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  1. Is it not possible that his memory from his childhood might be a little jumbled when it comes to exact dates and timelines? Especially with trauma thrown in the mix and then years of drug and alcohol abuse on top?
  2. To be fair, that’s Webster (Emmanuel Lewis) and he would’ve been around 18 in that pic based on it looking like it was taken in the late 80s...
  3. Honestly, some of them sound like it’s precisely his “love of children”, or what others might perhaps more accurately call “pedophilia”, that they connect with the most and hence so vehemently defend.
  4. That’s exactly what he would be doing, which would also explain why people, quite understandably, might be afraid to come forward while he was alive...I truly don’t get why people try and use the fact that they didn’t come forward until after his death as some sort of proof that he’s innocent and they’re liars.
  5. Watch the 2 part documentary and Oprah interview.
  6. On what fucking planet do you live and is there room for me to move there?!
  7. After watching the documentary, I just feel badly for the mothers too. They were in such a strange, surreal situation and yes maybe it got the better of them but they were also groomed by the real evil here: MJ. They will hate themselves forever but blaming them takes away from the one person that deserves to shoulder ALL the blame. They were confused human beings that showed weakness, not fucking pedophiles.
  8. I mean even Macaulay Culkin acknowledge the alarm bells that go off in the hallway leading up to the bedroom door in his testimony while “defending” him. Like who has alarm bells to warn of people approaching their bedroom? Rich pedos do...
  9. MONEY. The Jackson estate doesn’t pay for itself.
  10. Sorry hun, I didn’t quote you so don’t presume I was referring directly to you and put words in my mouth. I didn’t say shit about what situations you have or haven’t been in. The end.
  11. I’ll never understand how so many people have such strong opinions on how people should think and act in a particular situation. Especially when it’s a situation they’ve never been in and have absolutely no idea how it actually feels to be in said situation. Perplexing. Reductive...
  12. Oh-my-fucking-God, they make Lady Gaga herself seem normal in comparison.
  13. That maid was holding the smoking gun in her hands when she held those crunchy, yellowed underpants. If only she’d known it at the time...
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