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  1. What the update on how many people now?
  2. I had tickets and I was queuing but I didn't get into Jonathan Ross Saw you last night though. You were amazing marrying Madonna!
  3. If anyone is wanting to buy a floor ticket for London (2nd show) please let me know?
  4. My friend does if you are still interested
  5. I'm going! I have general admission and I'm heading to the airport soon. Can't wait!
  6. I am now willing to sell my Manchester ticket for £120 (less than I paid for it) if anyone is interested.
  7. I'm now going to Stockholm on Saturday as well!
  8. I have a single ticket for Manchester that I'm wanting to sell. Monday 14th December Section 115 £200 or nearest offer
  9. I haven't! And I haven't recieved my Manchester one either. Has anyone else?
  10. I'm the same! I haven't watched any videos yet and it's been so difficult especially with all the fantastic reviews. I can't wait to see this tour!
  11. I'll be at Barcelona #1, London #2, Amsterdam, Manchester and Glasgow
  12. I have a single ticket to the Manchester show on Monday December 14th I'm wanting to sell. Section 115 Row Q Seat 17
  13. 1 Bitch I'm Madonna 2 Living For Love 3 Best Night 4 Messiah 5 Bodyshop
  14. Haha looney tunes! I agree. I don't like the arrangement at all. A bit messy
  15. I would love an Iconic video intro (like beast within on Re-Invention or Future Lovers on confessions) and then Bitch I'm Madonna as the first performance when she enters!
  16. The BRIT Awards (minus the fall) - being there and seeing her perform like a true pro and hearing that thumping bass in the arena was just spectacular. Bitch I'm Madonna on Jimmy Fallon - cause it my favourite track on Rebel Heart and the performance was SOOO much fun! And the best interview would have to be HOWARD STERN - because it was 90 mins of Madonna realness and I don't think I have ever heard her so honest and open about everything.
  17. I only managed to find one of the covers for Interview in London and I don't want the same thing happening with these Cosmo ones
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