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  1. Gambler

    Rebel Heart Tour DVD/Blu-ray

    The Bluray is 45 $ and cd 28 + shipping, http://www.cdjapan.co.jp/searches?term.media_format=&q=madonna
  2. Come on Warner music Japan, create a gorgeous box set of M 12" 80's & 90's singles
  3. Gambler

    Michael Jackson Thread

    I feel the same thing. Madonna >>> Thriller
  4. He is possibly even more full of himself than Johanne. It's close.
  5. Bedtime Stories' vinyl

  6. Gambler


    She's still the Queen of lead single though : Like A Virgin, Live To Tell, Like A Prayer, Vogue, Erotica, Secret, Frozen, Music, Hung Up
  7. Gambler

    6 Months Later: Evaluating MDNA

    I'm still listening MDNA almost daily. I love it very much. Most of the songs are on the same level which is rare in pop music. Girl Gone Wild 4 Gang Bang 4,5 I'm Addicted 4 Turn Up The Radio 4 Give Me All Your Luvin'4 Some Girls 4,5 Superstar 4 I Don't Give A 3,5 I'm A Sinner 4 Love Spent 4,5 Masterpiece 4 Falling Free 4,5 Beautiful Killer 4 I Fucked Up 4 B-Day Song 3,5
  8. Like A Prayer Ray Of Light American Life True Blue (tracklisting: WTG,CAC,TLOL,PDP,OYH,LTT,WTP,TB,LIB,LMTWGR) Madonna Erotica MDNA Music Like A Virgin Bedtime Stories Confessions On A Dance Floor Hard Candy I find it so hard since I love them all so much.
  9. Gambler

    "I'm Addicted" Appreciation Thread

    Yes, the lyrics are great. And I love the way she sings "And I can't get it out". To me, this is the strongest track with "Turn Up The Radio", "Some Girls" and "Love Spent". I hope the tour will give them a great exposure. People have to hear them!!!
  10. I wanted to work with him because I love his music. I love working with djs who happen to be also musician and it is his case. Q: what the title of your album means? Madonna : I play with words. It’s my name without the first vowel(?) It’s also close to a name of a drug who gave us euphoria and I hope my album will give the same feeling. Q: Is it a bit dangerous to use a wordplay with a drug influence? Madonna : I don’t think calling my album MDNA will make people take drugs. I don’t have that power. If people want to take drugs, they will anyway. Q. Is the Superbowl giving us any hints to your upcoming tour? Madonna : Not exactly. I made that show over a circular stage. So we couldn’t had big screen… My tour will be different but I hope it will as exciting and spectacular. Anyway, I’m working hard right now and I hope it will be great. Q: The tour will be very long. How you will handle it? Madonna : Like a gypsy(LOL). Q: And your children? Madonna: My children will come with me and school too(LOL) I have great people around me. It’s a big entourage. Q: Do you have a special relationship with France? Madonna: I think I do. I’m working with a lot of french people and have a lot of friends too. Like I said earlier, ¾ of my dancers are French….. I hope one day I will speak French because at home, everybody does. I am very sorry for my english. This is the best I can do.
  11. Gambler

    Madonna Sign With Interscope

    #1 in 37 countries.
  12. Thank you. I love you.