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  1. I just watched the bad guy video it’s so gross
  2. Crave gives me chills every time I listen to it.
  3. I’m at track 4 and it’s so good. God Control next billboard hot 100 #1!
  4. Madame X boxset is now available on amazon.com https://www.amazon.com/Madame-Deluxe-Boxset-Cassette-7-Inch/dp/B07QK7WV5D/ref=mp_s_a_1_4?keywords=madonna+madame+x&qid=1558380792&rnid=2941120011&s=music&sprefix=madonn&sr=1-4
  5. My orders so far : Deluxe Box set Lithographe Clear vinyl Black vinyl Target special Fnac Special Fnac Deluxe K7 Deluxe Japan Limited Edition 2x Japan Regular Edition 2x Should I get both bundles from Madonna shop as well?
  6. So far I preordered the boxset, lithograph, clear and black vinyls and both Japanese cd. Looking now for the k7 that is not in the boxset and rainbow vinyl.
  7. Bedtime Stories' vinyl

  8. She's still the Queen of lead single though : Like A Virgin, Live To Tell, Like A Prayer, Vogue, Erotica, Secret, Frozen, Music, Hung Up
  9. I'm still listening MDNA almost daily. I love it very much. Most of the songs are on the same level which is rare in pop music. Girl Gone Wild 4 Gang Bang 4,5 I'm Addicted 4 Turn Up The Radio 4 Give Me All Your Luvin'4 Some Girls 4,5 Superstar 4 I Don't Give A 3,5 I'm A Sinner 4 Love Spent 4,5 Masterpiece 4 Falling Free 4,5 Beautiful Killer 4 I Fucked Up 4 B-Day Song 3,5
  10. Like A Prayer Ray Of Light American Life True Blue (tracklisting: WTG,CAC,TLOL,PDP,OYH,LTT,WTP,TB,LIB,LMTWGR) Madonna Erotica MDNA Music Like A Virgin Bedtime Stories Confessions On A Dance Floor Hard Candy I find it so hard since I love them all so much.
  11. Yes, the lyrics are great. And I love the way she sings "And I can't get it out". To me, this is the strongest track with "Turn Up The Radio", "Some Girls" and "Love Spent". I hope the tour will give them a great exposure. People have to hear them!!!
  12. I wanted to work with him because I love his music. I love working with djs who happen to be also musician and it is his case. Q: what the title of your album means? Madonna : I play with words. It’s my name without the first vowel(?) It’s also close to a name of a drug who gave us euphoria and I hope my album will give the same feeling. Q: Is it a bit dangerous to use a wordplay with a drug influence? Madonna : I don’t think calling my album MDNA will make people take drugs. I don’t have that power. If people want to take drugs, they will anyway. Q. Is the Superbowl giving us any hints to your upcoming tour? Madonna : Not exactly. I made that show over a circular stage. So we couldn’t had big screen… My tour will be different but I hope it will as exciting and spectacular. Anyway, I’m working hard right now and I hope it will be great. Q: The tour will be very long. How you will handle it? Madonna : Like a gypsy(LOL). Q: And your children? Madonna: My children will come with me and school too(LOL) I have great people around me. It’s a big entourage. Q: Do you have a special relationship with France? Madonna: I think I do. I’m working with a lot of french people and have a lot of friends too. Like I said earlier, ¾ of my dancers are French….. I hope one day I will speak French because at home, everybody does. I am very sorry for my english. This is the best I can do.
  13. Thank you. I love you.

  14. lol non mais sa réputation est déjà faite : )

    Voici la culture Québéquoise : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UZ-wR-8oQyc&feature=related

    Je trouve sa voix magnifique...

    Bonne journée man !

  15. Yes. It's good but the young director is a real crétin :|

  16. That's great!

    Anyway, anytime... : )

  17. Merci de me répondre ! : )

    J'espère que tu ne deviens pas trop stressé...

    Est-ce que tu as besoin d'argent ?

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