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  1. On Madonna's birthday
  2. Lady Hearse Chaser
  3. So punk rock.
  4. She's trying it with this Bitch I'm Madonna look
  5. Because Paglia doesn't want to be a woman "I'm very troubled by Chastity Bono's announcement which is going to mainstream, obviously, the issue of transgender. I mean, Chastity Bono has many many issues in her life, and to think that this is the answer, I mean, everybody can see that this is not, this is not the reason Chastity Bono has been unhappy her whole life. And now, at the age of 40, to make this transition, to mutilate the body, in effect, I'm concerned about it because when I was young I was convinced I was the wrong sex. If these things were in the air, I could see myself going down that road." -Camille Paglia
  6. Now discounted in the UK
  7. Dropped from #1 on US iTunes and now falling at an accelerated rate, Monsters need to up their craigslist blow jobs for sales game.
  8. Handel's Michele Bachman-esque persona isn't really incompatible with Trumpist fervor for the same reasons that he's the most popular politician among evangelical America in decades (or that his "anti-establishment" fans don't care how much he congeals to generic Republican politics, for that matter). Perhaps if he had endorsed a specific candidate other than her things would have shifted overall, but in his general "get out and stop the Democrats from stealing this seat" message, it's pretty easy to see why she might reap the benefit of that enthusiasm boost given her party hack power-base in the party machinery of the Georgia Republicans after her past electoral attempts. She's also spent today talking about her hopes that he'll campaign alongside her in the district, so they'll be completely on the same page now. Democratic votes combining to 49% of the vote for a seat that Tom Price won by 61.7% to his Democratic opponent's 38.3% in 2016 is still a notable shift. While the fever-pitch Democratic enthusiasm isn't likely to abate in the next few months (could even intensify), and it shouldn't be a problem for Ossoff to get the <1% from the other Democratic candidates, it remains to be seen whether Handel can completely consolidate the Republican vote from her 19.8% starting point, whether there may be some weak spot to be exploited where Republican turnout could be depressed by June. The aftershocks of the ongoing Trump presidency could even change the whole nature of things by June 20th. There will be lots of fearmongering to come about noted dangerous ISIS caliph Ossoff no matter what happens