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  1. Be kind to Taytay, it took her a year lf rehearsal tp nail that
  2. What happened to Spotlight?

    My baby's fly like a jet streamHigh above the whole sceneLoves me like I'm brand new
  3. Beyoncé Thread

    Love the album Bday except for Resentment. How dare she cover a VICTORIA BECKHAM song!
  4. What happened to Spotlight?

    I love Spotlight!
  5. What happened to Spotlight?

    He is handsome and hot
  6. Relax Jan. We like Taylor’s music but we know there’s only one Madonna. Our enjoyment of other pop princesses does not diminish Madonna’s entire career and achievements.
  7. Beyoncé Thread

  8. All I Want For Christmas is KFC

    I'm on the first page for "Mariah Carey KFC" google search
  9. That was totally paid for. She doesn't deserve to be there.
  10. All I Want For Christmas is KFC

    That's my Mimi!
  11. Tracklisting: I am a Beast Within Nogue Nobody Currs About Me Except My Mongsters Manufactured Life Mongsterwood Die Another Day With a New Disease Lamenting My Flopping Career Like a Copycat Mother and Father and Aunt and Best Friend and My Best Friend's Best Friend and My Best Friend's Best Friend's Best Friend Terry Richardson/Into the Born Brave Bus Shit Music Hotel I Love My Rich Apartment Paid by My Dad in New York (Demo Version)