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  1. I love the heavy use of accordion on some of the songs! World music album indeed.
  2. Please vote for Madame X on Billboard as the album you are most excited for this year: https://www.billboard.com/articles/columns/pop/8515479/upcoming-pop-albums-poll?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=social
  3. Thanks! i checked the sound on youtube Cello is deeper and lower.
  4. The song has got an Eastern European vibe to it, sounds like from a Woody Allen movie.
  5. Madame X will be my official album on repeat when I fly from Melbourne to Los Angeles this July! Cannot wait to play it from start to finish on my long haul flight.
  6. Never been this very very ecstatic after listening to a M album since Confessions On A Dance Floor.
  7. This song is everything! It is like Madonna read my mind on what I want to have on a dance number for her new release.
  8. Haha Porcelain. Yeah right the strings!! Really sounds the same.
  9. The Philippines loves Madonna, especially when she surprised us by performing the most requested Madonna song on the karaoke, “Crazy For You!”
  10. This week will be the slowest week this year for sure!
  11. It is the whole Beautiful Game from Met Gala performance including the piano part then suddenly shifts to the Nutcracker tune, with the weird sounds first then the dramatic spoken words from the Eurovision performance. Sounds like it slowly transitions into the next track.
  12. Sounds like Major Lazer, in which Diplo is one of the half.
  13. Playing “Music” album atm! Reliving the feeling.. listening atm to Paradise
  14. my friends and i watched it on the telly. one of them liked it, other did not say anything, did not say a bad thing. but all of us were glued. i think Madonna performances in TV are very heavily examined hence the quiet audience.
  15. M is an Unapologetic Bitch, she will just soldier on! No need to explain.
  16. I have a feeling that she actually likes the negative attention she is getting, makes her more driven in the next few days to come.
  17. i am getting American Life vibes with this era, the instrumentation of the songs, the message...
  18. good that people are critical with her performance, she is now number 2 trending worldwide
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