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  1. Fergie thread

    Lol having read all the flack she’s getting before watching the performance, I don’t actually think it’s THAT bad. She tried. She failed.
  2. Massive Attack's "Teardrop"

    Flawless. Definitely one of the all-time best.
  3. So is this lil lady releasing a new album or is it just a one off song for the movie?
  4. Maybe the Oscars just didn’t feel like giving it a nomination?!
  5. Fortin?! Are people seriously ok in the head? That’s about as fucking appealing a name for an album as Joanne...and equally reductive.

    Maybe the rest of the album is more crazy techno than country pop #ifonly
  7. Madonna Instagram Thread

    Lol AMEN to that! let’s get real people, gross exaggerations not needed

    What the world needs now is more cute light songs about mortality! #waytogokylie
  9. Spice Girls thread

    I could see them getting together to have a bit of a kiki and then Emma whipping out the blow for shits and giggles. A few awkward cups of earl grey later and the five of them are tits up in it...
  10. Spice Girls thread

    I’m sure Geraldine would have more appropriate plateware for doing rails then someone’s poor iPhone screen. She’s not that kind of hostess...
  11. Spice Girls thread

    So basically they’re coming back for a cash grab...like the fans are crying out for them to reform to host a Chinese talent show?!
  12. Spice Girls thread

    A possible greatest hits album to celebrate their songs when they've not actually had any NEW songs since the last greatest hits album they released the last time they got back together! What's the point?!
  13. Spice Girls thread

    So wait, now the spice girls ARE getting together again but there'll be no singing? What's the point ?!
  14. Be Careful (Cuidado) Speed Mystery

    It was such a gorgeous song! Shoulda been a single. Never heard any remixes of it, who did them?