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  1. How much has X and Blackout sold in the UK respectively? No, I'm not trying to compare them or stir shit but I really want to know.
  2. Off-topic: I reckon Impossible Princess sold less than 50 copies in France.
  3. I know this sounds cliche, but yes - she's only huge in the UK and Australia.
  4. She's not much of a national treasure then.
  5. Come on Alexz she was INDIE and GROUNDBREAKING during the Decon era
  6. Are there any Kylie loon who think that had their vapid idol started her career earlier, she would have sold records as much as Madonna did?
  7. How many albums/records Kylie has sold in the UK so far? And Madonna? Just curious.
  8. Um what about Cherish from BAT dear Good review
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