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  1. at all the typing errors so she's still in France?
  2. So I watched Contagion cause why not and I can't say I was blown away/terrified by it like some people have claimed. Maybe the fact that we all are basically in this movie as of right now made me immune to the story? (yes, I chose those words ). The film is very accurate and very, VERY similar to what we're going through (the situation is much more grim and tragic in it). It's a well made film, but I expected to be more thrilling, a twist or something. It went by very quickly. I really liked the score though Anybody else gonna watch this while they're at home?
  3. I'm now in quarantine for 2 weeks too I eventually talked to my family doctor today and she was like "yup, you'll stay home for a couple of weeks, to be sure"
  4. I'm wondering how the non-French people who went to Madonna's concert on Sunday, March 8, are handling this situation cause I don't really know what to do. Did y'all get checked when you arrived in your home countries? Cause here no one said anything to us at the airport. And the plane from Paris I was in was almost full. Just curious.
  5. So the masks are useless to the general public, but they are useful to medical professionals? After he just said they offer no protection?
  6. Those photos made me cry I'm so sorry for all the animals and the people that have lost their lives and for those fighting to survive these fires. Really tragic.
  7. I have to say though, her S&ST hair looks much better on her now than it did back in 2008. Nice!
  8. Hmmm, interesting way of putting it... LOL, this!! I don't want to overplay it and then not feel anything when I hear it again.
  9. Love this song so much!!!!!.... No doubt, the best song on RH (so far).
  10. 1. Devil Pray(s) 2. Illuminati 3. Bitch I'm Madonna 4. Unapologetic Bitch 5. Living For Love 6. Ghosttown My fav (and the best) song is Devil Pray. Don't really care which songs are released as singles, so I'll go with LFL - people here seem to really like it and it sounds like a song non-fans might actually like too. Of all 6 I think it has the broadest appeal and the best chance of becoming a hit.
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