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  1. Yes! that segue from Ratchet Behaviour to Red Flag. Amazing. Faves from the new album atm: 1. Testament In Motion 2. Glorious
  2. I love Red Flag, especially “Fear.” Listening to it now. They never disappoint!
  3. Whoever coined the term “The Customer is always right” made a very big mistake. Look what people have become with their misguided sense of entitlement.
  4. xtaticboy82

    Manila February 24

    That is Anne Curtis! One of the most popular actresses in the Philippines. Love her.
  5. xtaticboy82

    What are you listening to ATM?

    On repeat mode:
  6. We should thank him for introducing alanis to maverick and mirwais to madonna.
  7. He is hot. Would like a taste of him.
  8. Watching Ellen now and she is dancing to Hung Up!
  9. I love the "one more time" bits!
  10. Me too! Maybe they will refund the rest that I already paid. Went to JB Hifi and the CD is already stacked there.
  11. So excited! I just moved here in Melbourne last year. Better start saving, hopefully.
  12. They both look like "Gogo" - O-Ren Ishii's (Lucy Liu) protege
  13. xtaticboy82

    UNAPOLOGETIC BITCH appreciation

    Yes! This should be the 2nd single. Very spring/summer vibe. Set aside Ghosttown for autumn and winter.
  14. Where can I watch it in Australia?
  15. Hold Tight would sound great on Top 40 radio. I love it!