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  1. Oh my, what's Silence? Never heard that one!
  2. Wtf - this is one of the gayest and most fabulous songs Kylie has ever done. How did this not get released?!? I need a download now, my poppers are ready!!
  3. Really beautiful and executed with a sophistication and depth of appreciation for high fashion that only Madonna can. Personally, I just don't care for the preachy bits at the beginning and end. It just comes across a little too literal and #basic compared to the stunning visuals.
  4. Wait why is this turd performing AGAIN?! For what?!
  5. Clearly the timing was no coincidence - the self-indulgent narcissist just presumed she was going to be fresh off of winning album of the year. the ego on this bitch never ceases to amaze...and how tacky and classless to begin with, had she actually won it and then immediately launches a song about #winning and how amazing she is?!
  6. With all due respect, I don't think DAD is the type of track that LULU would be able to wrap her mind around or understand. And often what people can't understand they label as bad...
  7. It would be most welcome if she could evolve her music just a teeny tiny bit at this point...
  8. Why do blacks in America constantly act like there are no other races in the world becides black and white?
  9. She's still got a decent lower register, she should just stick to it.
  10. In other words, the marketing strategy that had been put in place to "launch" her pregnancy to the world was more important to her than supporting women's rights...#teambey have always got their prioritie$$$ in order!
  11. What she continues to not get is that the reason she's being "vilified" is because of her own actions and how she chose to handle the situation then, and continues to now - like a complete and utter CUNT.
  12. Could someone please let this woman know that Adele actually just broke her Grammy in two by god damn accident so she can take a seat and calm the fuck down?
  13. Wait, I thought lemonade was all about jay-z boning some chick named Becky?!
  14. That cat knew EXACTLY what just happened, it was no accident.
  15. Oh totally. I do think she's spoken about it too freely and too often without reprise for it to be completely baseless but I don't doubt that she's exaggerated things greatly to make herself look like a victim.