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  1. Yeah, right. As if Pootin will stop at that.
  2. CRAVE (one of her best collaborations and one of her best songs in general) COME ALIVE CRAZY (unpopular opinion around here, it seems, but it's my least favourite song on the album; I tend to skip it every time I listen to MX)
  3. Those photos made me cry I'm so sorry for all the animals and the people that have lost their lives and for those fighting to survive these fires. Really tragic.
  4. 1. Crave 2. Faz Gostoso 3. Batuka 4. I Don't Search I Find 5. Future 6. God Control 7. Dark Ballet 8. Extreme Occident 9. Killers Who Are Partying 10. I Rise 11. Bitch I'm Loca 12. Back That Up To The Beat 13. Ciao Bella 14. Looking For Mercy 15-18. Come Alive/Crazy/Medellin/Funana (I listen to these the least)
  5. Really cool photo!! (I still hate how her name is stamped across her forehead on the LP cover)
  6. Love both, but I'll choose Faz Gostoso. BIL had to grow on me. (plus, the title ain't that great)
  7. Too late for that, unfortunately. The only reason I can think of for not yet promoting FG is that maybe...she's waiting for the Southern Hemisphere summer?...
  8. ^ A grower indeed! I used to skip it at first. Now I really dig this song. It's fun.
  9. Oh, wow!!! I really like this. Beautifully shot My favourite video this era.
  10. Sometimes I feel... PUSHED Ok, that part is kind of amazing.
  11. But I am all of those things AND I love Faz Gostoso...
  12. Crave Faz Gostoso Batuka I Don't Search I Find Future
  13. To be honest, at first I rolled my eyes at the title of the song, I thought it was too much. But the song itself is better than the title. I kinda like it. I've been listening to it this past week more than the other songs on the album.
  14. One of her best songs!! Somehow it reminds me of ROL (the album).
  15. So the women in the 3 pictures hanging on the wall are Frida Kahlo and........
  16. I thought Madonna didn't play it safe... I'm thinking she has a crush on the Maluma guy or maybe she values her collaboration with him so much that she wanted the world to see/hear that thing first. Or maybe he was really hard to get and she had to release Medellin as a single or something. Or they didn't want a cover to be the lead single. But Medellin is so flat and dull compared to FG... I take some comfort in the fact that it kinda backfired - didn't even reach no. 1 in Colombia ( ) or any other country in South America. So much for Maluma providing M huge streaming numbers in the Latin market. Anyway, looking forward to the hawtness of the Faz Gostoso music video Come, baby, come, go, baby, go
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