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  1. Love how the hypocrisy of some people are exposed in threads like this.
  2. I love the song but this video aint doing it for me.
  3. God Control. It builds to a great climax. I Don't Search I Find is like sex with someone and it's taking so long to climax.
  4. QueenDonna should just embrace her WorldMusicness 100% and make this a SINGLE!
  5. This is currently on repeat so much. I dance in the house
  6. Finally, after MDNA and RH, I can listen to an ALBUM.
  7. My prediction of WorldMusicDonna after RH came true. this one with a modern twist
  8. We’ve never had this bizarre song since IMPRESSIVE INSTANT. Loving it!
  9. That video thumbnail should be the single cover. Or poster for her tour.
  10. Yup. I was underwhelmed with the Future performance. But I enjoyed seeing her on stage.
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