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  1. Savage Garden - To the Moon and back
  2. This is not that bad...? We usually send some of the worst/cringeworthy songs, but this one is, imo, pretty good. I'm actually surprised. That being said, I wish the vocal delivery/her voice were better
  3. LOL, this ...and this I do have an irrational fascination with vinyl though. IDK, I just love it. Sure, I only buy the albums that I really, REALLY like. There is no point in buying a record for 2 or 3 songs and then skip the fillers. I like the fact that most artists (even the newer ones) still release music on LPs and from what I've noticed vinyl has made a comeback (!?) which is unexpected, seeing how everyone nowadays is all about the digital format. The latest release I've bought as an LP is Bjork's Utopia, which comes on peach coloured vinyl and looks very pretty.
  4. Dirty Computer is a bit too political and SJW-ish for my taste. (Maybe I need to hear it again?) I listened to it 2 or 3 times and I remember not liking it as much as her earlier works, even though everyone (even the Grammys) raves about it. I liked Metropolis and The ArchAndroid much better. Try listening to those.
  5. Ah, yes! Was so disappointed she didn't win the contest. It made me check out some of her older music and I actually bought a few of her songs. And I usually don't follow Eurovision, but since I was stanning for Fuego and thought it might have a chance of winning, I ended up liking a handful of other songs too.
  6. Funny thing is, this forum is the place where I discovered a bunch of new artists, based on what other posters listened to/recommended. Some of those artists are now among my favourites. So, thank you, MadonnaNation! I'm more of an albums person and I do try to give new artists a chance, but I'm so extremely picky that most of the time all I get is nice, bland background music. Nothing stood out for me recently. If I'm lucky I end up with a couple of catchy songs that I will listen to for the next 2-3 months. But I mostly tend to discover old/established artists. For example, last year I "discovered" No Doubt and Annie Lennox. And I bet there are so many more artists out there that I haven't listened to and that I will probably love. So much music, so little time though... Oh, and I usually wait for my faves to release new albums.
  7. WKOM sounds more Ceremonials than Lungs. Nice video, although I don't understand it at all.
  8. I have to say though, her S&ST hair looks much better on her now than it did back in 2008. Nice!
  9. Ugh, like with M, I'll wait for the OFFISHUL thing to be released. 2 more months...
  10. Hmmm, interesting way of putting it... LOL, this!! I don't want to overplay it and then not feel anything when I hear it again.
  11. Please stop. Don't think my body could handle that too. *orgasms*
  12. That album title Those song titles They're all so...Bjork So this spring I'm getting new albums from M, Bjork and Marina and The Diamonds. Will I survive the slayage tho...
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