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  1. Did they make it that size anticipating her customary touring weight gain? Some more ME v. YOU material
  2. "Don't you crave a bacon cheeseburger every now and again?" "No, I don't. No."
  3. Laurieann has opened up about the whole situation and the Monsters are losing their minds 21:00
  4. It's like a surreal alternate universe.
  5. "I'm asking the doormen to let you in so you can see if he's still there." Afraid of Perez Hilton but willing to let Twitter randos into her apartment building after they just happened to be stalking her outside. Afraid of Perez Hilton (and making it sound like she thinks he'll kill her) yet orchestrating a confrontation with him for people who safely aren't her. Accusing Perez Hilton of psychotic texts and then eventually trying to block her own texts from being entered into various court cases based on her lies and scams. The list goes on
  6. Their scores are done via committee and then they choose a writer whose personal view is closest to the consensus for a particular album.
  7. Are Nazis bad? -Yes -No Would you join the Klan? -I would join the Klan -I would not join the Klan Should discrimination be legal? -I think so -I would not prefer that
  8. Taylor Swift thread 🐍

    She's going to start singing sexual material to show that she has "reclaimed" her body and so on. That's also why she got the tit job last year before doing a song for Fifty Shades. All planned well in advance.
  9. If I'm recalling correctly that group was once asked in an interview if they preferred Madonna or Kylie, and all of them said Kylie but one.
  10. He was forced to condemn white supremacists against his will so he needed to quickly think of a gift for his racist voters as an apology, and to let them know he's still on their side
  11. She's trying to make out like there's some personal concept or story behind the song Come to Mama even though Father John Misty revealed that she just bought his track Cum to Mama and changed virtually nothing by posting his own demo (which her people made him take down).
  12. Already over it and cutting down the setlist? She needs that artificial insemination, to bring about the Joancellation.
  13. Her last top 3 hit was in May 2011.