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  1. DNRs are discussed at length with a patient and their families/advocates. Patients with learning disabilities often have comorbidities that hamper their life and a severe covid infection might mean their quality of existence would be nill should they survive it. Ive never come across a DNR that wasn't sensible during the time I've work for the NHS. No one would be given a DNR based purely on the fact they have a learning disability.
  2. But he has funny untamed blonde hair Jan. And he comes across as so cuddly and... different. Like he could be one of us... Seriously, loads of Brits fell for this friendly bumpkin act. He came across to many as likeable and relatable when the exact opposite was the case. I despaired when he was elected PM.
  3. https://nypost.com/2021/01/26/man-turns-himself-into-black-alien-by-removing-nose-top-lip/ O. M. G.
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