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  1. very very good - this is shaping up to be a great video era
  2. ^ Pud totally agree and would be genius and subversive at the SB!
  3. Didn't expect to like MIA and Minaj as much as I do in this but adding them to the video/song seemed to be a good idea...they add an extra fun factor to it. Liking the song more and more - definitely not one of her best lead off singles but miles better than 4minutestosuckmycock
  4. ^ Agree whoopie but that's why a subversive way of slipping it into a song (ala Music/WTP) would be cool, just for the fans - course, it'll never happen but she is a NYer at heart And Tom Hardy is mine by the way - called dibs on him a looooong time ago - nice try
  5. And it's official - Pats vs Giants - replay of 2008 Superbowl - should be great game I like the idea of 'I Love NY' in the setlist - maybe like a quick intro or something or like how 'Where's the Party' was used in 'Music' for Confessions ;-)
  6. Steven Tyler is getting blasted for his National Anthem rendition today - I don't know what people expected (it's fuckin Aerosmith frontman, people) but it's merciless. No way Madonna is NOT lipsynching or HEAVILY supported w/tape and backup vocals. Her career could be in jeopardy if she tries to go without it, and that's not an overstatement.
  7. ^ hehe - why not just borrow Ru's acronym? Charisma Uniqueness Nerve Talent

  9. single and ready to mingle - Madonna fans, hit me up!

  10. If she was to do any Christmas song, it had to be SB. Total 'sequel', in the public's eye at least, to Material Girl. I just heard a RuPaul version of this and it is the worst hot mess of a song ever...trust me, Madonna's version is not bad at all!
  11. Yea, really. I know this board is so anti-Janet the last few years but she still put on a good show back in the early 00s and on the whole, yes I had a more enjoyable experience at a Janet show. Heaven forfend!
  12. Missed u too cutie... Ok, I said that mostly to get a reaction out of you cause I know how much you love DWT but having said that, it is my least favorite tour. I honestly do not watch ANY of the performances from that tour anymore whenever I want a live Madonna fix. the whole stage persona at the time just wasn't workin for me - sorry. And yes, I got what it was about but as someone said, it wasn't a concert. It was Madonna performing TO the audience, rather than getting them to join WITH her. I remember at the time Janet was also on tour and I went to see her show soon after Madonna's show. And while I gave Madonna credit for doing what she wanted and not performing any of her big hits, I had much more fun at Janet's show (God, did I just type that?). Anyway, love her always and forever but if DWT was forgotten as part of her canon, I wouldn't notice or care. There, flame away!
  13. All of DWT - worst tour she has ever put on. Haven't seen so many people sitting or dozing off at a show since...well...never! Almost lost me as a fan until she hit us with RIT which redeemed her.
  14. ^ Absolutely. There best not be a bad word said in this thread about SL - not only is she a paesan, she's the ultimate female movie icon in my opinion. Looks like they met during the early/mid 90s judging by the pic. I think SL's characterization of M during that time is on target.
  15. Any word on video release at this point? I think a #1 on Club Play is almost assured which is more icing on the dominance she has there. I agree with moe though - from here on out, I expect all future singles to struggle on radio in the US. No Pop/Rhythmic station is rushing to play a 50-year old's new music. Cher's 'Believe' was a fluke...
  16. Agreed with the above - worst lead single from an album in her career. Boring, no real melody and that rap! Best left forgotten...Nobody Knows Me or Love Profusion should have been the lead off.
  17. Can't win them all I guess. Wasn't Seville also the only other concert in Round 1 that didn't sell out? Maybe it's a Spain thing lol While certainly not great news, I'm sure there are ways to recoup. They prob will dump alot of tix on radio stations and other promotions. Maybe get some money/press that way (I don't know if radio stations get tix at very reduced fees?). Perhaps she oversaturated the market in Spain with this tour. She should have done Naples in Italy! I would have flown all the way from America for that show!!!
  18. :tear: cool that she picked that image
  19. I'm listening to 'Off the Wall' (the song now) and I dunno, I totally can hear M singing this...the pitch would have to be lower of course but the lyrics are totally her! I think it'd go down a storm!
  20. This is not been officially confirmed by WB though, has it? Thought it was still rumor...
  21. Interesting...from msnbc.com Jackson’s tour to become tribute concert Madonna among possible high-profile singers to perform in place of pop star Madonna may perform Jackson songs June 27: Madonna may be one of many celebrities who could take part in a one-time tribute to Michael Jackson by replicating his scheduled summer concert set. Msnbc.com’s Courtney Hazlett reports. The show will go on for Michael Jackson’s “This Is It” tour. The announcement was made at a June 26 memorial gathering for Jackson, held by the tour’s cast and crew. According to a tour organizer, one performance will now be held in September and will be a replica of what was planned for “This Is It” in London. High-profile singers are expected to perform in place of Jackson. Among them, possibly Madonna, who was expected to appear at one of Jackson’s shows in London. A firm decision has not been made as to where the tribute concert will take place, but it’s likely to be in Los Angeles.
  22. I have a feeling Madonna will get a tremendous reception opening night of the tour - the events will be recent enough that the crowd will prob be hyper with anticipation to see one of MJ's contemporaries - man, I'd love to be there, you fucktards that are going better record it and give us the blow by blow (and I don't mean what you get in the bathroom stall!)...
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