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  1. It was great to see these MP’s rebelling against this vile hateful Jeremy Corbin led Labour Party today, they almost made me feel like supporting the left again
  2. Channel 4 is standing behind the documentary and will air it over two nights on Wednesday, March 6 and Thursday, March 7 at 9pm.
  3. The people of these three countries you name do not have a choice
  4. I agree with you, but liberalism and capitalism are not the evils you make them to be, originally they are meant to carry anyone upwards while benefiting the economy and I believe in those principles. Our disapproval of US policies and of their ridiculous president should not cloud our judgment of these countries rampant with corruption and dictatorships since forever. I’ll choose the US model over any of them, capitalism can be a vector for democracy as it was always meant to be the same goes for the EU
  5. Feel sorry for you and California courts and the US justice system are so reliable when it comes to celebrities, aren’t they lol technicalities can make a murderer innocent if he has the right lawyers to use the system
  6. A question for anyone who is gay here, do you ever get turned off by a song because it is too heterosexual centered? A song full of “girl I want your body” , can you relate to it? I can’t.. I like songs that are more neutral that is why I like very few male singers and my worst nightmare is the white man with a guitar and his problems
  7. I love it and it has a James Bond feel about it eveN though it is a bit too heterosexual for me I still love it
  8. I am afraid I am falling in love with his music
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