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  1. Wow. Those snl performances were hard to watch.
  2. I'm just thrilled to hear Tracy is in a studio recording!
  3. Do we even have a solid release date yet? I thought it was supposed to be in may?
  4. I actually find this incredibly insulting and consider it to be somewhat homophobic in terms of perpetuating stereotypes. And of course this cunt would be attached to it...
  5. Because as per usual gaga completely backpedalled and sold herself out to mitigate further backlash
  6. It's a corker AND it's about eating pussy. What's not to love?
  7. Lol I would happily spend my hard earned dollars to support Kylie's endeavours but the Sleepwalker EP isn't available for purchase anywhere!
  8. Does anyone know where I can find a downloadable version of her first ep with garibay?? I can't find it anywhere đŸ˜«
  9. Now will she be releasing a new album or not?
  10. The music is as botched as her hairdo on the album cover...
  11. So what's the deal with this snoozefest of a song she just released? Random one off?
  12. So she's seriously abandoning Joanne already?! is there going to be an artpop 2 to follow this single?
  13. Girlfriend is becoming a reductive version of herself...
  14. Oh my, what's Silence? Never heard that one!
  15. Wtf - this is one of the gayest and most fabulous songs Kylie has ever done. How did this not get released?!? I need a download now, my poppers are ready!!