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  1. Wow it's a very pink video....like LFL was very red and Ghosttown was very brown
  2. I like it! Got me wondering how many other videos where she ends up physically spent - Human Nature, Give it 2 Me
  3. More so for the fact they are what, 20 years apart? And she's still giving good face. Incredible!
  4. After the clusterf**k that was "Bad Blood" and G.U.Y. I'm a bit wary of "surprise guests"
  5. Yeah was this the one where there's also a Mm hmm Boyz II Men sample from Motownphilly? My dreams were CRUSHED
  6. There's something about the melody of the chorus that reminds me of an old european 70s disco song. Like ABBA or something.
  7. Thanks so much dubtronic! How can one woman be so beautiful!! 56 going on 25
  8. Is it possible to get a download for this video? My firefox downloadhelper's not working
  9. Who's to say she doesn't feel a twinge of humiliation underneath the bravado. She's not Joan of Arc....only human
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