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  1. Get Right is so underrated.
  2. I understand the record company aint shilling no more budget for her around that time of the KMO era but goodness, what happened to creativity?
  3. Love this. Made me cry a few times for personal reasons of course.
  4. How many groups of fanbases has she tried to jack and failed to connect with? 1. the gays with taste 2. the One Direction fans 3. the jazz crowd 4. the metal/heavy rock crowd 5. the TV/horror show crowd 6. the straight males 7. the country crowd 8. now the soccer moms She's like an American Idol reject who keeps auditioning every season.
  5. True Considering the Tina Knowles fashion is trash, no wonder...
  6. Anyway, can't wait for the next album. My money is ready Taytay.
  7. Yaaaaasss! I am loving it. Loving this direction my Princess is going to I aint worrying about the deep songs because that always happen with her. She releases the more radio-friendly, dancey tracks first while saving the tearjerkers and deep songs as the album tracks.
  8. Don't doubt the Princess. She will deliver and slay!
  9. Lady GaGa is a pungent, hairy asshole with feces balls. I don't particularly loathe any musician except for her.
  10. I'm down for a leaked Chainsmoker sex tape. One of them is cute.
  11. What a manipulative, greedy, lying, and self-serving imbecile.
  12. It's hard to tell one song from the other (most of what's in the charts) anymore, or I maybe wrong. so yeah, dire.