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  1. Like LegendTine told her, "She deserves everything she gets." Good that she was snubbed. What an asshole.
  2. Shoo Be Doo and Jimmy Jimmy are my favorite and they are underrated.
  3. I think her music career is done for good.
  4. So TIHTY still has a career?
  5. Happy birthday MDNA!!! This album came to me during the heartbreak that altered the course of my life for good. So it'll always have a special place in my heart. Gang Bang, I Don't Give A, GGW, Masterpiece were songs that served like friends And of course, it has my #1 Madonna song ever = SUPERSTAR
  6. She MUST sing this in the next tour. I wouldn't mind it as the finale.
  7. Appreciate this avantgarde song before Queen made American Life.
  8. I already knew to fear MJ and Madonna's names even when we didn't have MTV in our country yet when I was a young child. And I live in the freaking Philippines, miles away from the US.
  9. Love LOVE!
  10. Love it will all my heart.
  11. The day this saggy-girl gets exposed for having no clothes will be a glorious day. I'll store lots of
  12. Why does she insist on showing the world parts of her pancakes? The sight of them infuriates me. Keep them away gurl. Nobody, and I mean NOBODY, wants to see them. Me to the people who work with her: serves you right for choosing to work with this fraud. Lady Sagga has the reverse Midas touch. Everything she touches turns to shit. They should've known better.