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  1. 1. Inside Out 2. Body Shop 3. Bitch I'm Madonna 4. Joan Of Arc 5. Iconic Close runners-up Veni Vidi Vici Holy Water S.E.X. Rebel Heart
  2. At the rate it's been increasing (around 2 million a day) it could very well hit the 50 million mark by Sunday evening!!
  3. It should overtake Living For Love's views within the next 24 hours!
  4. This has possibly ended up being my favourite song on the album!
  5. Does anyone know why the views on the VEVO site is higher than on YouTube? 10,427,765 vs 10,183,576
  6. The Youtube Facebook page also just posted the video. It has over 80 million followers!!
  7. Rebel Heart would be kinda perfect as a single for when the tour kicks off.... Otherwise I would love to see Iconic get the single treatment, together with an electrifying tour video!!!
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