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  1. I know it might sound crazy, but I'd really like Holy Water as a single. I know the content doesn't suit the masses and would steer a big controversy, but the production value is really really high and it could get a stunning video treatment .
  2. Is there a link to stream it anymore? It seems they're removing every trace of it on the net...
  3. All in all, a spelling mistake is not killing my excitement!!! I only know the six official tracks and I'M IN LOVE WITH THEM! On March 9th, I'm pretty sure it will go down like this: She Came, I listened, She Conquered (me).
  4. To be really accurate, "Vedi" is not Latin, but the Italian verbal form for "you see"...To me, that's just a typo, not a play on words
  5. Finally an interview about the creative process! I was missing then since....Ray of light?!?
  6. If you're from Uk, that's pretty normal...It's the lead single, apparently it will be available for purchasing on December 22nd.
  7. Why isn't everybody talking about Living for Love? To me, it's the obvious choice for lead single! The melody stucks in your head, the 90s sound, the joy in her rendition!!! What do you think about it??
  8. I refuse to listen..I want to experience the emotion of going through the album for the first time, with the highest sound quality and the right mood!
  9. FYI, the banned insider G.O.N.E. has just landed on the Ukmix page dedicated to Madonna....
  10. Now I wish this is true! The lyrics, the sincere theme, all is screaming for a stripped down instrumental!
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