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  1. All is good in the world after Drink me up, champagne rose
  2. Sounds great after you’ve sucked a cock and smoked some spliff
  3. I’m all for it. The flute/Madonna’s verses inspired me to watch a black gay gangbang
  4. I’m glad she reminded me. I need to pop into Superdrug and buy some ‘art’ somewhere next to the cotton buds...think it used to be called toilet paper.
  5. As if they’re going to release a new track whilst they’re all stoned and sloshed in morocco.
  6. I’m here for the straggly grey hairy armpit
  7. One or two shows great, but it's bordering on obsession umpteenth times
  8. Awesome! Having a chill at the hotel then it's going to be a fabulous night.
  9. Just as mama M says, People are too obsessed with lists
  10. Ghosttown in a car hurtling past Glorious
  11. Ghosttown on the local radio station this morning.
  12. Absolutely love this,disliked the demo with a passion "Bitch get off my pole"
  13. ^ Ghostown look would be perfect Dramatic and cinematic with those beautiful eyes flooring us fans
  14. ^ absolutely beautiful Like something out of an Arabian silent movie
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