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  1. Runaway Lover is indeed a great song & great live: :dramatic:
  2. This is probably the greatest hits record executives will have a hard time deciding on which songs to include. They're just so... many
  3. this is the album that made me a madonna fan.
  4. "now you're acting." hehe that put daryl hall to shame.
  5. Surprisingly this was her biggest hit since Vogue in terms of chart positions. Plus the remix: Victor Calderone?
  6. You'll do it, you'll take it You'll screw it, you'll fake it Undo it, you'll break it You're over, you can't take it :dramatic:
  7. Shep Pettibone's The Erotica Diaries
  8. wow! this definitely looks real. i'm hearing more sounds compared to bootleg recordings. plus, the editing is so jonas akerlund.
  9. 2m @ Pulse: 2008 Top Digital Songs 01 BLEEDING LOVE LEONA LEWIS 2,867,713 02 LOLLIPOP LIL WAYNE 2,558,098 03 LOW FLO RIDA FEATURING T-PAIN 2,554,621 04 NO AIR JORDIN SPARKS 2,275,145 05 4 MINUTES MADONNA 2,045,762 06 LOVE IN THIS CLUB USHER FEATURING YOUNG JEEZY 1,956,460 07 LOVE SONG SARA BAREILLES 1,944,034 08 DON'T STOP THE MUSIC RIHANNA 1,821,851 09 POCKETFUL OF SUNSHINE NATASHA BEDINGFIELD 1,749,229 10 SEXY CAN I RAY J & YUNG BERG 1,741,227 11 I KISSED A GIRL KATY PERRY 1,727,979 12 COLDPLAY VIVA LA VIDA 1,582,772 13 SEE YOU AGAIN MILEY CYRUS 1,564,575 14 WITH YOU CHRIS BROWN 1,535,889 15 TAKE A BOW RIHANNA 1,391,336 16 APOLOGIZE TIMBALAND 1,380,900 17 STOP AND STARE ONEREPUBLIC 1,334,974 18 TOUCH MY BODY MARIAH CAREY 1,153,694 19 SAY JOHN MAYER 1,147,632 20 FOREVER CHRIS BROWN 1,110,438 21 SORRY BUCKCHERRY 1,088,790 22 DAMAGED DANITY KANE 1,078,807 23 SHAKE IT METRO STATION 1,077,839 24 NO ONE ALICIA KEYS 1,048,869 25 NEW SOUL YAEL NAIM 1,041,545 she just surpassed sara bareilles' love song! katy perry's fast approaching by d way...
  10. it's 3 separate versions. one for d single (album version) and other 2 for album and deluxe versions
  11. 4M IS AT # 33 on mediabase pop airplay w/ +1650 bullet on 112 stations! http://w2.mediabase.com/mmrweb/AllAccess/C...00&cutoff=1
  12. radio and records also has 4 minutes as the most added song on pop radio with 31: http://www.radioandrecords.com/Formats/Cha...Top40_Chart.asp below the chart
  13. wow at kanye's sales! how much would be his 1st week total sales worldwide?
  14. radio is undeniably the portal for future hits but sometimes videos can help propel the song to the top spot,esp. live performances. justin obviously benifited from d video & that grammy performance.
  15. how can hung up gained 5,000,000+ for 2006 when it fact it had already gained 5,000,000+ last yr and its total so far is around 8,600,000?
  16. MSNBC forum about madonna's crucifixion stunt, some people are just beyond pathetic! http://boards.live.com/MSNBCboards/thread....sParam=Page%3D1 it really shows how many of these people are ignorant. someone even said that madonna already sold her soul to the devil which explains her long term success. i'm currently studying in a sectarian school (an SDA institution). Jesus existed during the emergence of roman period and the cross was their way of executing people. Romans are known to be very brutal. They even let poeple watch executions. Years went by, the teachings of Jesus spread and the followers grew on number. The Romans found this as a threat and one emperor by d name of Constantine d Great had an idea of making the Romans also a followers of Jesus too but d belief was alredi adulterated because it was mixed with pagan ways (Romans were pagans). It was not a sincere move because it was politically motivated. This was the time that Christianity spread like a geat wind and the birth of Papal Rome that were even more powerful than Kings or Queens. My point is that these leaders pay more importance to d cross than on d one who died for us. They put so much emphasis on these sacramentals so in turn one tends to worship more on d symbols than d God itself. I live in d Philippines and we are a Christian country and Christianity hre is so adulterated it's alredi mixed with with many superstitious beliefs, e.g., women dancing on d streets on San Obando for fertility.
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