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  1. OMG I just realized too......

    Pointless release.
  2. Favorite '90s Album Cover?

  3. He may wish the HIV drugs cost less when he gets out.
  4. The cunt should have a lot more than 7 years!
  5. Never Forget

    Little Star is fantastic.
  6. She asked him to remix Frozen and he declined.
  7. I've read about her before. She's a right cracka!
  8. It was very popular to hate Madonna in 1993. I'm sure Janet just saw the opportunity to make some profit from it with that "class" comment. Very crafty of her given the lyrics of some songs on her own new album. It cost Janet nothing to say what she did so why not? She and Michael anyways expected plaudits. It must have annoyed them both to see Madonna release music regularly and move on consistently without looking back at past successes expecting constant praise. Janet seems to have matured now and dropped the jealousy - partly because she sabotaged her own career - so has probably developed a better perspective on matters now.
  9. Eurovision thread

    Do not watch this if you have epilepsy. 🚑
  10. What is the Alternative Mix of Oh Father?
  11. Girls: "Music's too Bonoy!"

    I used to fancy Larry the drummer. Bono is an over-earnest twat though.
  12. Since when did Ken have a wasp-like body? And wear corsets? 🤔