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  1. LIB in Britney's Love 2 Love U

    Dontchu love it?
  2. Favorite M songs produced by Martin Solveig?

    BK is booooring!
  3. Katy Perry thread

    Didnt imagine id see the day you become some kind of fan for Katy
  4. Favorite M songs produced by Martin Solveig?

    All of them are good except Boring Killer.
  5. LOVE IT! From the first time I heard it to now until the day I die. hey Britney! Comeoverhereigotsomethingtoshowya
  6. Her songs may not be your cup of tea but she’s written good and relatable songsssss over her career. That alone can give an artist long time fans. See Gaga with her rarara bullshit. One song the crowd goes crazy, the next they’ve had enough. Where is the substance?
  7. It depends. For a time I stayed off, Twitter. My friends stopped using it. Then lately I'm back. I found new people with same interests. It can still be fun. Not everyone there is all about politics. All depends on who you follow.
  8. LIB in Britney's Love 2 Love U

    No confirmed era but suspected it's from IN THE ZONE. http://www.idolator.com/6098882/britney-spears-samples-madonna-love-2-love-u
  9. Okay, so I just heard this today for the first time!
  10. Taylor Swift thread

    It feels like she sold out with LOOK. I'm still waiting for the rest of the album though.
  11. Taylor Swift thread