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  1. Thanks! According to Madonna's facebook page it is the 27th but that is a mistake because when you click on the link it says the 26th!
  2. I just got tickets for the 26th!!! OMG I REALLY HOPE SHE IS ON THAT DAY! I'm so nervous and excited at the same time
  3. I will stick to just discussing the demo rather than mentioning which ones I have heard and which ones I haven't (because I haven't been able to find them) Sorry If I offended anyone and just be clear, I never harrassed any members for them (if it was me you were referring to)
  4. I also thought that Bitch I'm Madonna needed to be the 2nd single but now I think GHOSTTOWN is the perfect choice!
  5. The only ones I am missing that I can't seem to find anywhere are: Addicted/The One That Got Away [Demo 1] Bitch I'm Madonna (I Just Wanna Beat) [Demo 1] Borrowed Time [Demo 2] Hold Tight [Demo 4] Living For Love (Carry One) [Demo 1] Messiah [Demo 1] Messiah [Demo 5] Rebel Heart [Demo 2] Wash All Over Me [Demo 3] And I can't wait for Alone With You and Trust No Bitch
  6. How do you find Madonna on Grindr! I changed my pic to the rebel Heart one but I'm not sure what to do now
  7. I've preordered the Super Deluxe UK Double CD and the Living For Love 2-Track CDS already And I will be buying the physical copies of Standard UK CD Deluxe UK Clean CD Deluxe Australian Explict CD (with Bonus Postcards) Double Vinyl Japanese Super Deluxe Double CD (with Red and black cover) AND French Fnac Special Edition (if I can find it cheap)
  8. I switched up the tracklist a lil and I think it flows quite smoothly! Only three tracks I replaced with the original demos: 01. Living For Love 02. Devil Pray 03. Illuminati 04. Iconic (featuring Chance The Rapper & Mike Tyson) 05. Bitch I'm Madonna (featuring Nicki Minaj) 06. Veni Vedi Vici (featuring Nas) 07. Queen 08. Ghosttown 09. Hold Tight 10. Inside Out 11. Best Night 12. Holy Water 13. S.E.X 14. HeartbreakCity 15. Addicted 16. Wash All Over Me (Original Demo) 17. Graffiti Heart 18. Joan Of Arc 19. Messiah (Original Demo) 20. Rebel Heart (Original Demo)
  9. I really hope so cause I'm starting to like the final version a little more than the demo (which I didn't think would ever happen) but I just can't get passed the poor quality
  10. Why is the sound quality so bad on the new Rebel Heart track. It's sooo distorted. I really hope they sort that out.
  11. It's back to £11.99. I've been trying to purchase it but it keeps saying Payment Failed. Has anyone else had this problem?
  12. I never listened to the demo because I simply didn't like it but now in it's final form it's my second favourite track after BIM!
  13. I was thinking the same thing BangGangUK! And I also find that I have a new/different favourite every day
  14. Haha I was thinking the same thing Dave! bitch I'm Madonna has been my fave from day one and I'm really hoping it's the 2nd single. I'm so confused as to why so many fans hate it
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