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  1. I´m going tomorrow as well! Sooo excited! I arrived in Barcelona yesterday.
  2. I just arrived in Barcelona yesterday and I definitely will be at the 2nd show as well sooo excited!
  3. I'm actually REALLY happy with the rumoured set list. I'm lovin every single track chosen! It just seems a lil short. I think that even if she performed 40 tracks i'd still want more though LOL
  4. Um Mother & Father is nowhere near amazing. It's actually a joke and ruins the entire American Life album for me!
  5. I know the song is super tacky but if you turn it up really loud and jump around screaming the lyrics like a mad person then it's loads of fun! It's nowhere near as bad as: Jimmy Jimmy I'm Going Bananas Hey You Imagine The Funny Song Mother & Father
  6. I would love the MDNA tour to go something like this: Intro/Gang Bang Revolver Girl Gone Wild Like A Prayer/Act Of Contrition (Remix) I'm Addicted Get Together Impressive Instant Express Yourself/Born This Way (Parody) Turn Up The Radio I Don't Give A (Interlude) Justify My Love Some Girls Vogue Lucky Star/Superstar Skin (Interlude) I'm A Sinner/Beautiful Stranger Bedtime Story Open Your Heart Love Spent Something To Remember (Interlude) Masterpiece You'll See Best Friend Hung up(Interlude) Everybody Music Give It To Me Give Me All Your Luvin Celebration
  7. The Girlie Show Sticky & Sweet Confessions Drowned World Blond Ambition Re-Invention Virgin Who's That Girl
  8. I don't know lol I just can't seem to listen to it in full. Her voices are nice but it just a little bit boring IMO
  9. 01 Girl Gone Wild 8.5/10 02 Gang Bang 9/10 03 I'm Addicted 10/10 04 Turn Up The Radio 7/10 05 Give Me All Your Luvin' (ft. M.I.A & Nicki Minaj) 7/10 06 Some Girls 4/10 07 Superstar 6/10 08 I Don't Give A (ft. Nicki Minaj) 8/10 09 I'm A Sinner 6.5/10 10 Love Spent 6.5/10 11 Masterpiece 8/10 12 Falling Free 3/10 13 Beautiful Killer 4/10 14 I Fucked Up 5/10 15 B-Day Song (ft. M.I.A) 6/10 16 Best Friend 9.5/10 17 Give Me All Your Luvin [Party Rock Remix] (ft. LMFAO & Nicki Minaj) 5.5/10 Overall MDNA rating: 6.5/10
  10. Some Girls Falling Free I Fucked Up Beautiful Killer B'Day Song are the fillers for me!
  11. I agree! I'm not liking it at all! I love all the other tracks so far but this is really nothing special. Sounds like a B-Side to me! I'm Addicted > Girl Gone Wild > Masterpiece > Give Me All Your Luvin > Love Spent
  12. London (Gold Circle) and Barcelona (Floor General Admin) I'm from Australia and I'm going to see both shows on my own! Is there anyone else who is going to these, especially the 2nd Barcelona show? I almost bought a ticket to the Vegas show in October. It was section 15 fourth row and now I'm regretting giving the ticket up. But the U.S tickets are really expensive. I only paid about $180 AUS for the London show and $110 for the Barcelona show. WHy is the Vegas show $400 US???
  13. My first choice would be EVERYBODY because it is my second fave Madonna track of all time. Followed by I Know It!
  14. YAY! Just bought my Gold Circle Hyde Park ticket!
  15. Like $18.99 US. I figured out why it didn't work. It was because the payment didn't go through properly. Now that I have my code, I don't know where to buy the tickets from. Does anyone know if the presale for London Hyde Park has started yet???
  16. How did you buy them? Please help!
  17. I just bought a live pass and then it directed me back to the same tour page and it gives me the option to Upgrade Now and when I click it, it makes me buy the pass again. Is anyone else having this problem?
  18. I just got my copy WOO HOO and the packaging and booklet looks GREAT! I've only listened to the CD so far and its sounding really cool. Can't wait to watch the full concert again!
  19. madonna - borderline like a virgin - dress you up true blue - white heat who's that girl - who's that girl like a prayer - like a prayer i'm breathless - something to remember immaculate collection - justify my love erotica - rain bedtime stories - sanctuary something to remember - one more chance evita - you must love me ray of light - frozen music - music the next best thing - time stood still american life - x-static process remixed and revisited - into the hollywood groove confessions on a dance floor - get together hard candy - give it 2 me celebration - celebration b-s
  20. And NO i don't think Hard Candy is her best album! But I do enjoy it more than Ray Of Light. Frozen just so happens to be one of my all time favourite Madonna ballads but the Ray Of Light album as a whole is probably my least favourite M Album!
  21. Just because I don't like the Ray Of Light album doesn't mean I don't like music or Madonna for that matter. I am just as much a fan as anyone in here and I have been since I was 8 years old. My favourite Madonna album happens to be her first album and I'm sorry that I misunderstood the thread's title. I thought it was about "stuff YOU think is shit".
  22. HEY YOU (worst song ever) the JUMP video (most awkward dance moves ever) GHV2 (most pathetic greatest hits collection) Shanghai Surprise (worst acting ever) RAY OF LIGHT album
  23. MUSIC single The SEX Book Working with JT & TIMBALAND The FIRST ALBUM All the tours!
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