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  1. I have a question . I will arrive to sfo on dec 9th.will i b able to watch the show on my german tab or mobile phone ?
  2. Mannheim concert

    I was at the concert too and this is the way I started my birthday :-) there was no other best way to celebrate my birthday while attending a madonna concert. THIS time, I liked it very much, she was in a good mood, crowd was ok, not as in south america of course, but still, Madonna just proved how good she is, how professional she is and HOW human she is. She joked much, talked much, was in a good mood, of course the show was groundbreaking again. Thank you, am so proud and happy to have been there. I am even thinking of going again, may b in asia:))
  3. Mannheim concert

    I am going of course, how could I not go????????????? she has been to Mannheim once (2005 Wetten dass..?) and this time, it is her first and I believe last show ever here in my town, I am so looking forward to seeing her:)
  4. Cologne - Nov 4th - First European Show

    Not only a bit..it was very disrespectful
  5. Cologne - Nov 4th - First European Show

    Guys relax..may be it was just me who realized how old she became... I still one of her biggest fans but I have the right to tell u what I felt. End
  6. Cologne - Nov 4th - First European Show

    She looked exhausted
  7. Cologne - Nov 4th - First European Show

    It was ok, was in front row almost, but I am honest: I was shocked first, cause she just looked bad and tired...later she looked better..was really pissed off cause of her late start...no extra songs..I don't know I didn't feel the energy this time. It was my 11the madonna show in my life...it was ok but not what I expected... Will see her again in Mannheim... May b that will b better. Don't misunderstand me,I still love her...but this time I wasn't really satisfied.....
  8. Cologne - Nov 4th - First European Show

    Just let it flow down lol...but seriously, I have GA tickets too,what's that any way? R there early entry tickets? I didn't know that...what time would b best to b there??
  9. Cologne - Nov 4th - First European Show

    I am going too...God she must sing like a prayer in Germany. Please
  10. "GHOSTTOWN" (single number 2)

    I don't know how to tweet
  11. Madonna on Che Tempo Che Fa [merged]

    because if she takes too long again, the song will be dead by the time the general public will see a video or at least some exposure of this song. think of LFL: out in december, video came in FEB!!!!!!!! that is much too late and did not help to connect to the general public, even though it is a great song, that is why i am just saying.... and i am enjoying this era very much of course, but i just wish she and her team would be more wise. the fact is: madonna did not have a real global hit since at least 4 minutes, a real great hit (that was 2008), the general public needs to know her songs more so that they can cherish them more
  12. "GHOSTTOWN" (single number 2)

    just release ghosttown as soon as possible, take the perfomance on the italian show and use it for the video. u can shot a video later too, i dont mind, but dont waste time. let the general public know more about this great song, that performance was great too. please madonna and ur management, dont you want to have another global hit? or you want to again have a flop??? come on, u r the greatest star in the world, think twice or your new album will NOT have a single hit at all!!!!!! and the music is so good!!
  13. Madonna on Che Tempo Che Fa [merged]

    sorry just saw ghosttown, living for love is dead, so Madonna, go on, release ghosttown NOW, take this performance as the video to it, as long there is no real video shot yet, dont waste time , please
  14. I don't find the living for drums remix on iTunes....
  15. Hey to all. I know the performance samples the offer nissim remix.but aside from that, what is the name of the other remix used in the performance?? And hell yes, I am proud to be a madonna fan.always been.kiss
  16. ICONIC

    amazing song, just love it
  17. Rebel Heart Reviews

    i am just blown away by the end product!!!!!!!!!!
  18. LOL that "wetten dass "- thing does not exist anymore:))))) thank God, never liked it
  19. We should all do some advertising via our Facebook, whatsapp profile pic scruff and grindr... So that she is everywhere. Sharing on Facebook etc....
  20. How can German fans pre-order the album without itunes
  21. GHOSTTOWN appreciation!

    Love the lyrics