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  1. I've been watching on the news. The fires are terrifying. It must be awful. Please stay safe.
  2. There is a rumour that Harry is pissed off with William for having an affair. William apparently had a fling with a friend of Kate's. Harry it appears has some scruples and has never forgiven Charles and Camilla for their affair which split up his parent's marriage, hence he is disappointed in William. Harry doesn't really care too much about his royal status and privileges but will take advantage of them. You can bet that 'The Establishment' tried to dissuade him from marrying an American actress but he told them to f off. He also doesn't give a shit about the press as he blames then for Diana's death so he is quite happy to sue them now and fuck the consequences. I quite like Harry.
  3. Ugh. Why can't adults just leave children alone?. I saw my nephews yesterday for the first time in a while. If someone hurt them I'd kill them.
  4. Poor woman and her husband. Being regarded as incomplete by their community and shunned because they were childless. So much so that they feel compelled to get pregnant at 73. What an absolutely awful environment to live in. I feel sorry for them. And the twins who will possibly be orphans in ten years time as their pensioner parents succumb to the inevitability of old age.
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