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  1. I remember we were video chatting with my Aunt who is based in Florida and she was so proud of the $1200 one time stimulus check, making it sound like USA is so rich in giving this out to them. But I am from Australia and we told her ours is not one time but a fortnightly Centrelink Payment until further notice.
  2. "We saw more people than we have ever seen in our lifetime." - clearly has never been to a Madonna concert.
  3. It sounds like a Janet Jackson interlude from her Discipline album.
  4. Just woke up. So happy to all the American forum members here and to the rest of the world!
  5. I thought Arizona was in the bag? On google it is already marked as dark blue.
  6. Same thing with some of the Filipinos, I myself is one. Have that elitist view of getting the citizenship and now wanting it to becto granted to only the few.
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