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  1. Soooooo....you're purpose for making a "dark" edition literally and simply based on songs that include the word "dark" is for?!
  2. Adam who?! Please people...non-issue...
  3. Every performance has been amazing and I LUV her costumes but I geel like she did the song/single a bit of a disservice by switching to the remix version. I think the original version is far stronger and would resonate much more with the broader audiences of these shows rather than some gay circuit party version...
  4. Oops, sorry guys. It was the files from the super deluxe version that came with my concert ticket I was actually looking at, not the iTunes version
  5. You can see the credits on the info for the individual files from iTunes
  6. I've only heard the first six official, and trying to muster the strength to make it to Tuesday without caving!!!
  7. Really, with all this deluxe version shit that's become protocol now, whether something is on the standard vs the deluxe truly doesn't mean shit since all fans and most people within common sense spend the extra couple of dollars on the deluxe ...
  8. All this stress is making me want to cave and listen to the three additional tracks that were released! So close yet it feels so far without a super deluxe for order
  9. I can't figure out what I'll get until Amazon Canada actually gets their shit together and adds the domestic versions besides the deluxe and it's killing me!!
  10. God I would give anything for her to host SNL. Or at least be the musical guest and pop up in a few skits...
  11. So far I've only listened to the first 6 and I'm trying to hold out for the rest but I'm REALLY struggling right now to refrain from the new 3! I keep telling myself that there's still 19 new tracks with the super deluxe and that's a lot to take in all at once, so it might be better to go ahead and indulge...
  12. Oh lawd, don't get me started on this nonsense when almost an entire genre of music uses "nigga" in every second word.
  13. I have not listened either and won't until we get the full album. Although I've been tempted.
  14. The fuck is wrong with Amazon Canada and the super deluxe?! So far it's an import only
  15. She looks like a god damn insect. I thought it was a cruel photoshop joke.
  16. I can't believe they cut away from her best dancing to show that tragic trio! Pissed me right off!!
  17. Can someone please clarify the footage of her taking a serious backhand to dear old Liz?!
  18. . And taylor!!! I have absolutely no love for this awkward mess but I do have to applaud her for the fact that she seemed genuinely supportive of every act on stage throughout the night. Something that can't be said for many of the jaded, bitter, sourpusses around her...
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