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  1. Give meh new porpoisehead material now!!!
  2. strictmachine

    Tracey Thorn new album out now !

    Hmm finding it a bit underwhelming but maybe it just needs a few more listens...
  3. strictmachine

    Grace Jones thread

    Did anyone see her performances last week in Sydney or Melbourne?
  4. strictmachine

    Grace Jones thread

    I feel like with Grace the album could be 100% done and she’d still be just as likely to sit on it for ten years just because...
  5. strictmachine

    Justin Timberlake thread

    I’ve no doubt that frat houses across America are bro-ing out to can’t stop the feeling at this very moment. Right before the pillow fighting and the tickle torture portion of the evening starts
  6. strictmachine

    Justin Timberlake thread

    College frat boys into Justin Timberlake in the year 2018?! That’s the gayest thing I’ve ever heard...
  7. strictmachine

    Justin Timberlake thread

    I also think that’s because all the payola deals are driving initial positions rather than them being an actual reflection of the general public’s organic reaction to them over time
  8. strictmachine

    Justin Timberlake thread

    Would be the perfect opportunity for Janet’s left tit to make an appearance again...
  9. strictmachine

    Troye Sivan

    It immediately made me wonder what’s taking so long for new music from y&y
  10. strictmachine

    Bjork thread

    So where exactly does the lacquered strap-on fit into this enlightened cosmos?
  11. strictmachine


    It should have been black and it should have been BIG. Period.
  12. strictmachine


    Just unnecessary in every way.
  13. strictmachine

    Grace Jones thread

    Well that’s a bummer...
  14. strictmachine

    Grace Jones thread

    At the premiere in Toronto apparently she alluded to new music coming during the interview after the screening. Sadly I wasn’t able to gain access to attend so I can’t corroborate exactly what she said about it myself.
  15. strictmachine


    I'm not sure the concept of choosing first singles really matters anymore. it's not like a new bjork single is coming to a radio-station-near-you any time soon, so if the choice is reflective of the album or the message she wants to convey with it, it is what it is...