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  1. This song is literal perfection. I love everything about it!!!
  2. A very odd ‘strategy’ indeed.... Probably the best chance they have at this point is to get one or two of the songs placed in a movie or TV series!
  3. This is the song that has stuck in my head the most.... Perfection x x x
  4. Looks stunning.... and the same director as Dark Ballet too!
  5. 100% Re. Bowie: that single Grammy he was awarded during his lifetime wasn’t even for his music!!
  6. Considering it is not a single, has zero airplay, no promotional push on digital or streaming platforms. It was literally just released in the middle of the week. I think that figure is fantastic!
  7. Batuka is an INCREDIBLE song, but it wouldn’t make a good single I’m afraid... The others you mentioned would though!
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