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  1. Mods or anyone with info on who this streetwalker person is or anyone else originating these leaks, please let me know. Thank You.
  2. She never posted that on Instagram. It was on her studio design account. And it's still on it.
  3. Madonna is working on her own terms and time, and will do what she pleases with whoever she likes. Patience.
  4. While here in LA M has recorded about 3 tracks. One a beautiful ballad. Stay tuned.
  5. Let me say this it does not necessarily mean music, could be photo shoot, appearance, etc.
  6. Another piece of new look for sumthing with Madonna and Miley Cyrus very soon !
  7. Well you will get New Music, and it will have promo.
  8. If Revolver needs to be included then I would put the David Guetta Remix not the Lp version ( that version is unfinished)
  9. Madonna has Sara already helping her out! Guy has been working closely with her for sometime now.
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