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  1. Here's the best Emma-Gonzales-less version of "I Rise" that I could find on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EIJNKyBpjcY
  2. I would really like that as well. There are a couple of versions on YouTube that simply cut the intro and then fade up quickly from there, but they sound too abrupt. I really hope that someone has the software and skill to just edit out her voice and keep the instrumental intro.
  3. I'm also glad to see that "Looking for Mercy" ranked so high. It's my favorite song on the album, other than "God Control."
  4. As was said earlier, I wish that someone (like Dubtronic) would create a shorter, Madonna-only version of this track. That would be really interesting to hear.
  5. I remember reading such a review back then as well; I wonder if it was the same one. It said that "Live to Tell" and "Papa Don't Preach" were too "maudlin" and that "Open Your Heart" was the only good track on the album (the only one comparable to her Like a Virgin-era hits).
  6. True. Only Madonna can sing with the understated but still powerful emotion she evokes in the lines "Someone to teach me to love / Someone to help me rise above."
  7. I just noticed that the Wikipedia page for Madame X has been updated to list "God Control" as the third single. I wonder if that's official.
  8. I would like to follow up on a question that was asked earlier: Will "God Control" be released as an official single--that is, with remixes available for purchase, etc.?
  9. 1. S.E.X. 2. Holy Water 3. Bitch, I'm Madonna 4. Body Shop 5. Veni Vidi Vici
  10. 1. Ghosttown 2. Joan of Arc 3. Queen 4. Rebel Heart (demo) 5. Hold Tight
  11. 1. Living For Love [7] 2. Devil Pray [8] 3. Ghosttown [10] 4. Unapologetic Bitch [8] 5. Illuminati [6] 6. Bitch, I'm Madonna [5] 7. Hold Tight [8] 8. Joan of Arc [9] 9. Iconic [7] 10. HeartBreakCity [8] 11. Body Shop [5] 12. Holy Water [1] 13. Inside Out [7] 14. Wash All Over Me [8] 15. Best Night [7] 16. Veni, Vedi, Vici [6] 17. S.E.X. [1] 18. Messiah [7] 19. Rebel Heart [7] Bonus Tracks 20. Beautiful Scars [7] 21. Borrowed Time [8] 22. Addicted [6] 23. Graffiti Heart [8] Other 24. Queen [9] 25. Autotune Baby [7]
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