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  1. The rats are jumping ship
  2. Dealing in stolen property is an entirely separate crime from the theft of said property, even if Darlene could weasel out of the consequences of this FELONY theft (which, by the parameters of her own auction placing certain values upon the items in question, it would be), she's still committing a fresh new crime. Madonna's lawyers will go to town on this CRIMINAL SYNDICATE
  3. Maybe she did too many drugs with her pal Christopher and forgot all about this particular bit of grift amidst her other schemes to defraud Madonna, as detailed above. With two separate cons already exposed, there will certainly have been more.
  4. Of course it just so happened to be a box full of precious personal memorabilia that "ended up" in Darlene's stash, instead of a box full of Tupperware or curtains. Funny how that worked out.
  5. The real mother is probably some indentured servant from Eastern Europe.
  6. 12 AUGUST 2010 No Bowie Gaga Collaboration Rumours and lies and stories they made up...Part 461 When this tall story first surfaced a few days ago it was denied as a hoax in an update to the same article and we thought that would be the end of it. I guess some folk see what they want to see though and now the rumour that David Bowie has been working with Lady Gaga seems to have taken off. The hoax was started by some bright spark or other with the above forgery. We've highlighted the supposed Bowie contributions. However, in a nutshell, the suggestion that David Bowie is producing and participating in the production of Lady Gaga's next album is untrue and a hoax. In Grace Jones's book she said that she was pestered relentlessly by this creature for a collaboration, it was probably the same for Bowie back then, both of them having to turn her down over and over again.
  7. That'll be some court hearing. "Madonna gave me those panties, I swear!"
  8. An hour of her time worth $10,000, still in coach
  9. Christina Aguilera's Back to basic
  10. He probably asked her to make him the baby's godfather and she refused.
  11. A sneak peek of her next album launch strategy