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  1. I remember we were video chatting with my Aunt who is based in Florida and she was so proud of the $1200 one time stimulus check, making it sound like USA is so rich in giving this out to them. But I am from Australia and we told her ours is not one time but a fortnightly Centrelink Payment until further notice.
  2. "We saw more people than we have ever seen in our lifetime." - clearly has never been to a Madonna concert.
  3. It sounds like a Janet Jackson interlude from her Discipline album.
  4. Just woke up. So happy to all the American forum members here and to the rest of the world!
  5. I thought Arizona was in the bag? On google it is already marked as dark blue.
  6. Same thing with some of the Filipinos, I myself is one. Have that elitist view of getting the citizenship and now wanting it to becto granted to only the few.
  7. I am a Filipino who lives in Australia and I am quite disappointed that most of my fellow countrymen who are immigrants in the USA voted for Trump! Their strong reason is the abortion stance. Much like my people liking President Duterte, they seem (not me) to warm up to pompous and brash characters.
  8. A party that stops all means of votes to be counted is not a true and sincere representative of the country.
  9. I am just really wondering for those who voted for Trump, for all the COVID mismanagement, what are they really fighting for?
  10. Surprisingly Miami's turn out for Democrat went down as compared to Hillary during 2016. Why?
  11. I am not from the USA, but I do not know how to react if Trump wins. Generally during a crisis, it is the incumbent who always wins but based on how Trump handled it, not really sure.
  12. My facebook is filled with my relatives who are avid Trumpeters and they always attack Joe with him being old and senile. It is so sickening to watch it on my feed. These are close first degree relatives, whom you haved known for years. Now they are claiming Trump was mainly responsible for the oil price decrease and Obama made it high.
  13. So basically she is looking for a Rockstar President.
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