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  1. strictmachine

    Grace Jones thread

  2. strictmachine

    Grace Jones thread

    Lol yes it certainly was but relative to the documentary it was better. The faults in the documentary fall on Sophie fiennes though. Of all the footage she captured over ten freaking years, she should’ve been able to piece together a better, more coherent story than that. Even if the subject is a total mess herself.
  3. strictmachine

    Grace Jones thread

    I have to admit, I waited forever to finally get a chance to see this and was also extremely disappointed when I finally did. Thank god I had just finished reading her memoirs so at least there were lots of references I picked up on that totally would’ve gone over my head otherwise. The direction of this documentary was absolutely horrendous, there was no real story arc to it at all. Just a bunch of random, messy, rambling interactions. Grace deserved much better!
  4. Ooh I didn’t know this was out. I did enjoy me some red flag...
  5. strictmachine

    Grace Jones thread

    Yes agreed, much more eccentric than a mess. There’s an intent behind what she does even if sometimes we don’t always get it. I think it’s the long term effects of the LSD...
  6. strictmachine


    Honestly, drake is enough to make even the staunchest of homosexuals go completely and utterly limp-dicked
  7. strictmachine

    Grace Jones thread

    She seriously would’ve done well to capitalize on all the press she’s gotten for the documentary to bring some well-deserved attention to the new album...
  8. strictmachine

    Grace Jones thread

    Every time I see new posts in this thread my heart skips a beat that the album is upon us. Every. Damn. Time.
  9. strictmachine


  10. strictmachine


    We need a remix album
  11. strictmachine


    But can we talk about that COAT?!
  12. strictmachine


    He’s such a pussy boy trying to act like he’s a tough guy. Kind of like Justin Timberlake.
  13. strictmachine

    Troye Sivan

    I would say coral in the winter months and salmon in the summer months, with varying shades of in between in the spring and fall.
  14. Give meh new porpoisehead material now!!!
  15. strictmachine

    Tracey Thorn new album out now !

    Hmm finding it a bit underwhelming but maybe it just needs a few more listens...