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  1. Rihanna: The Coventry era

    Betcha wanna put your name it
  2. Gwen Stefani Thread

    ^ keeps corden seat belted up on a US highway,I'm happy.
  3. Adele thread

    Great song,love the simplistic visuals
  4. She should be publicly flogged for that turd of a track
  5. Madonna/Rocco/Guy custody thread

    Humpty Dumpty in a wig
  6. I'm not religious Tree of life I'm not religious Nothing fails Nothing fails I'm not religious Enough woman! Fine album having said that though
  7. AL 7/10 H 9/10 ISS 6/10 LP 7/10 NKM 6/10 NF 1/10 I 8/10 XP 8/10 MF 2/10 DAD 7/10 ER 9/10
  8. One or two shows great, but it's bordering on obsession umpteenth times
  9. Vancouver - Oct 14 - Rogers Arena

    Awesome! Having a chill at the hotel then it's going to be a fabulous night.
  10. Just as mama M says, People are too obsessed with lists