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  1. Thanks everyone for the great contributions and positive vibe in this thread, this tour is obviously another masterpiece from the one and only...

    I'm still torturing myself with not clicking on the videos, I so want to be blown away live in less than 2 months...it cannot come quickly enough!!

    I'm the same! I haven't watched any videos yet and it's been so difficult especially with all the fantastic reviews. I can't wait to see this tour!
  2. The BRIT Awards (minus the fall) - being there and seeing her perform like a true pro and hearing that thumping bass in the arena was just spectacular.

    Bitch I'm Madonna on Jimmy Fallon - cause it my favourite track on Rebel Heart and the performance was SOOO much fun!

    And the best interview would have to be HOWARD STERN - because it was 90 mins of Madonna realness and I don't think I have ever heard her so honest and open about everything.

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