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  1. Madonna’s Instagram

    Reinvention cream. 🤣 who is this woman. Guess she knows her fan base is now mostly middle aged gays losing their looks.I’ll give her that.
  2. ‘I’m Botoxed.Surgery from and inspired by a Doctor’s Table.’ P.S I actually do still enjoy Madonna. Just have to question some of her choices sometimes.
  3. We’re not the ones promoting a face cream with a head full of surgery and filler.Takes the piss. Kind of like Jane Fonda flogging her wrinkle cream after a lift.
  4. The pillow head must be an allergic reaction to mdna skin
  5. Madonna’s Instagram

    Logic and reason. X
  6. Madonna’s Oscar Party

    What a state. No wonder she’s seen as a joke by joe public now.
  7. She should be publicly flogged for that turd of a track
  8. Madonna/Rocco/Guy custody thread

    Humpty Dumpty in a wig
  9. I'm not religious Tree of life I'm not religious Nothing fails Nothing fails I'm not religious Enough woman! Fine album having said that though
  10. AL 7/10 H 9/10 ISS 6/10 LP 7/10 NKM 6/10 NF 1/10 I 8/10 XP 8/10 MF 2/10 DAD 7/10 ER 9/10
  11. One or two shows great, but it's bordering on obsession umpteenth times
  12. Vancouver - Oct 14 - Rogers Arena

    Awesome! Having a chill at the hotel then it's going to be a fabulous night.