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  1. 1 Bitch I'm Madonna 2 Living For Love 3 Best Night 4 Messiah 5 Bodyshop
  2. Haha looney tunes! I agree. I don't like the arrangement at all. A bit messy
  3. The BRIT Awards (minus the fall) - being there and seeing her perform like a true pro and hearing that thumping bass in the arena was just spectacular. Bitch I'm Madonna on Jimmy Fallon - cause it my favourite track on Rebel Heart and the performance was SOOO much fun! And the best interview would have to be HOWARD STERN - because it was 90 mins of Madonna realness and I don't think I have ever heard her so honest and open about everything.
  4. I only managed to find one of the covers for Interview in London and I don't want the same thing happening with these Cosmo ones
  5. Living For Love 9/10 Devil Pray 8.5/10 Ghosttown 10/10 Unapologetic Bitch 6/10 Illuminati 7.5/10 Bitch Im Madonna 10/10 Hold Tight 7/10 Joan Of Arc 8.5/10 Iconic 8/10 HeartbreakCity 7.5/10 Body Shop 9.5/10 Holy Water 7/10 Inside Out 7.5/10 Wash All Over Me 7.5/10 Best Night 10/10 VVV 8.5/10 S.E.X 8/10 Messiah 10/10 Rebel Heart 6.5/10 Overall album rating 86
  6. I would love Best Night (remixed with Drake) to be the single after BITCH I'm MADONNA
  7. I think she'll open with either Illuminati or Iconic and BIM will either be the closer for the first act or the encore performance
  8. This is why BIM has always been my favourite track on Rebel Heart! This should've been the single from Day One! A smash hit That performance was the f**kin GREATEST!
  9. One hour to go! But I'm gonna be on a damn aeroplane. Guess I'm gonna have to wait til my stop over to watch it
  10. 1. Ghosttown 2. Bitch I'm Madonna 3. Messiah 4. Best Night 5. Living For Love
  11. Country/Location: UK Already bought: UK Standard CD US Standard Clean CD UK Deluxe CD UK Super Deluxe CD Vinyl Living For Love UK 2-Track CDS Living For Love UK 4-Track CDS Other Rebel Heart items I have: 4x Postcard Set Double Sided Promo Poster Tattoo Transfer Bitch I'm Madonna Official T-Shirt Mojo magazine Official UK Album Launch Fan Party Wall Poster Brit Awards ticket/wristband Brit Awards Progam Still need to purchase: Taiwanese Edition (with foldout poster, travel card & lyric sheet) German Deluxe Edition (with Autotune Baby bonus track) Australian Deluxe Edition Rolling Stone magazine
  12. Bitch I'm Madonna GhostTown Messiah Body Shop Best Night
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