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  1. Have to add the "World of Madame X" submission in the Best Music Film category. Source Paul Grein via Billboard https://www.billboard.com/articles/news/awards/8531751/grammys-2020-bruce-springsteen-beyonce-bob-dylan-best-music-film-nomination
  2. https://www.goldderby.com/forum/music/2020-grammy-submissions/ These are submissions for Madame X, according to the Goldderby forum: MadonnaMadame X: AOTYCrave: ROTYMedellín: Pop Duo Grou Perf, Best Music VideoI Rise: Pop Solo Perf
  3. The powerful images used in the TIME video and the placement on the record just after Looking for Mercy really elevate the song to new heights. Sometimes it's merely a question of context...
  4. Madonna is waiting for Anitta in NY... Check her last Instagram post
  5. I think she's going with the remix posted on her Instagram a while ago... Or at least I hope so
  6. 1. Crazy 2. God Control 3. Faz Gostoso 4. Killers who are partying 5. Batuka
  7. This is the Madonna I've always known, end of story for me.
  8. Laughing at those hating on the song before listening to it ... One of my favorites !
  9. Praying she sings this on tour ! For me the best vocal of Madame X!
  10. Signed! I'd even exchange it with Crave, the current one.
  11. For what it's worth, the LA Times review (the compare and contrast one) has been added to Metacritic with a 50/100 score , for a total average of 72 points. Most importantly, my review (the only one that counts for me) is 90/100 !
  12. Listening right now for the first time...I don't think I'll find very soon the right words to describe this experience... Or maybe the word "experience" sums it all up for me... A GREAT and INTENSE listening experience
  13. NYP review without score https://nypost.com/2019/06/13/madonna-madame-x-review-re-energized-material-girl-gets-freaky/?utm_source=url_sitebuttons&utm_medium=site buttons&utm_campaign=site buttons
  14. I found publications valid for Metacritic here https://www.metacritic.com/browse/albums/publication/name/v
  15. Variety review (it counts for Metacritic but I don't see a score) https://variety.com/2019/music/news/madonna-madame-x-album-review-1203242374/
  16. +1 I want the whole experience with the best possible quality, waiting just a week for that seems nothing compared to 4 years!
  17. I reported him too and sent the account link to Guy, explaining the situation. Let's hope for an immediate block. Update: the profile doesn't open for me anymore. Maybe they got rid of it?
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