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  1. I hope everyone who was there on the Debate should get themselves tested.
  2. I remember when I was a kid in the 80s he had a show "The 700 Club" that gets aired every mid arvo. I hated that show so much. It was too long. I get so excited when it finishes coz I can then watch my fave cartoons "Thundercats!"
  3. Wow! That was a great Keynote Speech! Inspiring
  4. I think Kanye is a nuisance candidate
  5. I like the Honey Dijon Remix! More omph but retains the original beat.
  6. I definitely agree! Same thing with the Philippines as well with Rodrigo Duterte. Sadly people want the “Dirty Harry” type of leader nowadays.
  7. I was in the USA two weeks ago. Even though it is a very interesting country, it is very capitalist-driven and people have a dog-eat-dog mentality when it comes to people’s benefits. As they feel they they have worked hard all their lives, public benefit should be commensurate only to people who worked hard enough hence the selfish attitude.
  8. The video was a learning piece about Batukadeiras! Thank you Madonna.
  9. The typewriting scene is very powerful! It gets viewers to read and digest the lyrics.
  10. Wow! BTW, noticed the video has no VEVO watermark on Youtube.
  11. Ray Of Light during the release set a record for the biggest first week sales by a female artist in Sounscan era (1991-present) with 371,000 units sold. But Titanic OST was massive, fresh from Oscar fever and Celine’s ubiquitous MHWGO.
  12. Highest user rating out of the 10! 9.1 Fuck the critics.
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