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  1. This song is literal perfection. I love everything about it!!!
  2. A very odd ‘strategy’ indeed.... Probably the best chance they have at this point is to get one or two of the songs placed in a movie or TV series!
  3. This is the song that has stuck in my head the most.... Perfection x x x
  4. Looks stunning.... and the same director as Dark Ballet too!
  5. 100% Re. Bowie: that single Grammy he was awarded during his lifetime wasn’t even for his music!!
  6. Considering it is not a single, has zero airplay, no promotional push on digital or streaming platforms. It was literally just released in the middle of the week. I think that figure is fantastic!
  7. Batuka is an INCREDIBLE song, but it wouldn’t make a good single I’m afraid... The others you mentioned would though!
  8. This really is going to be one of her best ever videos!!!
  9. Just found the Standard Edition cover in Super High Quality! [12500 x 12500 56.8MB] https://cdn-media.rtl.fr/online/image/2019/0613/7797845624_la-couverture-de-l-album-de-madonna-madame-x.jpg
  10. I’m not necessarily sure it has. It’s probably more to do with it being Bruce Springsteen’s first album of new material since ‘Wrecking Ball’ 7 years ago, which also shot to #1 all over the globe!
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