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  1. It’s honestly such an amazing album that I appreciate more and more as time goes on and as we get more and more releases from other “artists” that just serve to remind us how brilliant it is in comparison. There’s things that I love and appreciate about every Madonna album but it really picks up where the amazing ROL-Music-AL-COADF run left off in terms of its untouchable overall musical depth and quality imo...
  2. I suspect copious amounts of crystal meth and poop-play in Berlin were also contributing factors!
  3. Any potential release strategy that doesn’t include IDSIF is fundamentally flawed
  4. He really has and he had so much to offer then to begin with! Honestly, I would LOVE for her to continue working with him on the next album. But not sure how she feels about him after this Casey Spooner debacle. I wonder if she blames him for bungling things up.
  5. We haven’t even gotten the IDSIF ones yet. Highly unlikely these will ever see the light of day.
  6. We don’t even have the mixes for IDSIF like 900 years later...I don’t think it’s happening. But it totally should.
  7. Sorry it’s a great song but if there were to be one commercial “success” off the album this so wouldn’t be the most likely candidate compared to IDSIF, GC, Crave, Future, Medellin or I Rise
  8. Look it’s a fun little throwaway song when the mood strikes...but it’s not worthy of the artistry of this album and kind of taints it a bit by its inclusion on it. In my opinion...
  9. Oh god, a compilation of all 50 #1s with brand new remixes of each done by reputable producers only would be absolutely heavenly. But so not ever going to happen lol.
  10. Releasing the rest of the remixes to Spotify certainly couldn’t HURT and it makes no sense to drag the release out even farther than it already has
  11. Omg release the fucking remixes already and push this to #1!
  12. Totally agree, love everything about this song but the chorus just falls flat
  13. Is it not time yet to release the second batch of remixes to push it to #1 now that it’s in the top 10?!
  14. Definitely the most worthy song from madame x to hit the #1 spot thus far and a perfect example of what makes madonna ahead of the rest to mark this important milestone!
  15. I’m really hoping that the positive critical response this album got will inspire her to strive to do so
  16. I loved the song before but I don’t know what it was about that performance that just made me love it infinitely more. So simple yet powerful and moving.
  17. Faz Gostoso I can deal with (although my enjoyment of it has significantly waned over time) but Bitch (I’m Loca) just never should’ve been on the album. It’s a shit stain on the otherwise greatness of Madame X... 1. BATUKA 2. God Control 3. Crave 4. I don’t search I find 5. I Rise
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