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  1. So true. She hardly smiles because deep down she's an insecure twat who knows everything about her career is fake. Such a joyless slob.
  2. She has only one era in her career - the Shit era.
  3. All those plastic surgeries and still ugly?
  4. Never doubt the Princess of Pop! Swish Swish will slay.
  5. It seems. They can always do a Dark Horse with SS (promo first then after a few months becomes an official single).
  6. yaaaaass Princess! I love this.
  7. This
  8. Blame the internet. It ruined a lot
  9. A rod is smoking
  10. Katy's a Madonna fan. Dont think she's that gutted with the performance of Witness. She knows it is like this in the industry so I wouldnt assume she'll automatically return to her poppypop sound for the next album.
  11. Her MONGSTERS are so obsessed with awards she cant even sell put a tour
  12. Iconic? Colonic maybe. Blame the coffee enemas.