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    Grumpy Cat. Madonna. Lasagne. Pizza. Curry. Chocolate. Ice cream. Perfume. Furry animals. Jazzy Jan and Loomer.
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  1. nightcutter

    Eurovision thread

    I thought most of the lineup was pretty forgettable. The winning Israel song was terrible.
  2. nightcutter

    Eurovision thread

    The songs feel a bit drab this year.
  3. nightcutter

    Eurovision thread

    I liked the Ireland song.
  4. nightcutter

    ABBA thread

  5. He may wish the HIV drugs cost less when he gets out.
  6. The cunt should have a lot more than 7 years!
  7. I've read about her before. She's a right cracka!
  8. nightcutter

    Eurovision thread

    Do not watch this if you have epilepsy. 🚑
  9. nightcutter

    Girls: "Music's too Bonoy!"

    I used to fancy Larry the drummer. Bono is an over-earnest twat though.