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  1. Those photos made me cry I'm so sorry for all the animals and the people that have lost their lives and for those fighting to survive these fires. Really tragic.
  2. I have to say though, her S&ST hair looks much better on her now than it did back in 2008. Nice!
  3. Hmmm, interesting way of putting it... LOL, this!! I don't want to overplay it and then not feel anything when I hear it again.
  4. Love this song so much!!!!!.... No doubt, the best song on RH (so far).
  5. 1. Devil Pray(s) 2. Illuminati 3. Bitch I'm Madonna 4. Unapologetic Bitch 5. Living For Love 6. Ghosttown My fav (and the best) song is Devil Pray. Don't really care which songs are released as singles, so I'll go with LFL - people here seem to really like it and it sounds like a song non-fans might actually like too. Of all 6 I think it has the broadest appeal and the best chance of becoming a hit.
  6. I would have liked it better if there was no title on it (a la True Blue) but even so, beautiful album cover. Easily one of her best.
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