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  1. windsor67

    Kate Bush

    It makes me love her even more who cares if the corbynistas are having a tantrum about it lol
  2. What if the ‘Madonna’ album isn’t what we think it is? Posted by Popjustice on Jul 02 2014, 12:32 WARNING: Please be aware that reading the following text may result in heart palpitations, a sense of heightened anxiety and general online mayhem. Popjustice can accept no liability for harm caused to individuals or their property as a result of the perception-altering concepts proposed in this article. So. Madonna has been in the studio. This is fact. As it happens, she’s been in several recording studios. An album is being made. But. What if Madonna’s studio adventures were not quite what we were allowing ourselves to believe? What if it was true that Madonna had been in the studio working on music, and what if it’s also true that Madonna may have been recording some tracks for herself, but what if most of that material was for a different girl? What if Madonna was taking an extremely hands on role in executive producing an album for someone else? What if Madonna was on the verge of helping to launch a new artist? What if that artist was directly connected to Madonna? What if the song Diplo mentioned – ‘Bitch, I’m Madonna’ – was actually performed not by Madonna, but by one of the few other people on the planet who could conceivably pull off such a song title? What if Diplo’s statement that “I met Madonna because of her kids” is quite a significant clue? WHAT IF LOURDES IS ABOUT TO EXPLODE OUT OF NOWHERE AS THE GREATEST POPSTAR THE WORLD HAS EVER SEEN? We’ll just leave that thought there. Source: http://www.popjustice.com/briefing/what-if-the-madonna-album-isnt-what-we-think-it-is/128783/#ixzz36JHPeusX Follow us: @Popjustice on Twitter | popjustice on Facebook
  3. I guess that clip was not her Too bad http://treechopperr.tumblr.com/post/88310381334
  4. Has this been posted here? http://youtu.be/pdQDTNN41Q4
  5. https://soundcloud.com/unapologeticleak/madonna-unapologetic-bitch-lq-snippet-leak
  6. windsor67

    Madonna 2012 New Album Thread

    Where did that tracklisting come from? : Trust Dangerous Faith Sitting On The Whole World Turn Up The Radio Waving With The Crowd Suspended To The Light Gimme All Your Luvin’ Crossed Fingers Birthday Song Reason & Passion Masterpiece Solar Salvation The Darkness Void Revelation found on this french website: http://www.tetu.com/actualites/culture/super-bowl-nouvel-album-madonna-prepare-un-come-back-explosif-20966
  7. windsor67

    Madonna 2012 Album: NEWS & UPDATES!

    does anyone know where this song is from :
  8. windsor67

    S&S - Bucharest, Romania - August 26

    according to this french newspaper: http://www.lemonde.fr/culture/article/2009/08/29/madonna-et-les-roms-hues-a-bucarest_1233317_3246.html the crowd was mad from the beginning, a very poorly organized concert where most of the public could not see anything at all, and they could not breathe from the dust. when she made her speech is when they decided they could not take it anymore Madonna avait promis aux Roumains un spectacle à la hauteur de leurs attentes, mais l'organisation du concert a été mal gérée. Malgré 1 000 kilowatts de lumière, 2 000 lasers, 160 enceintes et 120 m2 d'écrans vidéo, la plupart des spectateurs ne voyaient pas la scène, tandis que la poussière les empêchait de respirer. L'appel contre la discrimination des Roms est tombé sur un public hostile, d'autant que la majorité des Roumains déplorent qu'on les associe aux Roms, qu'ils considèrent comme responsables de la mauvaise image du pays. "J'ai payé cher mon billet, un quart de mon salaire, s'insurge Vlad, un jeune qui a hué Madonna. Je voulais voir un concert et je me suis retrouvé devant une donneuse de leçons. J'ai payé pour sa musique, pas pour son blabla." De leur côté, les associations locales de Roms ont protesté contre la réaction du public. Selon un sondage de l'Institut Gallup publié en 2008, un Roumain sur trois ne veut pas avoir de Roms parmi ses voisins.
  9. so sad those forums are getting so quiet
  10. a very good move and yes she looks gorgeous, shame on me, but she does! i am reading comments on french news sites and they are mostly positive. i hope kabbalah doesn't have anything to with it what happened is sad, i wished i could say shit like bless and crap but i am atheist , i feel sad just the same
  11. the cheeks are bigger, but she looks great
  12. some "fans" can be such overreacting, dramatic, negative queens all that matters is the work of a great artist, who has entertained millions for so long. and when such events happen, show some humanity and shut upif you are going to try to imagine what goes on in her head, and please please please don't try to give advice on how she should react or cope this message was adressed to some trollies in this thread