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    Grumpy Cat. Madonna. Lasagne. Pizza. Curry. Chocolate. Ice cream. Perfume. Furry animals. Jazzy Jan and Loomer.
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  1. nightcutter

    Bucks Fizz - Don't Start Without Me

    Dear Jesse has nothing on that Bucks Fizz video.
  2. The Catholic Church doesn't punish it's priests for molesting altar boys so I can't see them bringing charges against a couple of gambling nuns.
  3. nightcutter

    Bucks Fizz - Don't Start Without Me

    It's good that Jay and Cheryl are friends again.
  4. nightcutter

    ABBA thread

    I was shocked several years ago to realize that some countries got this as the artwork for the first greatest hits compilation. WTF? https://goo.gl/images/SN7pN9
  5. nightcutter

    Westlife confirms reunion

    Westlife weren't that ugly. They just looked like a group of lads you'd see in a Yates Wine Lodge on a Saturday night.
  6. nightcutter

    Trump / US politics thread 🚽

    ^ she's good.
  7. nightcutter

    ABBA thread

    I love should I laugh or cry. I played it a lot when I bought the one of us single.
  8. nightcutter

    ABBA thread

    New Abba album would be brilliant!
  9. nightcutter

    ABBA thread

    Totally agree.
  10. I prefer raspberries.
  11. nightcutter

    Australia's political shambles

    I haven't a clue what's going on in Australia Jan but I loved that guy's speech.