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  1. Ahm...probably Holiday (one day to come together) or More (one is fun why not two)
  2. Amazing post, Bill. I feel the same way! Not very articulate right now, but she's got me as a fan for life, my admiration for her knows no bounds.
  3. I know! Can't believe its only 2 more weeks, trembling with anticipation for the first photos and news
  4. OMG 15 seconds and I'm keeled over, dead. How can she be and continue to be so STUNNING
  5. I hear "Baby Jesus understands" ... which makes sense in response to the line "I forgot to say my prayers"
  6. Do you think Madonna can see it in your eyes?
  7. Do you think she's going to keep her baby?
  8. She's so good at giving those orgasm faces!
  9. OMG! Thankyou thankyou. It's those eyes...they suck you right in. I believe it when she's getting into tortured character!
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