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  1. What AWFUl choreography! Totally out of step with the mood and feel of the song. Lol. What a mess. And why are her outfits so terrible?
  2. I think she might have jaundice.
  3. They're great.
  4. Her bosom is revolting.
  5. Last night I dreamt that I went to a Mimiphant concert. She looked ill and slow. Her face was puffed up and I began to think she had lymphoedema She had hot pants on and you could see her large odematous legs and ankles. She walked around the stage looking out of it. My friend asked when she would start singing and I said "she won't, she's not well, can't you see you idiot?" I was right. Mimiphant collapsed and she had to be resuscitated by an emergency crew! My seat was in an upper tier above the stage so I had a bird's eye view of it all. 🐑
  6. Can you imagine being in the audience and seeing that mess on stage? A proper Wtf moment.
  7. Sunset Boulevard is my favourite musical. I'd love Madonna to play Norma but its songs are tricky to sing. Patti would go apeshit ballistic if Madonna got the job. Norma's songs have a big range to them and most of the stage actresses have said how hard they are to get right. Patti managed them because ALW knew she could and that's why he hired her to play Norma first.
  8. Fab.
  9. I thought Patti sung Sunset Boulevard very well. She had every right to be aggrieved with ALW over Sunset as he treated her very badly. But Patti is daft to slag off M in Evita, that is just stupid as Madonna was clearly excellent in it.
  10. Excellent video.
  11. Lady Fudd Legs. New thread title.