goodbye 19. Express Yourself 20. Open your heart 21. Paradise 22. Impressive instant 23. Ghosttown 24. Ray of light 25. Secret
  5. sitting behind katy. and lol at gaga & tony placed next to kanye & kim.
  6. it completely ruined the song for me. so please not that much of reworking for the other songs..
  7. wishlist: 2nd / april: rebel heart 3rd / june: unapologetic bitch 4th / september: devil pray 5th / november: wash all over me 6th / january: ghosttown will never happen, though...
  8. 1 love spent 2 i'm addicted 3 masterpiece 4 gang bang 5 beautiful killer
  9. so we get a teaser for Star Wars VII and a snippet of a new Madonna song in one day?! what a geek-tastic thing to happen. and both look/sound great!
  10. no pop princess or gaga would dare to do something like this. it's the summit of self-confidence and that's why i will always pay respect to this woman.
  11. 1. ray of light 2. like a prayer 3. confessions 4. music 5. true blue 6. american life 7. mdna 8. erotica 9. madonna 11. like a virgin 12. bedtime stories 13. hard candy
  12. hung up ema 2005. after all these years she was *destroying* everyone.
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