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  1. Madonna will never be loved by the establishment and the largest segment of the society. Things that are extremely obvious and clear at this point, in the year 2019 AD onwards - that these pop sluts are shit, that corrupted media will always downplay Madonna - need not to be "pointed out" as if they are some major shocking news. The constant need to state these same things again and again is what makes this fanbase appear very whiny.
  2. It is wise if we stop expecting anything (or even talking) about this particular matter. Madonna is totally riding her own wave.
  3. Actually, it's the stupid (couldn't find a better word sorry) unrealistic expectation among some fans for this video to have 10 million views after 10 hours uploaded to YouTube (yes I am exaggerating to present a point here) that is fucking bothersome and sad. I am not sad that a new Madonna's music video has 1.5 million views now. But I am certainly infuriated that some fans are "shocked" and "sad" that her work gets less attention than Taylor Swift or Cardi B IN THIS OBVIOUSLY SHIT CURRENT WORLD WE LIVE IN.
  4. And it has outdone "Crave", which gained 872k in its first day
  5. Check your PM!!!

  6. That movie was way too disturbing...and I cannot even "LOL" at it.
  7. The way Kate pronounced "for YOOUUEW" is just amazing and keeps playing in my head
  8. 977,416 now! I have no idea, but "Medellín" had 4.2 million in its first 24 hours
  9. Meh, very predictable. A house song followed by another house song. *Cue your "That's nice dear" reply, followed by a supporting " " from someone of your clique.
  10. I am almost not worthy to comment anything on this VIDEO. Have always known she is in a league of her own, and she has proven that fact yet again with this wake up call. The Holy Trailblazer of Pop Music, Our Ever Exalted Grand Priestess MADONNA Louise Veronica Ciccone (1958-Forever)
  11. Madonna is MORE than just a "favorite artist" at this point.
  12. These "young gays" are going to be old anyway. Their rotting time is near. Time goes by faster now, and people age more quickly. I frankly don't associate myself with the LGBT community, I don't even have a Twitter account, I listen to MY rich library of music, I read amazing books written by genuine scholars and pay almost zero attention to the CORRUPTED media (every media outlet has its agenda), I live in my own universe where Madonna is one of the foundations.
  13. I always laugh whenever I see that emoji It's meek in a very hilarious way.
  14. @stevo208: "Funana" fits nicely between "Bitch I'm Loca" and "I Don't Search I Find". So yes, that's where I'm gonna locate the song. "Back That Up" isn't needed at all. So this is my Madame X: 01. "Medellín" 02. "Dark Ballet" 03. "God Control" 04. "Future" 05. "Batuka" 06. "Killers Who Are Partying" 07. "Crave" 08. "Come Alive" 09. "Extreme Occident" 10. "Faz Gostoso" 11. "Bitch I'm Loca" 12. "Funana" 13. "I Don't Search I Find" 14. "Looking for Mercy" 15. "I Rise" 16. "Ciao Bella"
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