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  1. Notable Pythian Knights Hugo Black, U.S. Supreme Court Justice William Jennings Bryan - U.S. Senator from Nebraska Benjamin Cardozo U.S. Supreme Court Justice Warren G. Harding - U.S. President Hubert Horatio Humphrey - U.S. Vice President Richard Irvine Manning III - Businessman & Politician William McKinley - U.S. President Nelson A. Rockefeller - U.S. Vice President Joe Rollins - Houston, Texas, lawyer Franklin D. Roosevelt - U.S. President Sun Ra - jazz musician, composer & band leader Lew Wallace - general, author, diplomat Charles Schumer- U.S. Senator Robert Byrd- U.S. Senator Anthony Weiner- U.S. Congressman Peter T. King- U.S. Congressman Freddie Martin - Band Leader (Springfield, Ohio) President Abraham Lincoln had applied to be a member but was not able to be initiated because of his assassination.
  2. Paragraph following that one: Her parents not only encouraged their daughter’s ambition, but were so actively involved in her burgeoning career that they seem to be among the first generation of “helicopter parents.” The term was introduced in 1990, and refers to parents who are overly invested, very protective. Joe would use his business connections to get his teenage daughter auditions with executives in the music industry; her mom, Cynthia, would escort young Stefani to nightclubs, beseeching them to allow her underage daughter to perform; they’d carry her gear, call upon extended family to show up for gigs. They knew she had a shot, was very gifted, though the self-generated myth that she’d learned to play the piano at age four—by ear—is another fabrication, as she told one of the very first people to interview her. (That person wishes to go unnamed.)
  3. At the same time, her father had asked Joe Vulpis, a producer and engineer who’d worked with Lindsay Lohan, if he’d do his daughter’s first demo, which was part of her audition to get into NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts—her childhood dream. The two men were friends who’d met through their membership in an Italian-American organization in Manhattan: “It’s a private club, like a country club–type place,” Vulpis says. “Giuliani’s a member. It’s real high-class.” Easy to get them to overlook such things with connections like those.
  4. Missing her MAGA hat.
  5. She's trying to give that Andre a heart attack so she can get two for the price of one in the griefstakes.
  6. Given that the photo seems to have been deleted, that appears to be a yes. Unless there's some error going on with the host site.