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  1. Yes but that could also be a reference to the hope of many (including Madonna) that Donald Trump will be impeached imminently ...
  2. Agreed and I think the rebel heart tour was such a great example of that. Despite the huge production it demonstrated how she always shone through and still created such intimate moments within all this fabulous display. It really struck me when it was just her alone on this massive stage for numbers like burning up and like a virgin that she was still the main force that was creating and driving the energy of it all and she really doesn’t need anyone or anything else on the stage but her.
  3. They don’t even know the Rebel Heart era?! Recently reformed Little Monsters??
  4. Omg where did these flop fans come from?!
  5. Like, are people ok in the head?! Can we all just at least recognize that she said this in the context of feeling a creative desire to try something different and NOT because of her age, or her children, or that she's suddenly so frail and elderly that she barely has the strength to get out of bed in the morning to change her seniors diaper much less perform every night on a world tour?!
  6. Jesus. Fucking. Christ. It's like the god damn twilight zone when you go back to page 1 and read the actual quotes from the interview to the absolute #fakenews that it's modulated into from this farce of a thread with delusion upon delusion being communicated as FACT. This is the Donald Trump of MadonnaNation threads...
  7. And so NOT what she said in the first place #alternativefacts
  8. Jeez, you'd think she's 59 going on 100 based on some of the comments in here. And all she said was she was "exploring" the idea, how that translates into she's not going to do another world tour or only one last world tour is just beyond...let's collectively calm down.
  9. I dunno, I think there's a big difference between electronic music (like bedtime story) and EDM, which is like the uninspired, trashy cousin of proper electronic music. Something like Real McCoy or La Bouche would be a more accurate 90's analogy to EDM than the highly evolved electronica of bedtime story IMO...
  10. While it's not one of my top albums, the cover art for Hard Candy is absolutely iconic. End of.
  11. The Portugal Album : official thread

    Maybe she's decided to reinvent herself as this generation's Nana Mouskori ...
  12. The Portugal Album : official thread

    Right?! Cause that is SO likely given her musical direction over the last 35 years ... being in Portugal + being inspired = making an album of Portuguese music
  13. M14 producers wishlist

    Arca would be LUSH. Desafio is such a gorgeous song. Would love for some straight up trippy electronic music without the EDM
  14. I predict it would be inspired
  15. It will be interesting to see if we get as many juicy titbits along the way as we did with rebel heart