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  1. 1 Bitch I'm Madonna 2 Living For Love 3 Best Night 4 Messiah 5 Bodyshop
  2. Haha looney tunes! I agree. I don't like the arrangement at all. A bit messy
  3. The BRIT Awards (minus the fall) - being there and seeing her perform like a true pro and hearing that thumping bass in the arena was just spectacular. Bitch I'm Madonna on Jimmy Fallon - cause it my favourite track on Rebel Heart and the performance was SOOO much fun! And the best interview would have to be HOWARD STERN - because it was 90 mins of Madonna realness and I don't think I have ever heard her so honest and open about everything.
  4. I only managed to find one of the covers for Interview in London and I don't want the same thing happening with these Cosmo ones
  5. Living For Love 9/10 Devil Pray 8.5/10 Ghosttown 10/10 Unapologetic Bitch 6/10 Illuminati 7.5/10 Bitch Im Madonna 10/10 Hold Tight 7/10 Joan Of Arc 8.5/10 Iconic 8/10 HeartbreakCity 7.5/10 Body Shop 9.5/10 Holy Water 7/10 Inside Out 7.5/10 Wash All Over Me 7.5/10 Best Night 10/10 VVV 8.5/10 S.E.X 8/10 Messiah 10/10 Rebel Heart 6.5/10 Overall album rating 86
  6. I would love Best Night (remixed with Drake) to be the single after BITCH I'm MADONNA
  7. I think she'll open with either Illuminati or Iconic and BIM will either be the closer for the first act or the encore performance
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