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  1. It was great to see these MP’s rebelling against this vile hateful Jeremy Corbin led Labour Party today, they almost made me feel like supporting the left again
  2. The people of these three countries you name do not have a choice
  3. I agree with you, but liberalism and capitalism are not the evils you make them to be, originally they are meant to carry anyone upwards while benefiting the economy and I believe in those principles. Our disapproval of US policies and of their ridiculous president should not cloud our judgment of these countries rampant with corruption and dictatorships since forever. I’ll choose the US model over any of them, capitalism can be a vector for democracy as it was always meant to be the same goes for the EU
  4. Spain did not need a far right party up to now because the old francoist and the nostalgist were part of the PP, corruption, religion, Gibraltar. Every year there is a large group of people walking to valle de los caidos, wen the pope came to Madrid the worst of Spain came out
  5. Never understood the people that go on these shows. You are too embarrassed to go to your GP so you go and show it all on tv
  6. He was a disgusting Anglophobe, he could not bear that his country was overall nazi friendly, despite the very few who were resisting. He was anti American, anti British, he governed spreading the tale that France resisted, created this president/king that is still plaguing France
  7. There is no reasonable discussion to be had with you all, you are Manichaeism personified, anyone who does not agree with you is a fascist, this is sad that the left has become so irrelevant. Momentum Corbin Diane Abbott what a joke. yes I am a Tory, yes I support brexit, yes I welcome anyone who really wants to come to this country yes I think this country is the least racist , yes I think that anyone from anywhere will have more chance for a better life than anywhere in Europe, yes I love Europe, yes I believe borders matter, we are all equal but we are different, and I believe differences are beautiful. The Eu would not even exist without the U.K., it’s all about the French and the Germans with the southern countries paying the price. The U.K. is reaching full employment while the Eu economy is regressing, Italy is broke, France has those stupid yellow vests spreading violence every weekend. I will ignore this discussion from now on because there is no discussion one can have on the subject nowadays. Just go on with your circle jerk of the permanently offended. It it makes you feel better it can’t be that bad adios
  8. Extreme right wing? Eu citizens leaving in droves lol what world are you leaving in. Far right politics and fascism are European, they are sprouting all over that continent, there is no such thing in the U.K.. and no European citizen is asked to leave the U.K., all eu citizens are guaranteed right to stay once the U.K. frees itself and they will be welcome after we leave. The U.K. is number one in soft power, the 5th richest nation, the least racist and most multicultural.country on the continent.The Eu is just about principles of free movement and low growth that serves the French and German economies. Both the Eu and the U.K. will hurt in the case of a no deal but the one who gets to lose the most is the Eu. Stop reading the Guardian . Brexit is an opening to the world
  9. You can search for the keywords Florida man everyday in google news and get hilarious results
  10. Did you see that one: https://amp.local10.com/news/florida/florida-man-denies-syringes-found-in-rectum-are-his?__twitter_impression=true A Florida man claimed ignorance when jail officials found syringes in his rectum during an early morning strip search. Wesley Scott, 40, was arrested Friday in Pinellas County on an outstanding warrant charging him with drug possession, reports The Smoking Gun . When Scott was searched at the jail, officers found three syringes inside his rectum. However, Scott claimed he had found the syringes and they were not his, although he did not explain how they wound up in his buttocks. Scott was charged with introducing contraband into a correctional facility and held on $5,000 bond.
  11. Stop it with the exaggeration about brexit will be better off in the long run and the disruptions will be minimal i love Europe and its utopia but the U.K. does not belong, and the U.K. certainly does not need any lessons about democracy and human rights from Brussels. The U.K. is the mother of modern democracy and was always there when all these countries were having their nationalist quarrels. No country in the world is more multicultural than the U.K. europe is rife with far right parties. Extremism never made a mark in the U.K. unlike mainland europe brexit is about independence, being able to do your own trade deal, it is about opening oneself to the world meanwhile all the European countries have a far right party that gets a lot of votes, even Spain where the PP incorporated francoists not everything is black and white and I despise the antisemitism from so many people who are left wing
  12. What if the ‘Madonna’ album isn’t what we think it is? Posted by Popjustice on Jul 02 2014, 12:32 WARNING: Please be aware that reading the following text may result in heart palpitations, a sense of heightened anxiety and general online mayhem. Popjustice can accept no liability for harm caused to individuals or their property as a result of the perception-altering concepts proposed in this article. So. Madonna has been in the studio. This is fact. As it happens, she’s been in several recording studios. An album is being made. But. What if Madonna’s studio adventures were not quite what we were allowing ourselves to believe? What if it was true that Madonna had been in the studio working on music, and what if it’s also true that Madonna may have been recording some tracks for herself, but what if most of that material was for a different girl? What if Madonna was taking an extremely hands on role in executive producing an album for someone else? What if Madonna was on the verge of helping to launch a new artist? What if that artist was directly connected to Madonna? What if the song Diplo mentioned – ‘Bitch, I’m Madonna’ – was actually performed not by Madonna, but by one of the few other people on the planet who could conceivably pull off such a song title? What if Diplo’s statement that “I met Madonna because of her kids” is quite a significant clue? WHAT IF LOURDES IS ABOUT TO EXPLODE OUT OF NOWHERE AS THE GREATEST POPSTAR THE WORLD HAS EVER SEEN? We’ll just leave that thought there. Source: http://www.popjustice.com/briefing/what-if-the-madonna-album-isnt-what-we-think-it-is/128783/#ixzz36JHPeusX Follow us: @Popjustice on Twitter | popjustice on Facebook
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