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  1. I snuck to the bathroom at work and nothing ARRRRGH guess imma have to wait til 11. This is a mess
  2. 1. BITCH I'M MADONNA 2. Messiah 3. Best Night 4. Ghost Town 5. Joan Of Arc
  3. Amsterdam (already got a ticket) Barcelona London Birmingham Melbourne (once it's announced)
  4. I'm coming as well! Soooo excited! First time in Amsterdam
  5. 1. Madonna 2. Bedtime Stories 3. Rebel Heart 4. Confessions of A Dancefloor 5. Hard Candy 6. American Life 7. Music 8. Ray Of Light 9. Like A Prayer 10. Erotica 11. True Blue 12. Like A Virgin 13. MDNA
  6. What date and time is presale for london? And does anyone have the Amazon Rebel heart preorder link where you get a presale code when you make a purchase?
  7. The disortion has been fixed a little bit and its not as bad as the leaked version. What pisses me off more is the change of volume at the start of Bitch I'm Madonna. Why wasn't that fixed? It's obvious
  8. Music Rescue Me Deeper & Deeper Take A Bow Everybody Erotica Holiday Bedtime Story
  9. Got a standing ticket for Amsterdam! Sooooo excited!
  10. Exactly! It was a lot worse watching it back later on. In the arena I only heard the bang and then the next thing I know she was on the floor surrounded by the dancers
  11. I didn't get in either. I had an orange wristband as well. Was sooo pissed off and especially the fact that we kept getting told to go and come back and made to stand in the cold all day and they rejected. I was miserable all night. I still don't understand how they let something like this happen.
  12. There will be screaming, fainting, crying THE WORKS!!! And LIVING FOR LOVE is #1 on UK iTunes! BEST NIGHT EVER!!!
  13. OMG I won tickets to the Brits and I also got tickets to the Jonathan Ross show. Two days in a row with the Queen. I feel like the luckiest man in the world. This is all too much!!!
  14. I really hope that the final Wash All Over Me is closest to Demo 4. I feel like that version starts of quite mellow and slowly builds up to the dancey Avicci breakdown. Best of both worlds
  15. This is a very good point. And the volume is different on a lot of the tracks
  16. I would love the performance to begin with the line Express yourself don't repress yourself from human nature being whispered and then Madonna reliving the blond ambition tour entrance and doing Express Yourself before mixing it into Living For Love
  17. Trust No Bitch reminds me of Don't You Know as well. I thought the exact same thing about Trust No Bitch when I heard it. It's always been my fave Pre-first album demo! Love it
  18. Good luck to anyone who has applied and congrats to those who have tickets! I'm sooooo excited.
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